• Zjsours

    Simic deck = not Simic. 

    • Simicdeck

       The simic deck has 4 armor elves, and at most the equivalent of 12 forests, its trash.

      • guildkey master

        10 forests

  • What a terrible simic deck, the boros one looks better from the view point of someone trying to get into standard.

  • raveryusuke

    I like how they keep bringing thragtusk back in event decks. *rolls eyes*

  • They should do 1 or 2 mythics that are really good but the beginner player or casual player don’t drop 20-50 bucks on one card, say thundermaw, Sublime Archangel,bonfire of the damned, Angel of Serenity,Sigarda, Host of Herons 

    • …..

      ok that would be insane and it would drive prices up a ton for the decks…. all of those cards are like $10+ I think…..especially bonfire….

  • no hinderlands but boros got chiffside retreat that’s not main reason I wanted Simic deck

  • Tim

    The Simic Deck isn’t really Simic, but it is a cool RUG deck. The decklist isn’t horrible, but some card choices were questionable. There are better card choices than Mist Raven and Sphinx (Again), and the sideboard should be a bit different. But overall, these are two interesting event decks.

  • Mtg Ftw

    pretty sure these lists are fake. 14 gatecrash cards in the “simic” but no evolve creatures? 21 in the “boros”. Gatecrash rare in the “simic” deck is not even Simic, it is gruul the C/U/R is not even close between the 2 decks  10/5/1 and 6/14/1

    • Xcver

      so fake they come directly from the wizards website….

  • G6r6i6m

    Not amused at all… The simic deck  is BULL $HIT!!!!!

    • Jiu

      actually more like thrag sh*t

  • GeneralMajora


  • John Combs

    You all need to shut up about the simic deck. It has a freaking thragtusk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • awesome sauce

      true dat

      • guildkey master

        It also pays for itself’ starcity released the prices and its only 25$.
        The boros deck is 40 freaking dollars


      It’s not a simic deck, it’s a three color.


      Also, WOTC should know that putting a ‘tusk in a deck, doesn’t make it “AMAZING”.

  • Mister Torgue

    Seriously? The creator of the simic deck needs to go back to magic preschool if they are building decks like this. Its a Grull deck with blue splashed into it.

  • Sdg

    Gruul Ragebeast in simic?

  • Movieguy1700

    wow simic got ripped off

  • Evilbrother101

    why is boros deck 40 dollars???

  • B L A C K P182

    how tha hell are thay 55 bucks for both?