Magic the Gathering Arena Previews

September 7th, 2017

Magic the Gathering Arena is going to be free to play and standard focused. It will not replace Magic Online.

Join the closed beta!

MtG Arena SS5

MtG Arena SS3

MtG Arena SS2

MtG Arena SS1

MtG Arena SS4

MtG Arena SS7

MtG Arena SS6

  • Martin Noel

    where do i get it?

    • Pulverizerg

      playmtgarena dot com is the site for signups for closed beta

  • dood

    Does anyone know if phases are as simplified like the duels series?

    Edit- looks like there’s 6 phase bubbles. Guessing untap, upkeep, main, combat, main, and end step.

    • AzComics Español

      SHIFT+CTRL enable a full control mode, that hold priority in every moment possible

  • Lucien Wächter

    Blizzard will not be happy to see this since Heartstone is very similar looking.

    But MtG is the older game, so lets see, if Blizzard starts annoying or not.

    • Cory Schmidt

      Blizzard even admitted that they took inspiration from MTG because many of them played it back in the day.

  • The only problem I’ve ever had with these, is that they seem to be dumbed down versions of magic. And the Duels games were SO slow… not much deckbuilding or power amongst the cards, and wasn’t that fun. Magic Online is fun, but it’s old and clunky, doesn’t run on iOS, needs updates, constant money, etc… I would play/pay for Magic Online if it worked and it were easy to use, but it isn’t (for me).

    Being “Standard Focused”, does that mean this game is going to be like Duels? Where they come out with a new one every year that makes the previous obsolete? Or what happens when your “standard” collection rotates? IF this game is a flat price, or even a monthly fee, but you have access to all the cards currently in standard. That’d be awesome. If you’re releasing packs like HS, and you expect players to collect their standard stuff (or buy it) this will fail as hard as Duels does. I also wonder what kind of format would be supported if you’re opening packs that will eventually be unusable, it’d be an even newer “frontier” format.

    Here’s hoping it’s a playable, online, full (not simple or dumbed down) version of the game we love.

    • Lucien Wächter

      It is free2play. But I think you can buy Booster for ingame gold or real money like in Duals. I hope they allow trading, like in MtGO or brewing like in Hearthstone.

      • Seems almost identical to Hearthstone, but with MtG instead of that garbage RNG design. I like it! Here’s hoping Hasbro doesn’t make them monetize it to oblivion. I think a free game, with a standard card pool open to everyone would be awesome. When you introduce packs, I start to wonder about the future of the game. Seeing as they say it’s “standard focused” what happens to the cards you bought that rotate? That’d be a big letdown, especially if those cards just stagnated in a collection until they came out with a new “frontier” format, including only cards released in Arena or something.

        I think MTGO is the problem child in this scenario. People have already sunken a ton of money into it, so you can’t just move to arena without pissing people off. But arena with ALL the MtG cards would obviously be best, animation/budget wise it wont happen for a long time though. So this feels like a stop-gap for what duels was trying to do, but I really hope they get it right this time. And a lot of questions still hang in my mind about the cards and formats expected to be in this game.

        Best case, they make this the #1 focus and it blows up to be the most popular CCG in recent history! I’d love that.

  • Giby86 .

    The model for this shouldn’t be Hearthstone, it should be the Pokemon TCG app. It’s unbelievable how just perfect it is. Oh and also? They should definitely include redeem codes for virtual booster packs in real packs, just like pokemon does. It’s absurd that they haven’t done it for MTGO, they cannot fail to do it here.

  • Andrew L. Hodge

    If they are going to use this to replace Duels then they better not limit the quantity of cards you can have because of their Rarity, honestly that is THE BIGGEST Reason I Quit playing Duels!