• Jazzyboy1

    If this was 3 mana and it was a 2/2 or a 2/3, it would see play in Constructed. Still good in Limited though, and okay in Constructed.

  • Daniel Behan


  • Hedronal

    What equipment are there going to be in this set? Thus far it’s only Shard of Broken Glass, which is doing similar to Bone Saw from Oath.

    • Kahai

      A lot. Likely plenty with benefits for being equipped by human creatures. :3

      • Hedronal

        I had forgotten about those from Innistrad 1. Pitchforks and cleavers may make a return then.

    • Atarka Effreet

      Except its only playable in standard, as nobody wants to self-mill 2 for +1/+0 after Delirium goes away,.

      • Hedronal

        Standard already has more equipment, and other formats have lots. It’s the limited playability of this that I’m looking for.

  • Jesse Herrera

    I love the Christian violence undertones lol

    • Ben Allen

      Because Chitristianity is the only religion to ever have had violence.
      EDIT: I actually see your point if you’re referencing the actual inquisition. Sorry.

      • Ryū

        Well the point is that it’s a reference to the Inquisitions of the Roman Catholic Church, hence the Lunarch Inquisitors.

      • Dr. Burn Crow


      • Melissa Juice

        It’s *clearly* a play on Christian violence.

      • Mark Clayton

        Me: “I love Resee’s cups lol”
        Ben: “Because Resee’s is the only brand to ever combine peanut butter and chocolate.”

        • Ben Allen

          I now realize I sounded like a tumblr user.

          • Mr.Mayhem631

            Hey! There are good people on Tumblr!
            Like, uh…


  • Spiply


  • wwww

    The funniest thing is that even a simple Shard of Broken Glass will be enough to flip them.

    “I’ve a big sword, boots and armor. And you?”
    “Just a shard of glass, yolo man.”

    • Happy The Cat

      what about lightning greaves? “yo, check out these nice kicks! wanna go fight heresy?”
      also it would work really well with greaves in the whole “you’re exiled till I die oh and I’ve got shroud” thing

      • wwww

        Or Adventuring Gear. Drink some holy water and smash those pesky sinners to death.

        • Happy The Cat

          I’d love to see Blinding Powder. Get em’ with the pocket sand!!!

  • YawgmothPizzaGod

    So …. the curch has gone mad? White isn´t the pure and overall good color anymore? I LIKE IT :D
    This going to be so awesome…..I hope.

    • Hedronal

      White has never been overall good. It’s usually the defender of others, so it has tendencies toward it at times, but the color is not so simple or objectively moral.

    • Jazzyboy1

      See New Phyrexia. White has never been purely ‘good’ aligned. It’s the colour that cares about order and law. It’s just that some white characters take extreme measures to maintain order and law.

      Basically, Gideon fights for order, but tries to minimise the collateral damage to the people around him; whereas someone like Elesh Norn fights for her own idea of order and does whatever’s necessary to achieve it, even if everyone around her is slaughtered. Avacyn now seems to share a similar policy to Elesh Norn in that respect.

    • Atarka Effreet

      Meanwhile, on phyrexia, the black moon gets hit by meteor, and sails towards Inninstrad, causing black to become good.

    • Lord Bearington

      White is the color of order and morality as others have said, but morality is just what people consider right and wrong, and oftentimes people don’t see it the same way. Elesh Norn has her own idea of whats right (all should be united under phyrexia and phyrexia is strong when everyone is a phyrexian/everyone is stronger as a phyrexian). The azorius believe rule of law and perfect order is what is best for ravnica. Gideon or ajani believe in personal freedom and justice more so than the azorius or machine orthodoxy. Innistrad has always been not normal with the morality compared to gideon or ajani considering they’re entire religion and way of life is built on survival in a plane of horror. Defang from avacyn restored is a card that shows them defanging a vampire and using it to practice fighting with. Even their idea of “afterlife” is based on “not going to heaven”, they deal with zombies and geists so much they want to have “blessed sleep” as their eternal reward. They are focused on survival of the human race in the world that is always trying to kill and eat them, so their methods and ideas of what is right were already unorthodox compared to normal good guys. I still think humans are the “good guys” in this set, but their structure and way of life is changing dangerously for them. The church of avacyn and avacyn herself is no longer the good guys anymore.

  • Stef

    Nice artwork.

  • Snievan

    Remember, the angels are going on a purge of all that they consider ‘evil’.

    • Atarka Effreet

      So the wolfir didn’t work out?

      • Jazzyboy1

        As far as I understand, Avacyn’s magic forces the wolfir to be devoted to her, regardless of her morality. So they’ll probably be hunting werewolves alongside the rest of her army.

        (The Wolfir’s primal spirit should be forcing them to attack humans, but Avacyn’s magic is controlling it. It’s not a big stretch for her magic to also control their spirit to force them to attack their fellow wolf-kind)

        E: Either that, or Arlinn has gotten the wolfir to join her. I doubt that the wolfir would willingly work with Avacyn when she’s murdering their fellow wolf-kind without mercy, so I’m discounting that possibility. Either they’re being forced to work with Avacyn or they’ve turned their back on Avacyn and are fighting her again.

  • Ryū

    I hope the inquisition is devoured by rampaging werewolves.

  • Kahai

    Badass art by an equally badass artist! :D

  • Dylan Dougherty


  • Melissa Juice

    Wayne Reynolds. You da best.

  • LightandFire676

    Oh Innistrad, I love you so much.

  • Bostorket

    The transformed side is what happens, if during their door-to-door missionary visits, you give them the wrong answer.

  • Happy The Cat

    this makes shard of broken glass into a lot better limited card.
    how would this work with Moonmist? would it have two creatures underneath it or does the first one stay gone because it’s name change made it a different creature without it leaving the battlefield?

    • wwww

      According to the Comprehensive rules :

      “201.5. If an ability of an object uses a phrase such as
      “this [something]” to identify an object, where [something] is a
      characteristic, it is referring to that particular object, even if it
      isn’t the appropriate characteristic at the time.

      Example: An ability reads
      “Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. Destroy that creature at
      the beginning of the next end step.” The ability will destroy the object
      it gave +2/+2 to even if that object isn’t a creature at the beginning
      of the next end step.”

      So, I think the creature will stay exiled as long as this card is on the
      battlefield and will return to the battlefield if this card leaves the
      battlefield, even if you flip it from “night” form to day “form” and it
      leaves the battlefield in the “day” form. However, if you somehow can
      flip this card in “night” form multiple time, you will be able to exile multiple
      creatures with it (but they will all return to the battlefield if this leave though).

      • wwww

        “201.4. Text that refers to the object it’s on by name means just
        that particular object and not any other objects with that name,
        regardless of any name changes caused by game effects.”

        I don’t know which one support my point though. Lol

        • Jazzyboy1

          Ruling 201.4 supports your point perfectly. When a card refers to itself by name, it’s referring to the card, regardless of it’s name. So when Lunarch Inquisitors is transformed back to Avacynian Missionaries, the exiled creature is still under the card, despite it’s name changing.

          (and yes, I know I forgot about rule 201.4 when I argued about this with MrAptronym for Avacyn xD)

    • MrAptronym

      If you use trickery like moonmist or strionic resonator to transform it multiple times, it will keep exiling a creature each time it transforms to the night face. When the card dies, regardless of which face was up at the time, all the creatures will return. HOWEVER, Tabak’s comments on the new Avacyn suggest they are changing some rules regarding this.

    • De’Elgathor

      As a note, an article today says that multiple transform triggers no longer resolve in that way. From the article:
      “Here’s the new rule: if a DFC has an activated or triggered ability that transforms it, that permanent transforms only if it hasn’t since that ability was put on the stack.”

      • Happy The Cat

        buuut that still means I can transform my Lunarch Inquisitors back into Avacynian Missionaries with moonmist which says transform all non-werewolf creatures. meaning I can equip and flip, exile a creature, then moonmist on my opponents turn to flip it back. then when I end my next turn the missionaries would flip back again if they are still equipped.
        this new ruling just means that once a permanent transforms that I would not be able to flip that permanent until the stack finishes resolving.

        • De’Elgathor

          Correct. I just thought I’d make sure someone mentioned it in a relevant discussion.

  • Deadly Berry

    White has always been at the edge of fanatism, pursuing war and purity with relentless righteousness. It’s not the first time White loses it, but I can’t blame them after all the horrors they have seen in the last few years.

    Now please give us the same version of this card for Avacyn’s Pilgrim *grins*

  • Ulvhedner

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition

    • Nate Winchester

      Too bad it’s not an instant speed transform. Then their chief weapon would be surprise.

  • kmk888

    Excellent limited card and with the right equipment could see Standard play.

  • niz-mizzet

    I love wayne reynold’s art so much

  • Aarhg

    Aw yea, more equipment support. I gobble this stuff right up.

  • Garrison Tran

    im guessing it doesnt transform back if you remove the equipment

    • Rovkir Hexus

      No, because there’s no transform trigger on that side.

  • NC

    Human Tribal with Stoneforge Masterwork?

  • Bloodborne

    The hunt begins. -Bloodborne
    uuuuuuh! I can finally make Bloodborne hunters flavor edh deck againts my lovecraft horror flavor deck!