Lotus Cobra Promo Alternate Art

April 6th, 2012

Starting with Grand Prix Atlanta on June 30, the alternate-art promotional card is changing to Lotus Cobra by Terese Nielsen. This card will be given out to all players attending Grand Prix for the remainder of the 2012 season (while supplies last).

MTG Promo - Lotus Cobra

  • Absolutely filthy

  • Absolutely filthy

  • guest

    I love Lotus Cobra <3

  • Zgds

    I hate Terese Nielsen
    She puts a ton of random crap in her artwork and it makes me pissed

    • Ben Meszaros

      Cmon. The stained glass Lotus Cobra looks awesome. Pet peeves ruin things! Give it a chance! ;)

    • I know right? What a dumb bitch thinking she’s good at art by giving the creature a background to interact with, thinking she’s given it depth and personality by furthering it’s environment. I mean are the lotus that important to lotus cobra really?