Rivals of Ixalan Tokens

January 4th, 2018

Token 4 - Rivals of Ixalan

Token 3 - Rivals of Ixalan

Token 2 - Rivals of Ixalan

Token 1 - Rivals of Ixalan

Token 6 - Rivals of Ixalan

Token 5 - Rivals of Ixalan

  • Oscar

    Because of that elemental token I might have to include Young Pyromancer in some of my EDH decks…

  • Kahai

    The vanilla 1/1 elemental is adorable.

    Also the golem is awesome looking. :D

  • Magus of the nooB

    So the city’s blessing doesn’t do anything on his own?

    • Kameenook

      No, although every card that would provide you the city’s blessing would gain some benefit from having it, otherwise if you lose the card that might benefit from having it, you will still have the city’s blessing but no benefit unless you draw another thing with a bonus from it.

    • Zombie

      The City’s Blessing is all about cards caring that you have it.

      It’s not like The Monarch, where cards need to care more about how to give it to you/keep it/take it away from someone else.

      Both players can get the City’s Blessing via the Ascend mechanic if they meet the 10 permanent requisite total, it’s more of an underlying piece of Ascend than its own thing really.

      • Oscar

        Hey zombie! I wanted to ask you this question a long time ago: do you consider including Storm the Vault in your Breya list? I build the deck myself and I really enjoy it and I think the payoff of having a Tolarian Academy is huge considering the enchantment transforms the turn it comes into play most of the time.

        • Zombie

          I’d play it in a value-Breya list that’s not as focused on combo or control.

          If you’re more into the Breya +Sen Triplets vein of Breya control lists, I wouldn’t touch Storm the Vault, nor would I do so if you’re playing her like me, which is combo-centric with premium value cards that support the gameplan and also act as stopgaps against aggressive decks.

          CMC 4 Tolarian Academy isn’t a bad card, but it takes just long enough to get online that you can’t really afford to be doing it unless you’re a midrangey/value deck.

          Ideally (realistically) you’d play it on Turn 4 and immediately flip it, and that’s best case scenario, barring ramp.

          Then you’re basically just accelerating into a fatty or something like Batterskull or w/e.

          Whereas if you’re combo centric then you should already be setting up a game-ending combo by that time, or tutoring your missing pieces for a mid-game assembly.

          Before this gets any more rambley I’ll stop it there.

          tl;dr It’s fine in a midrange-value style Breya list, it’s bad in Combo, and mediocre in control.