Commander 2016 Decklists

October 28th, 2016


Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder - Commander 2016 Spoiler

Open Hostility

Saskia the Unyielding - Commander 2016 Spoiler

Stalwart Unity

Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis - Commander 2016 Spoiler

Creature (17)
Sorcery (8)
Instant (6)
Artifact (8)
Enchantment (7)
Land (39)
Other (14)

Breed Lethality

Atraxa, Praetors' Voice - C16 Spoiler

Invent Superiority

Breya, Etherium Shaper - Commander 2016 Spoiler

Planeswalker (1)
Creature (24)
Sorcery (5)
Instant (2)
Artifact (19)
Land (34)
Other (14)

  • Deflin

    Damnit, damnit, damnit 3 decks I like, I don’t want to choose.

    • Zeph

      All of them!

    • Gareth Martin

      Then u don’t actually like them?

    • James Allen

      Buy all of them on Star City Games with the Commander VS Playmat’s for only $199

      • Zombie

        Or you can skip the playmat and buy them from a cheaper retailer for less than $150 for the whole set of 5.

  • Han Solo II

    Yidris <3

  • Mike Thomas

    So it turns out only 1 of the decks have the chromatic lantern. And only 1 deck has the old nephelim :/

  • Edward

    I think the Yidris deck might be the weakest overall but it has some if the best reprints. Kind of sad not to see Maelstrom Wanderer reprinted in it though

    • Tolle

      Also sad that maelstrom pulse didn’t get a reprint. :/

      • Edward

        Yeah that would have been nice as well but we can’t get too many nice things because then 1 deck would be bought more than the others

        • Tolle

          *cough* True named nemesis *cough*

      • Zombie

        Maelstrom Pulse is kinda garbage in a format where everything is 1-of’s. It basically becomes a strictly better Putrify, and that’s not really something to write home about.

        It’s a pricey ($$-wise) answer to tokens and copies when there’s already better ways of doing that for less money.

        Pulse doesn’t see a lot of EDH play for that exact reason outside of strictly Golgari decks.

        • Tolle

          Pusle has a lot of advantages. From being able to take out cards that the colors wouldn’t necessarily be able to handle by themselves very easily. It also helps to seriously slow down token decks. It is a card of options and those are precisely the cards that dominate EDH.

          • Zombie

            I mean, B/G already has a ton of stuff that’s better at killing tokens.

            BGW already has a cheaper anti-token spell in Declaration in Stone, even.

            Maelstrom Pulse being used in EDH to kill tokens isn’t doing the card justice.

            Not to mention, if you’re playing against Trostani of all token decks, Maelstrom Pulse might kill one type of Token but there’s 7 different other creature token types on the board.

            Then what?

          • Tolle

            And many other decks it can wipe your opponents board while leaving yours intact for three mana. And if that isn’t the case it can still be used for spot removal. The card has its uses in EDH, as I said, it is a card of options.

          • Zombie

            But… It’s NOT a card of options in EDH.

            EDH is literally a format that REMOVES options from Maelstrom Pulse.

            Maelstrom Pulse is strictly worse in EDH than any non-singleton format.

          • Tolle

            But there are options, I have literally sent several messages listing them and I am not going to retype them. It isn’t going to wipe out four of a card as it can in other formats but that doesn’t remove the options of what it can hit.

          • Zombie

            But it doesn’t also add any options, EDH literally only takes away options from Maelstrom Pulse.

            That’s my point.

            EDH makes Maelstrom Pulse worse. And ‘a worse Maelstrom Pulse’ is already represented by a massive array of removal spells.

          • Tolle

            I feel like you aren’t actually reading what I am writing because I clearly said in my last post it doesn’t remove options. And you said the exact opposite without providing any backing. Well congrats, you got me to get into an argument with someone too stupid to back their claims up with even the barest amount of logic.

          • Zombie

            > It’s not removing options

            When you say that, that’s why I’m not reading.

            EDH as a singleton format literally removes potential from Maelstrom Pulse.

            Maelstrom Pulse in EDH is strictly worse than being used in a non-singleton format.

            I feel like you aren’t actually understanding that simple concept.

          • Shagoth

            End of the day, it’s still three mana to destroy a nonland permanent. It’s nothing to scoff at. It’s Vindicate that can’t hit lands but hits lots of tokens.

          • Zombie

            I never said it wasn’t playable, just that because it’s being played in a singleton format, it’s now on the level of a massive spectrum of other removal spells, and is strictly worse at killing tokens than many other “token killing” spells.

  • Zombie

    I like how Breya is the only one with a Planeswalker, and only one deck has a Chromatic Lantern.

    Major fails there.

    • Tolle

      Do you have a planeswalker that would fit as well as Deretti did in Breya in the rest of the decks? I’ll agree with chromatic lantern though.

      • Zombie

        Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas or Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast would be a much better fit, actually.

        And they both could use a reprint for price alone.

        As for the other decks, Open Hostility could have used Sorin, Solemn Visitor to reinforce her beatdown strategy.

        Entropic Uprising could have used Garruk, Apex Predator to Cascade into literally anything in the deck on top of providing massive support with all 4 of his abilities being extremely relevant in Commander.

        Stalwart Unity could really use either Jace Beleren for group-hug draw combined with a win condition, or it could have used Elspeth, Sun’s Champion to not only fit in with the Theros theme somewhat, but provide a bit of resilience to the deck.

        Breed Lethality could have used Ob Nixilis Reignited, or it could have been the perfect place to reprint Liliana of the Veil.

        • Tolle

          I am not going to go into the artifact commanders because they already chose one. The discussion was planeswalkers in other decks.

          open Hostility might have liked Sorin, Solemn Visitor but it doesn’t do much for the deck considering the deck wants to focus on creatures. It probably would have been taken out when the deck is upgraded.

          For Garruk, that is stretching it. Just putting in a planeswalker so you can get a high mana into which you can cascade?

          I’ll give you Jace Beleren but it doesn’t necessarily NEED to be in the deck when temple bell would work just as well with that same ability.

          While any deck running black can run Obby, because of the card draw. Nothing about the deck screams it other than the proliferate. As for Lili, that would have been WAY too expensive of a card to print in this. It would have been just like Jace the Mind Sculptor back in FTV.

    • Hannibal Lecture

      All of them should have chro lantern tbh

      • Zombie

        All of them should have Chromatic Lantern, all of them should have Prismatic Geoscope.

        All of the decks not having them is actually retarded.

  • Johan K

    Open Hostility, at this time, is missing their instant card column. Considering the Sunforger, that looks off. The correct list should be:
    Instant (10)
    1 Terminate
    1 Artifact Mutation
    1 Boros Charm
    1 Aura Mutation
    1 Abzan Charm
    1 Naya Charm
    1 Crackling Doom
    1 Grab the Reins
    1 Utter End
    1 Order // Chaos

    • Aarhg

      I was wondering about that. It seemed really weird to not have some instants for Sunforger in the list.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Is it just me or does Yidris’s deck have no unified theme other than varied goodstuff?

    • Johan K

      Chaos. Do something and then see what happens. Thus many “reveal cards from the top / discard cards and draw” and then having things to gain value when this happens to others, like waste not, Sangromancer and also to re-utilise cards in their grave. Chaos and random, whilst them probably being careful not to use the more oppressive chaos cards.

      • Kaiser

        Soooo varied good stuff

    • Dave

      There is actually a very strong discard theme in the deck as there are a whole lot of Wheel of Fortune effects. You can combo those off of things like Waste Not and Nath of Gilt Leaf to generate tons of value and board presence, all while forcing your opponents to cycle out part of their own decks.

  • wombat604

    Looking on the positive side of things, these are some excellent decks, all with some great reprints. I’m going to have trouble deciding between Atraxa and Yidris myself

  • Gord

    What is the Ash Barrens?

    • Johan K

      A land that taps for colourless, basic landcycling for one generic.

  • MrAptronym

    To those that are picking one (or more) up, what if your top pick? I am going Atraxa, though Yidris is tempting in its own way.

    • Dustin Weeks

      I was really torn. If I had more commander people to play with I would be going with Stalwart Unity. But because my group of friends that play is so small ill be running with Yidris.

    • Michael Edgecomb

      I am getting them all… because there is so much value in each and I love the partner commanders. Atraxa is the power play, but Yidris is my favorite. I must have him. Artifacts also seems like it can get nuts. The Bromance deck should be fun, but it does feel like a worse zedruu deck. and I don’t think anyone cares about the aggro deck except to scrap it for parts. that commander is just too much of a meanie head.

      • thelordelric

        I like the aggro deck, probably gonna turn it into a deck with a lot of silly legendary creatures, like Adun Oakenshield.

    • Dustin Weeks

      Actually after seeing things a bit more clearly and talking it through with friends I’m going with Open Hostility. I have a pretty large collection to beef that deck up into something both fun and mean.

  • Hedronal

    I’m so torn between getting Atraxa as a deck, or just a card for superfriends. Maybe both?

  • ghalsk

    Invent Superiority has no enchantments? Wouldnt it at least get thopter spy network?

  • Kahai

    Very disappoint in the lack of a complete Odyssey Filterland reprint…

  • Michael Edgecomb

    I love the collections of cards, but not thrilled with the decks (especially Yidris, who is my favorite). So I played with the numbers and came up with an alternate plan to celebrate the release. I posted this to my play group’s facebook page and they seem to like it, so I though I would share:

    an idea:

    4 player pods. remove the 4 color commanders and the nephilim from the game completely.

    separate out all 15 partner commanders, shuffle them and deal them into four three card piles. remove the extra 3 commanders from the game without revealing them.

    then remove lands and separate out the non-basic lands (96 cards). set them aside. remove the basic lands from the game.

    shuffle the remaining 288 cards (non partner, non land, & non excluded cards). separate those 288 cards into twelve 24 card “packs.”

    now each player randomly selects a commander pack. the player proceed to draft these cards in the same fashion we would in a sealed draft. Each player will have three commanders, which are put to the side.

    next each player picks 3 of the 24 card packs. proceed in the same fashion as a draft in a sealed format. we are intentionally using the large pack size to compensate for the lack of rarity segregation. With these sets, the distribution will be hard to ceate, and these decks are designed to have pretty powerful common and uncommons. All in all it should balance out.

    next, each player begins with one each of the following from the separated lands: Ash Barrens, Command Tower, Evolving Wilds, Exotic Orchard and Terramorphic Expanse (remove the fifth copy of each from the game). There are 71 non-basic lands remaining (53 unique name cards). Set the lands out on the table, face up and randomly select a player to go first. In a snake style draft order [player 1, player 2, player 3, player 4, player 4, player 3 player 2, player 1, repeat…], each player selects a land from the pool. this proceeds until each player has selected 15 non-basic lands. the final 11 lands are removed from the game.

    The players should have a pool of 3 commanders, 15 non-basic lands, and 72 other cards. They must then create 60 card commander decks. they must select 2 of the three commanders they drafted as their commanders (the third is free to be placed in the deck as a non-commander card). The single card limit is negated in this format, however color identity rules are still used. any basic lands may be used to finish out the mana base of the deck. the players reveal their two chosen commanders and then proceed to play a 4 player free for all commander gam

    we can bump it up to 5 players if we do fifteen 19 card packs (add daretti and the two treasure cruises to the remove from the game list) and make the non-basic land draft end at 14 lands each.
    what does everyone think of the commander release draft?

    • Hedronal

      Looks fun, albeit very complicated. Complicated in the same way Mtg looks like to non-mtg people, so a barrier to entry beyond getting people who want to get all the decks.

      • Michael Edgecomb

        I love complicated haha. And we will have a set of them to use for this. definitely not going to be something everyone foes,

  • imoth

    open hostility contains a pretty nice suite of instants. you should add them to the deck list.

  • wiseguy

    Someone told me there is over 100 bucks of value in each of these decks. I called BS on that. No way that can be true right? Cuz if so these will not be found for 35 bucks each (MSRP)
    And something tells me that Breya has the most value and is the strongest out of box deck. Am I wrong?
    Keep in mind I haven’t checked nay prices on new cards yet since there’s no point due to preorder inflation.

    Another question; what is going to be foil in these decks again? And are they only foil or will you find both the foil and nonfoil in the box?

    • spar10killer

      A lot of the decks have cards that are expensive because they are harder to find due to low print runs. This does not mean that the cards will be worth $100 after release. The overall value of a commander deck is usually way over $35 and the prices of the harder to find cards will settle and become more reasonable because they are reprinted. The regular size commanders will be foil, the 4 color commander and the 3 partner cards in each of the decks will be foil.

    • WarlockLaw

      $100 dollar value for 100 cards is about right. The issue is most of the cards that net you money are reprints, and those cards are mostly 2-4 dollars at that. The demand on those kinds of cards is fairly low so it’s not really very profitable to buy the decks to sell singles.

      As for value, Stalwart Unity currently is the best for value as determined by mtggoldfish’s price analysis. Breya and Atraxa are about the same at second (about a dollar off of each other).

      As for Breya being strongest out of box, a lot of people have been claiming it has the worst mana base of all decks (no green ramp), so I doubt she will prove to be strong. I suspect that Atraxa and the Kings will be competing for most consistent deck, the Kings have the most bombs that can win them the game by themselves, and Atraxa’s can outscale everyone else, and has more board wipes to stop others from doing so first. Yidris has almost no threats, Breya will never have a good mana base and Saskia has no real recovery if her board is destroyed.

      I’m pretty sure the foils are the 4 new legends in each deck, and I doubt they’d include nonfoil versions.

  • Dustin Weeks

    So rules question if I use Saskia, The unwielding to mark a player, and I then attack that player does she double the damage delt to that player or is it just redundant?

    • Simon

      she deals double that dmg

      • Curundil

        No, she deals combat damage once and then the same amount of damage again, but this time it’s not combat damage. This is important for tracking Commander damage.

        • Michael Edgecomb

          excellent clarification. there are a number of other instances that this distinction could be important.

  • Dylan Williams

    What’s with the other area? Why arent they just with their type?

    • ‘sup-cakes

      New cards made specifically for this set? I think the rest are all reprints.

  • Bige Boiy

    wait there are literally zero legal finds with sunforger in the saskia deck

    • imoth

      there are a good number of instants in the deck. they’re just not listed here for some reason.

      • BlockOnBlocks

        They are listed in the “Other” category
        Sorry for poking.

        • imoth

          the new ones are, but not the 10 reprinted instants. not that it matters.. no one’s bought that deck. check back in a month.

  • Shagoth

    I kind of hope the Nephilim will get new art.
    Probably not.

  • Ananeos

    Wow these decks are garbage.

    • Tyler Wilson

      Precons are never great.

    • Edward

      If by “garbage” you mean they don’t have over $100 worth of value in them then yes they are garbage. For the price of $35 though these decks are great. Not the best commander decks but not the worst

      • Ananeos

        That’s not what I meant. The cards in each deck are either monocolored and supremely overcosted in cmc or have a cheap cmc but is tricolor instead. This means you and your friends (assuming you all buy them and play out of the box) are going to be sitting around for many turns just trying to ramp or hoping to draw that correct land. The first card someone will play will usually be a bomb resulting in a blowout or imbalance. The lands included are also awful. Quadcolor decks and most of the dual color lands come in tapped when you need them for your general.

        • Edward

          You can’t expect anything else from a 4-color commander deck. The decks are meant to be upgraded but are still able to be played right out of the box. You shouldn’t have expected them to put good lands in this because most good lands are expensive which would drive up the cost of the product. Also for the cmc of the spells part that is normal for the commander sets especially with 3+ colors. Commander is a casual format anyway so not being able to do anything for a couple turns isn’t a huge problem. Most commander games I play don’t have cards played until turn 3 or 4 unless I am playing Alesha Who Smiles At Death

  • Magus of the nooB

    How does partner work? Can you only f.e. play two UR partner commanders? Or can you add two random? UW + BF for example?

    • Tyler Wilson

      Any two cards with partner can be your commander. Color is immaterial.

  • Melissa Juice

    Definitely getting breed Lethality. Can’t decide on the second, though. Hmmm.

    • Edward

      Honestly they are all good. Entropic Uprising has great reprints and just seems like a lot of fun to play. Open Hostility has the best mana base and seems pretty good right out of the box. Stalwart Unity is good to help out everyone and keep yourself from being aimed after while you set up your win condition. Invent Superiority is just all around good.

      • Melissa Juice

        Argh, you only made it harder to choose! :)

        • Coby Clennon

          I’m def building a deck around unity, if just for the colors. All the value creatures in those colors, the dragonlords, rafiq, and just general fun stuff, like cruise and whatnot.

    • mehngo


      • Melissa Juice

        I may be convinced.

        • mehngo

          Cascade is such a colorful mechanic. It’s janky value.

  • Matti

    Got my set of 5 decks. Opened, i like them even more. I didn’t have all the mana fixing lands yet, a lot of the bord wipes I didn’t have either, and there’s cool new stuff, like Deepglow skate. There may be no real overpowered stuff in this decks, but as a Commander lover, I think these products do deliver everything one can hope for, got my set for just a little over 100 euro (20 euro per deck), and the decks are definitely worth that.