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September 11th, 2012

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  • Daniel989

    ya por los jugadores no se curran nada, y eso que la pre no es barata…. entre que las imagenes no valen un duro y las cartas en si menos aun… yo nose que tanto daño les hacia regalar un titan solar o alguna cosa asi…

  • Daniel989

    esque preferiria las cartas promo sin el arte alternativo…. que fuesen las normales aunque pareza cutre

  • Yo prefiero el dragón hipersónico al titán solar, que es una carta para mi gusto, bastante moñas. Y el pack de pre, lo renta, y mucho xD

    • Lonethief

      “I prefer the dragon to titan hypersonic solar, which is a letter for my taste, pretty bows. And the pre-pack, the income, and much”

      Damn you, google translate!

      • Zeta

        ” I prefer HiperSonic Dragon over Sun Titan, which is a pretty good card to me. And the pre-pack is so worth it xD”

        I think i translated what he said pretty well… your welcome. (English is not my mother tongue, so dont be nazi)

  • BIG_JOE_169

    finally some good promos

  • GhaleonZero

    I feel it may be a typical choice… but I have to go Izzet. I don’t think any of the promos are better than the others, although the land could be awesome if populate turns out any good. We’ll see…

  • Marcos Gonçalves


  • Cheesbox

    Im going golgari

  • Ezrahanlin

    corpsejack menace is pretty good

  • Awesamthegreat

    “Buy-a-Box”? Someone tell me

    • Mickmars420

      if you ordered a box of rtr you get the supreme verdict promo

      • Awesamthegreat

        Order from where?

        • Sleepyspg

          Facepalm 2x combo, by the guys who make it of course, you can also probably get the promo if you buy a box day one from your local card shop