• theEternalPilgrims

    When does this get released?

    • Rajinx

      10.11.2017 r.

  • Nicolás Dubreuil Medina

    Love merfolks but the deck seems weaker than goblins

    • Sebastian Nash

      Goblins have a charbelcher weaker isn’t the problem it’s that the deck is weaker. it’s the goblin deck is most of a decent commander deck.

  • Kameenook

    Were there no cards from Ixalan ? Can’t tell, also any noteable reprints ? I only saw misdirection

    • Aarhg

      Seems like a weird decision to not include some Ixalan cards when both merfolk and goblins exist on the plane.

    • Rajinx

      i think Merfolk Sovereign will be in rivals of ixalan, she got new art (ixalan merfolk style) in explorers of ixalan

      • Kameenook

        We could only hope, although the merfolk don’t seem like they’d have a sovereign from the story I’ve read (at least not to me) and the effect seems non-intuitive for the set as a whole (again to me), depends on how similar rivals of ixalan would play out in comparison to Ixalan. Perhaps Kumena becomes the merfolk sovereign….

    • Alex Bremner

      master of the pearl trident
      merrow reejeery

      • Kameenook

        I mean those are playable modern merfolk lords but are those really it ?

  • chataolauj

    Merfolks wouldn’t win based on these decklists. Then only real upside Merfolk has is Master of Waves.

  • Jazzyboy1

    Both decks are quite good, as duel decks go. Tempted to buy two, because these are good value.

  • David D

    Easy to obtain Warren instigator? yes please.

  • Josh Kaufman

    So weird. With Merfolk “back in style” with the new set, you would have expected more quality reprints for people looking at the new Merflock and trying to get into modern. Basically more lords, notably Lord of Atlantis.
    But I feel bad if you play your friend with this and you give him the goblin deck, then cast Master of Waves.