M13 Booster Packs

June 17th, 2012

Magic 2013 Booster Packs

M13 Booster - Liliana

M13 Booster - 02

M13 Booster - 03

M13 Booster - 04

M13 Booster - Ajani

  • Artheties1725

    Whoa, those look so cool

  • hmm seems like we gonna have some new merfolks, a lovely beast for my mono green and a demon dragon? O.o

    • Jared lozier

      Looks like a new viashino

    • Dfbhfgh

      you a complete retard the dragon is nicol bolas

      • oh really? -_-

        • Jimin3d

          It’s not nicol bolas it’s a its a viashino.

      • stay70573

        you’re retarded it’s Nicol Bolas. it is confirmed as a Viashino

    • Liam

      lots of the merfolk are reprints so lovely new is really not the correct term. But I think the  augur of Bolas on the pack is new.

  • I love black and silver style they are going with for this set, it’s a lot slicker looking than most core sets…

    • David Fitzsimmons

       heres to hoping they do something similar to m11 for fatpacks. I enjoy my core fat Pack boxes without characters on them.

  • Jimin3d

    Ok so wee have white Ajani, Caller of the Pride black Liliana of the Dark Realms  I think red Mindclaw Shaman and blue a new Merfolk, I don’t know what the green one is a beast? a trall? whatever it is it’s got me excited anyone got any ideas?

    • Rv-008

      green one is a typical baloth

      • Liam

        Spiked Baloth