Magic Origins Prerelease Info

July 6th, 2015

Prerelease pack box:

– six normal Magic Origins boosters, and one seven-card booster full of cards of the color of the Planeswalker you chose.
– Prerelease promo card
– Spindown life counter
– Story booklets

Chandra Nalaar Story

Jace Beleren Story

Gideon Jura Story

Liliana Vess Story

  • Soren Szilver

    why is nissa’s missing?

    • Johann Davies

      I assume because they haven’t released her uncharted realms article.

  • Zombie

    Seems like an interesting new take on Prereleases.

  • Blake

    7 packs instead of 6, I like it.

    • Aarhg

      And at the same entry price too! Good stuff.

    • Taylor

      well its 6 booster packs and a seeded pack.

  • michael ciriaco

    why isn’t nissas story posted

    • Because it hasn’t been posted on Uncharted Realms and the didn’t want to give the synopsis of it before then, even though you can read a good part of said synopsis in the video above.

      • Derek Niles

        Is there a date it will be posted?

        • Her insert probably won’t be posted but her story went up on Uncharted Realms yesterday.

  • Derek Niles

    So instead of 5 packs plus a 15 card seeded pack we’re getting 6 packs and a 7 card seeded pack? Sweet

  • Brandmuffin

    Are the promos for Nissa for example, any green rare, or will it always be the one he showed?

    • Bregisdog

      Not completely sure how it is for Origins, but in the past there are 8 different rares that can be your promo 1 of which is part of a mythic cycle (Dragonlords for DTK and presumably the planeswalkers for Origins though not confirmed). I believe Origins should be the same, but they may have made some minor changes. I do know however that it won’t always be the one he showed.

      • All of this was confirmed on Monday.