M13 Intro Packs

June 19th, 2012

M13 Intro Packs

The Magic 2013 Intro Packs are designed for introducing new players to the themes and mechanics of the set, and for the first time, they now contain two booster packs to go with the ready-to-play 60-card deck. And each one has a foil rare, which is clearly visible through the window on the front of the box. The new MSRP for Magic 2013 Intro Packs is $14.99.

M13 Intro Pack - Path to Victory

M13 Intro Pack - Depths of Power

M13 Intro Pack - Sole Domination

M13 Intro Pack - Mob Rule

M13 Intro Pack - Wild Rush

  • Beto


  • Boys_profile

    the red goblins gonna be so fun!

  • Daniel Mostek


  • it comes with 2 boosters now?! awesome xDDD

  • the featured rare doesn’t suck like usual!

    • Dfddfsa

      what about silver heart, conscripts , champion of the parish, ghoul tree

  • That Joe kid

    Wow it’d be a tough choice with these ._.

  • David Fitzsimmons

    couple thoughts/questions
    are these the final boxes/products we will see in the stores? I ask because they seem to be missing things we see on previous boxes. for example there is a lack of a deck name on them. It also lacks the identifier that the deck itself contains 60 cards.
    Finally there is a lack of the identifier which two colors the deck contains. Does this further the issue that these are mere mockups of the boxes instead of being true final product photos? Or does this mean these decks are only mono color?

    • since wizards really focused this set to the new players i think all decks are mono colored because its easier to play with. iv been playing magic for like 5 years now and mono color decks are my favorite xD

    • Tramplr

      I’m pretty sure that the deck color information and the contents are listed on top. If you realize, you can’t see the top of the box, but if you played duels of the planeswalkers, one of the promo pages showed the talrand deck with a view of the top of the box, and it had the five mana symbols and it looked like red and blue were both highlighted, and I’m pretty sure that nefarox is black and white, and krenko is probably red/green. I’m not really sure about yeva and odric, but yeva has some flicker, so maybe a little white or blue, and odric uses humans, so either red or blue would be my guess. Of course this assumes that all decks are dual colored. It’s possible that they could have some mono, and some dual. Just to clarify, this is mostly speculation and guessing. I’m not claiming anything other than the top of the box had five mana symbols on a picture of an intro deck on a promotion. The rest is all educated guessing.

  • Klkrrpt

    Why does the black have to cost 6 and the rest cost 4? :(

    • Idbf

      because it is so much better

    • SGH

      Because goblins are usually cheap. 

    • SGH

      and demons are usually expensive. 

  • im getting the red and black 

  • Guest

     Kind of strange how the “Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis” has exalted when it was Bant(main color is white) that had exalted… Cool that black has it now though.

  • black and white for me, just to get the legendaries in them

  • Travis_Ives

    I am going to be obtaining at least one of each. The first one that caught my eye is the green (flash).. but then the blue one got my eye.

    I enjoy Tri color decks like Bant -Jund-Grix..and one of those will be my standerd deck so I have to see how they run alone before I mix them up.

    *trapseeker13/Collectors Heaven Lakeside-Richmond Va.

  • Jaryntaylor

    I am really considering buying one of each. The value of the all decks, will probably worth while. Great that Wizards is doing this with the Intro Packs. It brings new players in and old player still want to buy the Intro Packs. I myself have already pre-ordered all five so I can start playing with some decks to edit, and adding new rares to build a strong, casual or competitive deck.

  • Brainiac1515

    still want a dragon starter

  • Nppott2

    is there somewhere i can get a decklist?