July’s FNM Promo Card

April 23rd, 2015

July's FMN Promo

Path to Exile Promo Art by Raf Sarmento

  • Mateo Hinojosa Wilson

    Seriously a broken modern staple for fnm. I like and dislike it

  • Sani


  • DoogleHallow

    I need ten

    • Kameenook

      I need 20. I would want 50.

  • garruk the last beaner

    Will this be a standard card in Origins?

    • Kevan Kramer

      It won’t be unless it reprinted in Origins. This card is the promo because of Modern Masters 2 which comes out 2 months before this card is the promo.

    • Brandon Smith

      Giving this a reprint in Origins would be batshit insanity. That said, I’d love for it to happen.

  • A Mother*ucking Sorcerer

    They have to print a card I really want as an FNM promo when I’m going to be out of the country. The sadness is real :,(

  • Sean Campbell

    What? I’m confused.

  • Daniel Gilmore

    love this art so much I need twenty

    • Kameenook

      Haha that’s the exact number I jumped to. I need 3 more for modern, so many for commander, and then some to sandbag/trade.

      • Daniel Gilmore

        I need at least two for EDH, probably four-six for modern (depending on the decks) and then a few more for trade… I mean I GUESS I could settle for eight of them…

        • Kameenook

          I have 18 EDH decks, 7 of them have path to exile on color, I think I’d play it in 5 of the. As far as modern is concerned, 3 for B/W tokens, and 4 for Boros beatdown. Then everything else is just gravy.

  • MagicGALAXY


  • Adam Watson

    wait, what, what does this mean?

  • YES!!!!! I am so happy with this promo! Especially with that AMAZING art!

  • Tank Johnson

    This is awesome.

  • Guest

    Is that supposed to be a particular character in the art? It’s hard to tell with their back turned. Also, is that place in the background anywhere we know of?

    • magicdai

      To me it looks like it could be future zendikar with the rocks looking like broken hedrons.

  • matt

    probably exile

  • Brandon Smith

    *heavy breathing*

    • Eric Barton


  • Kahai

    Honestly, some of the best art i’ve ever seen on a piece of cardboard. (And i’m a Wayne Reynolds fan!)

    • Zombie

      It’s well done but I wouldn’t say its some of the “best” art.

      There are definitely some far more interesting or greater pieces on Magic cards than this.

      I like it too, but it’s no game-changer as far as art goes.

      • Kahai

        Don’t ruin my mild hyperbole! XD

        • Zombie

          But I like ruining things

      • Kahai

        I’m very much a fan of functional fantasy art (Hint was the Wayne Reynolds comment). Art style, i think Wayne wins it for me, but this is the third piece of art from this particular artist (two cards from DTK: Marsh Hulk and the beautiful (especially as a foil) Updraft Elemental), and i’m all for more functional fantasy artists! :D

        • Zombie

          I appreciate the art for what it is, and I can agree on functionality as well, but I’m the kind that appreciates story more than anything.

          I’m a big lore fanatic, so if a card can really tell a story with its art then I’m all over it.

          This particular piece is some functional fantasy art alright, but a part of that which turns me off is that functional fantasy pieces can be used in multiple avenues.

          I prefer the art that makes itself known as being only what it is, something epic and iconic and that tells a story. Art that can’t be shoved into another card. This Path to Exile art feels like it could just be another card, similar to the original. So while I still like it, I can’t really give it that much praise for the same reason you appreciate it so much.

          But hey, that’s just different preferences, To each their own.

    • Cujucuyo

      It’s OK but not one of the best, go check Rebecca Guay’s version of this card, it blows this one out of the water.

  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    Wow. Need. 4.

  • Eric Barton

    This card literally makes me want to bust my BW Tokens out and drive 1.5 hours to the nearest shop to wreck them just to get one. Wai? I’m addicted to promos… :( (Wishing the Lingering Souls promo was an alt art…)

    • Kameenook

      Aye that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Standard, modern, any format, I want 20 of these.

  • Dewill

    the art is probably irrelevant to any previous magic lore but if it is anything my guess is that it is a young Sarkhan Vol being exiled from his clan and is (plane-walking?) to Zendikar. maybe… or not

    • Kameenook

      I think you’re right on the planeswalker part, I think it’s Nissa though.

      • Necrachilles

        Looks more like Sarkhan to me.

        • Kameenook

          I think it all comes down to the staff, and looking at images, the staff doesn’t scream either of them. Perhaps we could think of someone who was exiled from his/her place (which might actually be Sarkhan now that I think of it).

          • Necrachilles

            Older Sarkhan had a similar staff (newer one has more of a spear/halberd)

  • Zombie

    Path to Exile reprint for MM2 confirmed, I guess.

    Unless this means it’s returning to Standard at some point.

    Or it’s not correlated at all to anything whatsoever.

    Speculation is awesome, isn’t it?

  • Cujucuyo

    I really hate the giant shooting star in the middle of the text, I prefer the smaller one only partially covering it like in the older foils. With that being said, art is OK, however the art by Rebecca Guay for Path to Exile (DCI/Gateway) promo can’t be beat.

  • Tony Cast

    This baby Jace in the artwork?

    • Oleksandr

      No, Jace doesn’t carry a staff, and he also doesn’t wear any armor.

  • Robert Prince

    So the planeswalkers involved with Origins and Zendikar are: Nahiri, Ob-Nixilis (to some extent), Gideon, Sarkhan, Chandra, Liliana, Ugin, Sorin, Nissa and Garruk. Of those listed (might have missed one), this looks to me like Jace, using the scroll he and Chandra found in Kephalai, to planeswalk to Zendikar . The scroll could reside in the cylinder on his back, but that object could be bedding rolled up.

    It initially looks like Sarkhan but in every artwork he’s got torn clothing and long black hair (which this young version could easily have by now). He also wields a halberd (staff with a blade) so it leans toward Jace for me.

  • graaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    Those aren’t hedrons. Those are just big unshaped rocks. This card has nothing to do with origins or battle for zendikar. It was confirmed to be done for modern masters 2.

  • dweller

    Narset, exiled by Ojutai and his templars, planeswalking to some other world? Braided her hair to be ready for travel, got rid of some rather unpractical golden plate armor and gazes through the twirling portal to another dimension. But I could be wrong. I just like the idea…

    • Scott Mc clean

      Narset was on very good terms in the dragons of tarkir alternate tarkir. Part of the reason she was able to ignite her spark was because of Ojutai’s teachings.

  • Scott Mc clean

    It almost feels like whoever this is is hesitating. They’re kind of just standing there.

  • Dave

    Wow, nice art. Reminds me of the game “Bastion”.