• Solid. . .

  • maverick

    its alright not great but alright ill buy it for certain cards in it i want

  • Matt Abraham

    got a decent amount of good cards

  • JPF

    This the actual list, looks like a decent value in rares. 1 Shock covers most of the value alone.

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    Wow this is pretty good value and deck wise.

  • Daemon

    too bad its hallowed fountain… and its white blue… wow

  • Me


  • ronpaul420

    solid asss event deck get 2 strip it down and add a few revs and verdicts and you got u/w aggro but wheres the bird or relmwright or idk so other shet

  • Zombie

    I’m loving how the Event Decks are sucking less and less with each new set.