Ixalan Tokens

September 13th, 2017

Ixalan Token 2Ixalan Token 1

Ixalan Token 4Ixalan Token 3

Ixalan Token 6Ixalan Token 5

Ixalan Token 8Ixalan Token 7

Ixalan Token 10Ixalan Token 9

  • TheMarsCydonia

    I love how the treasures are tribal-flavored too. You can spot which treasure is on the back of which creature token just by the look of it.

    • Lauri Maijala

      Stealing from other tribes is the best flavor!

  • Pandancules

    So the promos aren’t even new art? Get these out my face wotc

  • JD Farrell

    No Jace token? D:

    • MagicGuy12

      There is his token but his nerfing

      • That Guy

        That doesn’t make sense. what are you even trying to say?

        • MagicGuy12

          Sorry autocorrected. His illusion is present but his emblem is not there

          • knuttypoo

            I preferred the way you said it the first time.

          • JD Farrell

            He doesn’t make an emblem, he makes copies of himself. Would have been cool to see a planeswalker token.

          • Anthony

            They dont need a jace emblem. Just use another Jace castaway planeswalker

  • Deadly Berry

    Treasures look good, I’m glad they made many different ones.

  • ‘sup-cakes

    Maybe I’m blind, but I didn’t see who produces the plant tokens. lil help?

    • Aaron Woods

      there’s an equipment that gives your opponent two of those. pretty wierd if you ask me