Regional Pro Tour Qualifier and Grand Prix Promos for 2017

October 27th, 2016

Regional Pro Tour Qualifier Promo

Regional Pro Tour Qualifier promo

Grand Prix main event participation Promo

Grand Prix main event participation Promo

  • MTGFanatic

    drooling at emrakul!

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Emrakul looks gorgeous.

  • Ryū


  • Zombie

    I like the throwback with Emrakul’s art to her first promo printing for Aeons Torn. Similar perspective and whatnot.

    Kinda weird that they’re using Aeons Torn and not The Promised End, but whatever.

    And Progenitus is a super weird promo to see.

    • Kevan Kramer

      And the card doesn’t get new art even.

      • Zombie

        Yeah, no new Progenitus art is certainly odd, given that it’s a 2016 promo.

        It’s just made weirder by Progenitus not even really being that relevant of a card anymore.

        It’s not like he’s a prolific commander anymore to enable 5Color. Only a few constructed decks play him for random reasons.

        Like, what’s the point of a Progenitus reprint at all?

        • Daniel Kaine Allen

          Well ya never know, maybe this is a hint to something, not to say they will bring him back, but something that could relate to him

    • Nebulium

      Right? It’s very odd that there are now two promo old Emrakuls when a new one just came out.
      And on top of that, that put out a Progenitus promo using the original art, even though it already had promo art they could have used. It just seems so random.

    • Bige Boiy

      should have been promised end with old emrakul art imo
      either way, emma’s the only titan i haven’t been bothered to trade for yet, so this is nice to see

  • Deadly Berry

    Can’t understand why Progenitus, but my guess is they just went along with the huge-plane-destroying creature trend. That Emrakul artwork… very worth.

  • DJ Pad

    Meh, 2 cards that really didn’t need another printing to be honest. Would be nice to see them use these to make foil versions of cards that don’t already have foils.


    I want that Emrakul.

  • Kameenook

    Not at all going to pretend like that Progenitus isn’t unexciting…

  • Josh Kaufman

    I don’t get how they make these decisions. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Although I wont lie, I’m a sucker for Emrakul’s

  • potatogod442

    Beautiful, simply beautiful

  • isigo

    I used that emrakul

  • Daniel Scott

    No. Equip is targeted, and he can’t be target by a spell or ability with the quality he is protected from. Obviously equipment has the quality of being a thing so it can’t target him.

  • Ej Lucia

    Just have Rafiq or Finest Hour out.

  • Tolle

    Actually, it is deeper than that (in case you have a method of equipping without targeting) something with protection cannot be targeted, dealt damage, blocked, enchanted, or equipped by anything with that property.