Modern Masters 2015 Tokens

May 7th, 2015

Modern Masters 2015 Token 16

Modern Masters 2015 Token 15

Modern Masters 2015 Token 14

Modern Masters 2015 Token 13

Modern Masters 2015 Token 12

Modern Masters 2015 Token 11

Modern Masters 2015 Token 10

Modern Masters 2015 Token 9

Modern Masters 2015 Token 8

Modern Masters 2015 Token 7

Modern Masters 2015 Token 6

Modern Masters 2015 Token 5

Modern Masters 2015 Token 4

Modern Masters 2015 Token 3

Modern Masters 2015 Token 2

Modern Masters 2015 Token 1

  • Lasse Matias Hadberg

    Did i miss something, or don’t we know what makes the myr tokens yet?

    • Seregios MH

      We don’t know yet, not all the token makers have been revealed although modern masters 2015 will be fully spoiled tommorrow.

    • Kameenook


  • Kiowa Harrell

    its it just me or is the Golem token look a little bit like Ultron in the face and i mean the comic book look not the new movie look

    • You. You just blew my mind.

      • Kiowa Harrell

        lol glad to help i had to stop and do a double take lol

        • I’ve been looking at this token since Scars block with the feeling that it looked like something that I recognized. Now I know!

  • duke

    I thought the thrull token was a golum…preciioooussssss.

    • Gollum

      That’sss becaussse it isss Gollum, precious! Yesss, usss isss the thrullses on the cardses!

    • Disciple of Garruk

      Its mindstab thrull

  • ShahrazadMan

    Yay! All3 eldarzi spawn! Y is that worm there? Do we get worm harvest again?

    • Sam Chi


      • ShahrazadMan

        *punches self in face* Right, they’re worms.

    • Kameenook

      Creakwood Liege!

  • Eric Barton

    I’m surprised no one has commented on the much needed revamped Faerie Token art. If I didn’t have custom tokens already I’d be sporting these.

  • Melissa Juice

    Wow. These are fantastic.
    Faerie token is gorgeous.

    That ant is awful, though. Rod Spencer is just terrible.

    • Dr. Chuggo

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you even think Sliver Queens’ art is terrible? I mean come on…that’s like the Mona Lisa of sliver art.

      • Melissa Juice

        Hmm. It’s ok. I certainly don’t hate it.
        I do love the way the old slivers look, so that helps. I really just don’t care for the artist. I imagine the art could’ve been much improved by someone else.

        • Dr. Chuggo

          I can agree with that, I don’t think Spencer should be doing ants.

    • Disciple of Garruk

      Its ron not rod

      • Melissa Juice


  • hdhgsa

    why that spirit art?! Conspiracy one were much better.

  • MTGFanatic

    the Golem Token art has a facial similarity with Ultron

  • Hagane Oboro (Pablio)

    nice nice nice….

  • Disciple of Garruk

    So I guess mark tedin likes his artwork for mindstab thrull. Reused it in the token. The original is better though. More dark, less cartoony

  • Melissa Juice

    I can’t stand Spencer’s stuff, at all. Probably my least favorite MtG artist.

    Weak statement? Huh? Do you expect someone to sway your personal preference? Bizarre.

  • Melissa Juice

    How could someone have a *reason* for something so aesthetic? Occasionally, someone might have an idea about why they like or dislike something, but FAR more often it’s simply a gut reaction to the thing.
    How strange, to think that people ought to defend personal preferences. Ha!

  • Melissa Juice

    Why would an opinion even warrant a defense? How silly. We live in an age of defensiveness. I think letting opinions be opinions is much more sensible.

  • Chestnut_Baron

    I get the whole subjectivity argument but… if you think you shouldn’t defend your opinion, you’re crazy.

    If it’s my opinion, say, that we should burn books, I’d better be ready to defend that kind of thing. Similarly, while not as extreme, defining what it is about a particular artwork that appeals (or does not appeal) to you is part and parcel of aesthetic appreciation. If nothing else, it’ll help you figure out what’s going on behind that gut feeling of yours. In short, it’ll increase your appreciation of the work, since you’ll know what it is you like about it. And you don’t have to approach it from any kind of formal/ technical perspective. For instance, I like the new soldier token because it DOESN’T look like the Parente soldier tokens. The only soldier tokens I own are the ones by Parente, and all I can ever see when I look at them is a stupid dude with a white mohawk (the cloud in the BG creates an illusion of mohawk that is impossible to unsee). I hate them, just like I hate the green blob spirit tokens by Kev Walker.

    Sorry. I just saw someone saying we don’t need to defend our opinions and figured I needed to say something.

  • Melissa Juice

    There’s a MASSIVE difference between debating the burning of books and opinions on card games. What a pointless comparison.

    Again, you DON’T need to defend your opinions about everything. Context and actual importance of the issues matters immensely.

  • Chestnut_Baron

    At worst, my comparison was hyperbolic, not pointless. I actually think the point I was making was pretty clear.

    But this conversation is about the art of the tokens. That is the context. Right here, in this thread, that is the entire issue. That’s all you can really discuss about the tokens – their art. Now, you can say that you like them or you don’t, that’s simple enough, but it doesn’t contribute much to the conversation. All the other guy was really asking for was for you to try and say why you didn’t like the ant token art. He wasn’t demanding that you defend your position, or that it was offensive or scandalous in some way – just that you elaborate as to why.

    For a more nuanced comparison, say I was discussing non-MTG art, and I happened to say that I didn’t think “Starry Night” wasn’t particularly good. I think the people I was having a discussion with would probably ask me to explain what it was about the artwork that didn’t appeal to me. In a normal conversation, perhaps not. Say, if it came up in passing, or something. But in a discussion about art and aesthetics, it’s not unreasonable at all for someone to ask for elaboration or clarification.