Magic 2013 Fat Pack

June 19th, 2012

Magic 2013 Fat Pack

M13 Fat Pack Contents

The Magic 2013 Fat Pack contains:

  • Nine Magic 2013 15-card booster packs
  • Player ‘s guide with complete visual encyclopedia
  • The Magic 2013 card box
  • 80-card basic land pack
  • Special edition Spindown life counter
  • Two deck boxes

  • sleepy


  • Lol

    How much :O

  • Jimin3d

    looks so cool!

  • screw the deck boxes that cant even hold a deck with sleeves, I want a book again like the old days!

  • David Fitzsimmons

    The box lacks any characters on it like 2012 had… I am pleased by this. I prefer it when my core fatpacks focus on a look like this. definite buy.
    But why can’t they show me what the poster on the reverse side of the outside packaging looks like? I always got to wait for a fat pack opening.

  • Allanpaul_rock

    it almost two thousand pesos in philippine rate! not bad! ^_^

  • Andre


  • nice