Theros Prerelease Info

September 16th, 2013

Prerelease Events: September 21-22, 2013

Choose your Path (and get a Prerelease Pack):

Theros Prerelease Packs

Here are the contents of each pack:

Path of Honor: White – The Protector – Celestial Archon

The Protector - Theros Hero Card Prerelease Promo - Celestial Archon

Path of Wisdom: Blue – The Philosopher – Shipbreaker Kraken

The Philosopher - Theros Hero Card Prerelease Promo - Shipbreaker Kraken

Path of Ambition: Black – The Avenger – Abhorrent Overlord

The Avenger - Theros Hero Card Theros Prerelease Promo - Abhorrent Overlord

Path of Battle: Red – The Warrior – Ember Swallower

The Warrior - Theros Hero Card Theros Prerelease Promo - Ember Swallower

Path of Might: Green – The Hunter – Anthousa, Setessan Hero

The Hunter - Theros Hero Card Theros Prerelease Promo - Anthousa, Setessan Hero

The contents of each Prerelease Pack:

5 Theros booster packs
1 seeded booster pack
1 promo card
1 Choose Your Path activity card
1 Spindown life counter
1 Hero’s Path Welcome Letter
1 Hero card

Hero Cards are designed for use at the Theros Game Day event (October 19–20, 2013), and you get a different Hero Card if you go to the Theros Release Weekend event (the weekend after the Prerelease) and yet another one at Theros Game Day.

Hero card back

  • Really digging that Shipbreaker Kraken promo

  • Helstyr

    Mhm… for me,
    the best creature: Celestial Archon
    the best path-artwork: The Warrior
    the best path-ability: ? Philosopher ? Avenger?
    What you mean?

  • Zombie

    The promo Ember Swallower looks like a vomiting Pit Bull.

    • Antares

      Nah, he just looks stupid. Pitbulls are adorable. :)

      I think Blue has the best promo art, red has the best Hero card.

  • guest

    What is the “seeded booster pack”?

    • MagicSpoiler

      Check out the second video at 1:16

  • Tristan Scarbrough

    Blue seems the best idea as support against the hydra between the Philosopher and the Kraken

  • anderson

    does the seeded boosted have all the cards at random including the rare or are they fixed boosters?

    • Fixed to the path you chose

      • anderson

        and what cards would they be? would be really nice to know so can choose based on that too

        • Yeah we don’t have that info yet

          • built smart

            Im assuming its like rtr in the sense thar the packs are random but all one color

          • it might be but I’m guessing it’s more like the type of flavor is more attuned to the path not just the color

          • JaceDovah

            Only the Seeded one wil be the colour you choose, the other 5 boosters will just be normal boosters

        • David Fitzsimmons

          same thing happened with the guild packs. Each pack had one (two in case of Dragon Maze) pack aligned to a guild. These packs were guaranteed to contain cards associated to that guild, and they are ‘semi random’. What this means is that you have about 8 different predetermined lists of cards those packs will contain and you of course have NO WAY of knowing which pack it is until opening.

          here is an example

          Let’s say two people went with Orzhov at a prerelease.

          The first guy opens his Orzhov pack and discovers he got Pack 5 which will always contain the following:

          Immortal Servitude, Urbis Protector, Killing Glare, Orzhov Charm, Shadow Alley
          Denizen, Dutiful Thrull, Purge the Profane, Smite, Syndicate Enforcer,
          Court Street Denizen, Contaminated Ground, Kingpin’s Pet, Skyblinder
          Staff, Corpse Blockade

          Now player two opens his Orzhov pack and discovers to his joy he got lucky and obtained Pack 1 which will always contain the following cards:

          Obzedat, Ghost Council, Vizkopa Guildmage, Righteous Charge, Dying Wish,
          Executioner’s Swing, Purge the Profane, Court Street Denizen, Knight
          Watch, Devour Flesh, Shadow Alley Denizen, Basilica Screecher, Gutter
          Skulk, Basilica Guards, Razortip Whip

          In short, I am pretty darn sure the packs at this prerelease will be in the same format where you have only 8 different card combinations within each specific type of Pack. You never know WHICH you get but they are predetermined. It’s even how the Deck Builder’s Tool kits are designed.

          There is also NO WAY to know what these lists are until AFTER the prerelease and everyone has compared their card pulls together. There is however one thing I can predict based on the RtR guild packs. Every RtR guild had 2 guild aligned Mythic rares in the respective sets, only ONE of those were possible to get from the guild packs(1 out of 8 chance in theory). The Mythic rare was ALWAYS the guild leader.

          So with that said, my prediction is that each prerelease pack for Theros will have the appropriate color aligned God card as one of their 8 possible card lists. So if you want a chance at a specific God card, you can try picking a pack based on that information. but this is ENTIRELY a prediction based on the guild packs. However I should point out that if I am wrong, then you got 1 other choice for color aligned mythic rares as the possible 1 out of 8 chance for a prerelease pack containing a mythic.

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    This set isn’t amazing, but the events will be awesome! :D

    • I don’t know why you think it’s not awesome is it because they want standard to slow down? Because that’s a good thing no one has any fun winning super fast and you learn nothing from it. I love this set it has a ton of flavor and is a good attempt at re-balancing standard. . .

      • Zombie

        I think what they mean is “Innistrad set the bar way too high, so now any block that replaces it is going to seem lackluster because I don’t know how to brewstorm for new formats.”

        • Justin

          Or he means that majority of the set is overcosted enchantment/creature cards or really underpowered narrow monstrosity abilities and counter-intuitive devotion mechanic that doesn’t mesh well with the block before it which is multicolor oriented. Lots of filler but it isnt without a couple of cool cards that dont seem lame…. seriously like 20 playable cards in the new set for constructed.

          • Zombie

            20 playables doesn’t seem that bad when you consider how near- useless Dragon’s Maze has become.

            There’s like… 4 or 5 cards in that entire set that still see extensive Constructed play. Maybe less.

      • MtgMind-Welder98

        I am glad you understand that :)

    • derpface mcgee


  • Lillianalover

    path of ambition.

  • Calm Berserker

    By Odin this is going to be awesome

  • welan

    The warrior seamed like the best choice . It s hard to recover from land destruction in seal unless your deck is built for ramp and the haste give a really quick advantage before your opponent respond to it wish might take him a while to get.

    • Polling11

      It says all players, that includes you so you have to recover from the land loss too, but the haste is really good

      • THEGREAT

        Yeah just get red and don’t play the promo. Unless you got a satyr hedonist in your pool.

    • guest

      Haste is good, but most early turn creatures will be in the realm of 1/1’s, in which case I plan on stalling with the protector until I can get my own strategy going. I believe all the hero cards will have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what stage the game is in.

  • JaceDovah

    I just love these prerelease events…
    i won the one yesterday and choosing the red pack i found Xenagos, Purphoros, Elspeth, Nylea (foil), the Hammer of Purphoros and others, so i built a R/G aggro… woah :D

    • KeenanBoianghu

      I doubt that you got all those but I could be wrong because I went white and pulled a Thoughtsieze, Purphoros, Xenagos, Heliod (foil) and an Ashen Rider. So…

      • KeenanBoianghu

        And a foil Medomai the Ageless

        • JaceDovah

          what you found looks as cool and unreal as what i found, so why doubting?
          it just happens…. maybe during the launch party i’ll get shitty stuff, who knows xD