• MrAptronym

    2/3 deathtouch is great, and I love that first ability. The second one I am more iffy on. Undoubtedly powerful, but it feels like a winmore effect. Still would make a great commander, I am just not a fan of abilities that shut off when you’re losing.

    • Josh

      Reminds me a bit of blood baron of vizkopa. A 4/4 with protection from b and w and has lifeline is super good. The win more effect tacked on to the end is just gravy. If you like the card without the win more effect, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t like it WITH the win more effect.

      • MrAptronym

        Blood baron is a bit more flashy. Without the last ability, this one is good, but doesn’t excite me.

        Also, despite logically it not mattering, I hate to use cards when I cannot fully utilize them. If I go with situational cards I like ones that I control the situation on, or that kick in when I am behind, not ahead.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    x4 in a deck, splashing green FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON WHATSOEVER

    • Kameenook

      Probably Siege Rhino, 2WGB gain 8 life will get you close to activation cost. Also the card wins games on its own.

  • Sani

    Yes, nice!

  • ningyouNK

    I’m torn apart on this one. I have a White/Black Healing deck, but he’s not very fond of sacrificing anything :/ But a 2/3 for WB is so attractive defensively, and the last ability sounds sooo sweet >.<

  • Pete Leja

    Few things:

    1. Lore and Flavor-wise, of course this couldn’t be an Ally, but a guy can dream.

    2. Is it just me, or is the flavor somewhat wrecked when you realize she can remove Ulamog?

    3. Somebody needs to play a game of Esper vs. Eldrazi Ramp where Ayli sacrifices Jace in response to Ulamog’s Trigger.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      I find the flavor interesting.

    • Kameenook

      The flavor is fine that she can remove Ulamog. You become a pilgrim for life, you’re bound to learn some things…

    • James Harris

      The flavor is fine because she removes things for Ulamog’s processors to use.

  • Nolly

    I wannna make junk lifegain because it wont be competetive but it will be fun.

  • Snakesharkpenguin9

    Orzhov, you’re drunk. Go home.

  • wolf

    question: If my opponent activates the second ability, if I respond with a burn spell that reduces their life below 30, will the ability fissile?

    • Chris

      I don’t think so. The ability has already been activated so it won’t fissile.

    • Snievan12

      I don’t believe a burn spell to the dome will work, since the “10 or higher” condition is a requirement on activation, and not resolution of the ability.

    • Kameenook

      The 30 life requirement is only an activation requirement, so it will only check when you try to activate it, once it’s on the stack, it’s not going off easily.

  • Chris

    Very interesting card. I finally built a life-matters B/W EDH deck when Karlov was spoiled. This guy has an aristocrat/lifegain subtheme going on which is very interesting if not a little difficult to build around. Def. an add to the 99 for Karlov, since Nyx-Fleece Ram, Souls of the Faultless and Wall of Reverence are present in the deck as well. It does make make me want to take a hard look at Basilica Guards, Wall of Essence and Pride Guardian as well now.

  • Gord

    The card is cool, but the level of power creep here makes me nostalgic

  • This is my new general. Im building it now. no second thoughts.

    • Hedronal

      I may build Karlov with this.

  • Kameenook


  • PhatBubbaMan

    I love this card. I reminds me of what the old Onslaught cleric decks felt like. Sacrificing for life and other goodies. I’m really hoping for this to be a theme in the set.

    • Kameenook

      Maybe they’ll print Edgewalker, now you have a 2/3 deathtouch for free…. TAKE THAT MEMNITE

  • Chris

    A good card, but not busted. Its basically Disciple of Griselbrand, but by adding white you get +1/+2 and deathtouch (which is nice.) Seems appropriate for a legendary Rare and not busted. That third ability is probably harder cost to get than Karlov’s, even in EDH (Karlov’s is costly, but still not too tricky to hit.) Good for aristocrats and life matters, elsewhere its basically another Vampire Nighhawk (but without flying.)

  • Varik 89

    Will be awesome with Lilliana and hangarback

  • EJ

    I suppose there are some who would consider a Moonglove Winnower (a 4 mana spell) stapled to a Scour From Existence (a 7 mana spell) stapled to a Diamond Valley (a $180 card on the Reserved List) for 2 mana to be an example of “power creep”, but I’m too busy trying to find room in my Oloro and Karlov EDH decks to care at the moment.

    • MrAptronym

      An overcosted creature, a weak colorless spell and a land with a free ability? those are indeed very relevant examples.

      • EJ

        How is “exile target permanent” a weak spell? It’s literally the best single-target removal possible.

        • MrAptronym

          A seven costing kill spell is not strong. As for the effect, this doesn’t hit land, its more accurately Utter End.

          • EJ

            Seven mana is the cost. “Exile target permanent” is the effect. “Exile target permanent” is so strong that it costs 7 mana.

            But you are correct about the non-land part. So Utter End is the better analog. Still 4 mana, and not a weak spell.

          • MrAptronym

            No, ‘exile target permanent’ is so strong it costs 7 colorless. (and isn’t very good there) It also hits lands, which immediately adds to the cost a lot.

            My point is that you cannot just add cards together like that. Each of your examples was flawed, but even if you pick out the perfect analogues it doesn’t ever add up like that. This card is good, it makes a nice sac engine. But it’s not extravagant and its not really a strong example of power creep. I think this is another example of the Magic Spoilers comments way overselling a card.

          • Miranda Keith

            “Exile Target Permanent” costs 7 mana on Scour sure, but it’s not worth that at all, which is why Scour is bad. It’s like utter end, but you’re completely ignoring the fact that you can’t activate it unless you’re at 30 or more life, which puts it pretty firmly into “win more” territory.

          • EJ

            There are other formats. In EDH, Oloro is one of the most popular generals, and it isn’t unusual for the Oloro player to have 100 or more life when they die to commander damage.

            According to EDHrec, the Scour from Existence is the most popular non-permanent card in Battle for Zendikar. It slots into every deck, and helps shore up the weaknesses of every color identity.

            You might consider the 2nd ability to be “win more”, but that doesn’t make the card itself a “win more” card. It’s a 2/3 deathtouch for 2 mana. It’s a sac outlet. It enables lifegain. It’s a Cleric. The first black-white Legendary Cleric in Magic history. This means it casts for free with Edgewalker, and can go infinite with the help of some of the cards from Onslaught.

            You’re also ignoring the fact that Ayli is the one that gets you to “30” life in the first place. Indomitable Ancients is 10 toughness for 4. Tree of Redemption is 13 toughness for 4. Phyrexian Dreadnaught is 12 toughness for 1. Tower Defense pumps your whole army by 5 toughness for 2. Shield Sphere is 0/6 for 0.

            So you’ve got a card which is good in the early game, good in the mid game, good when you’re ahead, good when you’re behind, which easily slots into any deck already running its colors and compliments any lifegain matter / toughness matters / sacrifice matters / Clerics matter theme. Seems bad.

    • Jaime Hubster

      More directly a Vindicate than Scour From Existence… but yay for a Diamond Valley reference!

      • EJ

        I originally thought Vindicate, but this exiles. Vindicate just destroys.

        • Jaime Hubster

          “Little column A, little column B”

          • Miranda Keith

            It’s basically a 3 mana INCREDIBLY conditional utter end.

            Not sure why people are ignoring the “10 more life than you started with” part. It has no third ability when you’re behind.

      • MrAptronym

        More Utter End. No lands being destroyed here.

    • Chris

      Really its closer to Disciple of Griselbrand than Diamond Valley obviously. A good rare, but nothing special. Should stay out of the dollar bin. Not sure if its good enough to be a commander, but worth a shot in the 99 of some decks. The last ability is very hard to repeat (win more if you get there.)

      • EJ

        This is definitely good enough to be a commander, but slots into the 99 of a lot of decks. Even if it had no second ability, this would probably slot in to Karador, Ghave, Athreos (especially the kind with Shadowborn Apostles), original Teysa, Vish-Kal, Ghost Council of Orzhova, Alesha, Anafenza, Merieke ri Berit, even Doran (toughness matters).

        With the life gain rider, it’s a shoe-in for the 99 of Oloro and Karlov, though it might even be good enough to downgrade Uncle Karl and make this your general.

        In a multiplayer game where everyone starts at 40 life, a card that might seem “win-more” in a 1v1 20-life format is actually just win support.

        Another thing that makes this card useful is that it is a card which both produces life gain and profits from life gain. There aren’t a lot of cards which do that, and the ones that do aren’t always synergistic with one another, but we are slowly getting a critical mass of that sort of card.

        • Jaime Hubster

          Well said EJ. I don’t see the third ability as win-more at all. I’ve seen a lot of life gain decks sit midgame with a bunch of life and just lose the board state hard. That being said, I can’t think of a single time you don’t wanna see this card come up. It’s got early game beef, mid game options, and late game closing. All the cools.

        • MrAptronym

          I would slot her in many of those decks, but I wouldn’t be replacing my general. (I would take karlov over her any day, but that is probably a bit of opinion.) Her winmore ability is definitely easier in multiplayer… but targeted removal is a lot weaker. You get to make the best trades possible, but it is still 1 creature for 1 nonland. In multiplayer you have to be careful with that.

          I also am not sure I’d say she produces and profits from lifegain. I mean technically yes, but its not like the abilities actually have synergy, one just has an arbitrary restriction placed on it requiring lifegain.

          • EJ

            Other examples of “creates lifegain / profits from lifegain” would include Chalice of Life (tap to gain 1 life, then transform it to become a beatstick), Archangel of Thune (lifelink gains you life, whenever you gain life, spew +1/+1 counters), Felidar Sovereign (lifelink gains you life, 40 or more life during your upkeep wins the game).

            These are few and far between. There are lots of cards which gain you life and a handful of cards that profit from gaining life, but not a lot on the same card, and not a lot of synergy. A transformed Chalice of Life won’t trigger Archangel of Thune, and Archangel of Thune won’t trigger a transformed Chalice of Life.

            With Uncle Karl, it seems to me the best way to build him is some sort of lifegain Voltron build, where you want lots of incidents of lifegain, and the payoff is to make Karl bigger. The new general is more similar to something like Athreos, where you want to sacrifice lots of dudes, and you want to profit from the sacrifice. Maybe the dudes have death triggers or enable graveyard shenanigans, or you have lots of Gravepact-like effects that force everyone else to sacrifice with you. Or maybe you stole the creatures from your opponents.

          • MrAptronym

            I get what you mean in the first bit. I just don’t think our lady here counts for much in that regard. She gains life, but her two abilities don’t have much synergy.

            I am constructing Karlov much as you say. Basically every card in the deck wants to be gaining life, especially through life drain and lifelink. The big exceptions are board wipes and kill spells out of necessity. I plan to mostly use karlov to clear the field though so I can win slwo and steady, not to go for commander damage.

            I’d say you’re on the right track with Ayli, though I’d say using recursion is going to be big. WB can’t steal well like sac decks with R can, but it probably has the best reanimation available. (Maybe besides grixis) They also benefit from a lot of W creatures with big toughnesses. I can see Ashen Rider being a powerhouse here with good recursion going on.

          • Chris

            The synergy isn’t great. She has good abilities, but nothing stellar. If I need toughness matters General, I am going Doran. If I want life Matters, Karlov (since he has removal and he gets big enough to also win.)

          • EJ

            Lately I’ve been building Karlov EDH and I’ve also been thinking about the rule of 9. In a 60 card format, you might start with 4 copies of 9 different cards, jam in 24 lands and tweak it from there. So each card might be the exact right card for its function. The best 1 drop, the best 2 drop, the best beater, the best counterspell, etc.

            In EDH, you can approximate the rule of 9 by putting 7 different cards with 9 different functions, then jamming in 37 lands. So you might have 7 sac outlets, 7 lifegain triggers, 7 beaters, 7 ramp cards, etc.

            This card probably isn’t the #1 best sac outlet in any deck, but it might be in the top 7. It probably isn’t the #1 best lifegain card, but it might be in the top 7. It probably isn’t the best beater or the best rattlesnake, but again, possibly top 7.

            So you might not just cram this into any black / white deck, but if you’re running a deck that wants sac outlets and lifegain, this might fit into the deck. I keep thinking something black-green-white, with Mazirek Kraul Death Priest and Archangel of Thune.

            It should also be worth noting that, even without any abilities whatsoever, this creature is the only 2/3 Legendary 2 drop in the entire game. (Not including flip cards from Kamigawa or transforming cards from Innistrad). So maybe it would be a candidate for some sort of Isamaru-style Voltron deck with the upside being that it has an extra color in its color identity to work with.

            Plus, I’m just glad that it’s the first spoiler from Oath of the Gatewatch that doesn’t have anything to do with diamond mana. Whether you like Ayli or hate her, she doesn’t force you to explain the difference between colorless mana and generic mana.

          • MrAptronym

            I don’t really follow that deckbuilding rule, I tend to nail down some mechanical concept and try to find cards that do all the essential functions in that context. I think Ayli’s strength is her versitility, she doesn’t rank terribly high for any particular purpose, and EDH tends to skew towards higher curves than other constructed. If you are in WB and need a sac outlet I’d say go for her, if you also care about life then she is a top pick. Otherwise I see her as just okay.

            She might be a good option for voltron if you really want WB as your colors, but currently I am inclined to prefer karlov there if you really want something cheap. Her sac abilities aren’t going to be too useful unless you are building towards them and that would be a bit of a juggle with voltron. Deathtouch doesn’t matter much if you plan on pumping her up either. I like her a lot, I just think people are overselling her a bit, she is good, she is fun and thematic, but she isn’t overpowered.

            I am glad that no further rules discussions have to take place for her, having those online is a nightmare.

    • Miranda Keith

      That’s a really silly set of comparison. 2/3 deathtouchers for 2 already exist, comparing it to a common that costs 4 and is unplayable when there are better cards you’re intentionally not comparing it to is silly. Scour is also a pretty subpar card, especially when things like utter end exist, *and* you’re entirely ignoring the conditional activation. Diamond valley is a land and doesn’t require mana to activate it’s ability, this is a creature and does.

      It’s strong, sure. But it’s not nearly as absurd as you’re trying to make it sound.

      • mehngo

        I suppose the reason why Scour is such a good card would fly over your head. Scour is good because it gives another removal option in EDH to the colors that don’t have other options. It literally takes care of anything without shroud/hexproof (or some overly specific protection). Costing 7 colorless is appropriate for such an effect. Utter end doesn’t deal with lands, as well as only going in decks in which targeted exile removal is already prevalent. And you also don’t get the point of what EJ is saying. The point is that this card has utility that is aggressively priced cmc-wise, compared to cards that only have one of the several abilities that this card has, which are mildly “overcosted,” which of course is subjective.

        • Miranda Keith

          It’s really not “such a good card”. It’s a subpar removal in draft and a very occasional inclusion in edh decks which actually don’t have other options. I play a lot of edh and I’ve seen it in maybe two decks total, and it underperforms every time anyone uses it. To compare: 7 colorless to exile target permanent, or 7 colorless for a planeswalker who has a -3 with exactly the same text and remains on the board. Scour is not “such a good card”. It’s borderline playable at best and the only decks that would even consider including it in a constructed list would be colorless EDH decks. Every color has more useful removal.

      • EJ

        Diamond Valley doesn’t tap for mana. You have to tap Diamond Valley to activate its ability. This allows you to tap any land for 1 mana and use it effectively as a Diamond Valley.

        In Alpha, there were no 2/3 creatures for less than 3 mana and the cheapest 2-powered old school Deathtouch was Thicket Basilisk which cost 5. So, just because you youngsters got some new fangled toys in recent years, it doesn’t mean there hasn’t been power creep.

        The fact is, this is the only legendary creature in the history of the game which is a 2/3 for 2. Even if it were pure vanilla, that would be something mildly significant.

        And your “2/3” deathtouch for 2 can’t block. Which is kind of an important feature in a 2/3 deathtouch creature, in my opinion. There has never been a 2/3 deathtouch creature for 2 printed in the entire history of Magic which didn’t have some downside. The reason for using Moonglove Winnower as an example is that it is literally the only 2/3 deathtouch creature with no other ability in the history of the game.

  • Sam

    I may be wrong but I am sure this will fit perfectly in Soul Sisters… Maybe You’ll have to run a full play set of Marsh flats and Godless shrine to enable this (and maybe 1 or 2 windswept heaths) but idc with that second ability for shutting down Twin and Tron.. I just love this card loads… *Edit (Misworded): Doesn’t Shut down Tron -> Gets rid of RG Trons main threats

    • boogers

      The second ability says “Exile target nonland permanent.”
      So this wouldn’t shut down tron unfortunately.

      • Sam

        (For Rg Tron mainly) Kills karn and Wurmcoil Engine?

        • mehngo

          It technically exiles them (:P) but it does hit Karn and Wurmcoil.

          • Sam

            No Lifelink 3/3 wurms or Deathtouch 3/3 wurms for you Tron player :P

    • Jazzyboy1

      And in Legacy, she can sacc Karlov while he’s big to gain you a ton of life to outlast Storm decks with.

  • Zombie

    This is CMC 2???

    Jesus this might see Modern B/W tokens play, certainly Tiny Leaders and EDH

    • Chris

      I can see casual play, sure. Modern is doubtful, but who knows. I mean what does it really do? There are 2/3 deathtouch for 2 creatures already out there (Thrill-Kill Assassin). His first ability is easy to activate (Disciple of Griselbrand.) Together it makes two non-competitive cards to something possibly playable. The last ability is okay, but really hard to get.

      Many decks I would prefer Vampire Nighthawk. So 2/3 deathtouch creatures for 2 with upside are standard playable, for sure. Casual play? Sure. Modern? Unlikely. But it might have enough value to be a 1 of in some decks.

      • EJ

        Thrill-Kill Assassin can’t block, which is kind of important when you’re casting a rattlesnake.

        In fact, this is the first unconditional 2/3 deathtouch creature for 2 in the entire history of the game.

    • MrAptronym

      Tiny leaders for sure, and every legend sees play somewhere in EDH. I do not see competitive modern though, or even fringe really. Its a cool card and at a pretty nice power level but it’s not that good.

      • Zombie

        Yeah, because removal on a stick in a deck that can easily meet the requirements with a single combat phase is unplayable /s

        It’s a 2/3 that can trade up with pretty much anything, on top of being a sac outlet. Oh yeah and it has exile based removal. REPEATABLE removal.

        Remind me how this is too bad for a tier 2 deck again? Lmao

        It’s not like it’s an auto 4-of, but to say that it’s unplayable in a deck that has the best chance to abuse it to a degree of success is just plain poor evaluation.

        • wolf

          Its conditional removal that requires you to have two creatures, be constantly at 30 life and have three mana at any moment. Turn one fetch into godless shrine sets you back three life and in modern, direct damage is too common to not consider. This also no evasion and most one mana spells can remove this.
          Doubt this will see competitive play

          • Zombie

            With Sorin SV and a single Lingering Souls the previous turn you’re gaining 8 life a turn following.

            Not counting anything you might’ve played before that.

            You really underestimate B/W Tokens’ ability to spiral out of control extremely quickly with a single Sorin SV cast.

            Especially considering B/W Tokens has a slot in the build that’s dedicated ENTIRELY to Flex-Picks, which is usually filled by Mirran Crusader, Hero of Bladehold, or Squadron Hawk.

          • Miranda Keith

            So what I hear you’re saying is that this card is great in B/W Tokens if you’re already winning. That’s not really enough to justify inclusion of a card.

          • EJ

            It might be useful to look at the last ability like the ultimate on a Planeswalker. Those are almost always “win-more” abilities as well, but you have to build up to them (shenanigans with Doubling Season not withstanding).

            The ability requires you to be at 10 life above starting total, but she can also gain you the life that requires you to get there. In the right build, it isn’t difficult to get 10-20 toughness on board. Especially since white has so many ways to pump toughness, and both black and white have so many ways to enable mass graveyard recursion.

          • Zombie

            No, it’s a great card when you’re trying to snowball advantage. There’s a HUGE difference between being a win-more card and a win-securing card.

            Ayli can completely take over a game with a single Sorin SV +1, and then you win from that point because you’ve set the bar for return too high for your opponent. With that single turn, any creature your opponent plays from that point on dies to 1 mana, meaning you not only snowball your life gain far ahead of your opponent, but simultaneously make it harder for them to claw back into the game.

            And sure, granted, her abilities require mana. Doesn’t that mean she’s the perfect mid to late game mana sink against Midrange and Control decks for B/W tokens? A mana sink that not only gains you life and trades with massive creatures like Siege Rhino, but can 180 into a repeatable removal suite? Something like what B/W has needed ever since Languish destroyed the entire concept of Tokens in modern?

            I’ve been playing B/W tokens in an expansive local meta since Craig Wescoe’s rehash of the Squadron Hawk War/Peace Token deck.

            This is a card BW really needed as an option for its flex-slot. Mirran Crusader isn’t the answer to everything.

          • Miranda Keith

            I’m not saying it’s not a good card, I’m just saying that it’s not really as crazy as people are acting. If you’re already ahead in that kind of deck the things you’re really worried about are sweepers, not really creatures. I could see it maybe working simply because it’s true that Crusader doesn’t really synergize with the deck aside from being a power card so adding something with synergy is nice, but for the most part it’s just a sac outlet which isn’t really waht you want.

          • wolf

            Yeah and your plan is completely screwed up by one well timed anger of the gods or sulfuric vortex. Also after game one, do you think your opponent will not remove Ayli when she first hits the field.

          • Kameenook

            We’re generally talking modern here, sulfuric vortex not being modern legal. Try Volcanic Fallout instead.

          • Zombie

            B/W tokens is annihilated by that anyway.

            Nothing changes.

          • Jazzyboy1

            If your opponent is spending their precious removal on a 2-drop, do you not think that says a lot about that 2-drop?

            Any self-respecting Modern player who isn’t playing a dedicated control deck isn’t going to have more than one or two removal spells in hand for most of a game.

            (oh wait, I said self-respecting, so they can’t be playing dedicated control :P)

        • Chris

          Its not unplayable, but as Mr.Apt notes it is fringe playable outside of Casual or Standard. If it had flying, that would be a different story.

          We aren’t dismissing it, but upon valuation it just looks like a 2/3 deathtouch that has a way to gain you some life. The sac outlet is nice, but requires mana which is generally a no/no. Competitive sacking decks in Modern need no-cost activation.

          Its a card that is good in a lot of areas, but not great in any. If I want sac, there are better creatures that cost less. If I want cheap deathtouch creatures, there are better. It reminds me of Brimaz, something that looks super powerful, but outside standard is just a very good casual card.

          • Zombie

            Except for Brimaz seeing Legacy and Vintage play (which it still occasionally does)

            For a time, Brimaz was a staple of nearly every single White deck in Legacy. Especially Death & Taxes.

        • MrAptronym

          No need to be rude. I am perfectly fine at card valuation, I don’t see it having a place in WB tokens. There are better sac outlets that aren’t being played, its legendary, and as removal it is highly conditional. Its got a fine body but nothing shocking. Its a card that does a lot of things, but none of them well enough to justify placement.

          I suppose we will see who is right in the coming seasons.

          • Zombie

            It does more for B/W Tokens in the current expanded meta than Mirran Crusader, which has always been a flex-slot. Crusader can be used as a sideboard answer to Junk, which is really the only deck you actually want Crusader in the main 60 for. And even then, he still doesn’t beat Rhino. Ayli trades with Rhino while still being able to control the board late game after even a single Sorin SV activation, and can stonewall a creature equipped with Batterskull or something with Lifelink.

            Not to mention B/W Tokens recently picked up the B/W Man-land that has Lifelink.

          • MrAptronym

            Well, we will see, feel free to come and gloat if you end up right on this one. I don’t play WB tokens, but If I had to put myself in their shoes I’d take either Mirran Crusader or even Auriok Champion over her in that slot. I think you are being too optimistic about Ayli’s potential.

          • Alex Egertsen

            I personally like her in a B/W Aristocrat or Soul Sisters

          • Zombie

            See the thing there is that Soul Sisters is like Tier 4 and Aristocrats is Tier 3, maybe 3.5 on a bad day.

            B/W Tokens is a solid 2/1.5 depending on the meta, and Ayli fits into the flex slot of B/W Tokens, meaning you can just sub her in if the meta calls for it.

          • Alex Egertsen

            Yeah, okay Soul Sisters is like Tier 4. It is an anti-meta deck it doesn’t have a tier

          • Alex Egertsen

            Only because Modern has hit a huge spike in Combo land lately in the past year of competitive decks. Storm decks have a better shot at this particular GP meta as of recent. Soul Sisters is not that bad of a deck. It just has a bad match up against Tron and Bloom really. However with this new Cleric I think Soul Sisters can make an excuse to run some black cards with her.

    • Kameenook

      Not B/W tokens, as much as I hate to admit it, but every time I want to run a Brimaz, Hero of Bladehold, or Drana, my fellow B/W brethren remind me that opponents have unused spot removal that is horrible against tokens and turning it on is generally a bad idea.

      • Zombie

        They would have it to use against Hero of Bladehold, Blade Splicer, Mirran Crusader, or Squadron Hawk anyway.

        B/W Tokens’ flex slot is what I’m talking about here.

        This doesn’t change the deck or how it operates, it’s just something to use against certain matchups, specifically Midrange and slower decks.

        B/W Tokens has ALWAYS had a slot for a support creature depending on the meta. When B/W needs to be fast and beat Red decks, it brings in Squadron Hawk. When it needs to beat Jund, Grixis, and decks in general that flood with big green creatures and a bunch of black removal, it subs in Mirran Crusader. When it needs to play the attrition, it brings in Hero of Bladehold or Blade Splicer depending on the archetype ratio of the meta, and so on.

        Ayli is literally perfect for B/W tokens against midrange and slow decks of Modern atm. Any deck that doesn’t run black removal has a leg up over Mirran Crusader, and Ayli brings the potential to instantly snowball a game in your favor so hard that your opponent can’t claw their way back in.

        • Kameenook

          There are a lot of cards I’d play to beat red decks over Squadron Hawk.

          Auriok Champion pretty much fills in any role against most of the decks you described.

          Seeing as you’re talking Mirran Crusaders and Hero of Bladeholds though, you’re probably thinking more sideboard-oriented, where I wouldn’t want this either, mostly due to its relative low-impact in sideboarded games.

          • Zombie

            Squadron Hawk is played because it’s a recurring threat, something that’s direly needed against red aggressive decks.

            As well as the Squadron Hawk list running Sword of War and Peace. Which provides Red/White protection and attrition.

  • Dominic Ng

    I assume it will be in some kind of Abzan deck countering some kind of control-ee deck

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Sweet hell. That’s a card.

  • Melissa Juice

    Absolutely insane. Wow.

  • Ryū

    Impressive, most impressive.

  • Nightshade88

    And the thing that most impresses me is that you don’t have to tap her.

  • Amir Atme

    I think this with either Doran or Assault formation will make for a pretty neat deck.

    I also can’t wait to add this to my modern deck to counteract burn

  • Kevan Kramer

    The abilities are a bit expensive, even for standard. Her stats a lone, are good enough for her to be in a standard aggro deck.

    • Tony

      Someone who doesn’t work for WOTC to give a realistic opinion. The internet is either WOTC trying to hype of a set to get booster boxes pre-ordered, or people trying to hype up a card because they want the next ‘Drana’ to make money off booster boxes. Take it from somebody who plays, don’t buy the hype man. These leaks are usually intentional to drum up hype.

      • Looper

        Drana is 3cmc and not as good as Anafenza, and doesn’t fit great in any top tier competitive deck other than abzan, that’s why it has not seen competitive play. Ayli kills Anafenza and is 1cmc less. Also she is pre-selling for $5 a piece while Drana’s presale was $20 each. If you don’t think this card is worth pre-ordering a playset of for $20 then you probably don’t play much mtg

        • Craig

          Its not worth ordering a playset for $20. Historically deathtouch creature like this only really see competative play if they have flying, so they can be a deterrent. Anafenza kills and can be killed by a 1/1 deathtouch creature as much as a 2/3…doesnt mean it will see play. But can this creature stop dragons? Walker? I rather play removal, especially removal that exiles when possible. No way this is going to cost more than Managorger Hydra in 3 months.

          • Looper

            Why compare it to Managorger? Why not 2 other 2-drop rares that are played competitively (Den Protector & Hangarback Walker? How much better are those cards over this? 2 very common removal spells in standard (Abzan Charm & Dromoka’s Command) are not good against it. Cards like Siege Rhino and Fleecemane were worth around $10 after release. What removal in standard exiles creatures? Silk Wrap? How is this any more prone to that than any other 2-drop? How many 2 drops can stop dragons in standard?

          • wolf

            dragon hunter can stop dragons and its a one drop.

          • Looper

            And that’s all that card does.

    • Looper

      Someone tries to remove your siege rhino, you have Ayli and 1 mana up. How is gaining 5 life using 1 generic mana too expensive?

  • Nanya

    Neat, Cleric control!

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    Sweet baby jesus…..

    • BlahBlahBlahBla

      And this is only a rare.. Wth.

      • mehngo

        You’re assuming that all the rares are gonna be of at least the same power level as this card, which isn’t plausible. This card, for all we know, could be at the higher part of the scale in terms of power. It’s only one rare out of all of them.

        • Happy The Cat

          it’s surprising that this isn’t mythic is what he is trying to say, being a powerful legendary creature and all

          • Jazzyboy1

            I wanted to say that maybe she’s not story-relevant enough to be Mythic… but then I realised Akoum Firebird is a mythic in BFZ; and it has little to no story relevance afaik xD

            Wizards really have forgotten how to do rarities I think.

          • Hedronal

            Story-relevance was never what made something a certain rarity. Things story-relevant things are skewed towards mythic because that’s where the planeswalkers are.

  • Seth Carver

    and lo another commander deck was born

    • Marvin Sürig

      more then just one. First of all she is the fist commander for Cleric Tribal EDH. Clerics can use awesome combos in black white. With Conspiracy you have invinite Cleric Sac. outlet and Clerics give you life and protect them.

      Next she will be used as a Lifegain Commander in Black White either as Support of or supported by Karlov. She will be the Sacrifice Lifegain commander. But she can also be the Reanimater (Debtors’ Knell) with Sacrifce.

      Which means there will be three decks: Tribal, Token Sac and Reanimate Sac.

    • xxxx

      sweeeet 2 cmc 2/3 deathtouch and a sac outlet… i thought about building bw cleric tribal anyway and now i would have a matching commander
      + with Edgewalker out she costs nothing to cast :D

  • Happy The Cat

    just noticed that this works really well with Karlov from the commander 15
    if you have a soul warden,every token would give karlov +4/+4 just by sacing it off
    lingering souls would be +8/+8 twice! (and more if you’ve got more soul warden effects)

    • EJ

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was originally developed for the Commander pre-con and didn’t make the deck. The deck has almost no support for Karl. If so, there might be other lifegain cards randomly showing up in future products.

      Ayli also appears to work really, really well with Doran the Siege Tower, Assault Formation, anything with high toughness for its casting cost, and any board wipes which knock out creatures power 4 or higher.

      There are a few cards in Onslaught, Legions and randomly scattered around Magic which make it possible to do really odd things with clerics. Daru Spiritualist, Ayli and a 0-equip-cost equipment could give you infinite life, for example.

      • xxxx

        the odd cleric thing is true…
        can’t wait to kill sb. with this one :D

        • xxxx

          +some of the best white edh creatures are clerics anyway like Mom, Weathered Wayfare, Soltari Visionary or
          Academy Rector

    • wiseguy

      Actually, this card straight up replaces Karlov in those decks. Way to make him basically obsolete by printing a commander that can exile a lot more as long as you have 50 life.

      Without that last line this would be too absolutely stupid good

      • Hedronal

        At this point in a dedicated lifegain deck I think Karlov might be better (if so, probably not by much), but I intend to tinker with both as commanders.

      • Happy The Cat

        in what bw sisters deck does a utility sac outlet with a conditional removal that paints a target on your head replace a indefinitely growing creature that can shrink back a little to do almost the same thing for less mana?

  • MM

    Love the card because I can add to my Mardu deck but the last thing we need is something to make Abzan strong. I can just see it now, they pop a siege rhino, you go to C Doom or cut it, and they just sac it for another 5 life. Gosh I hate Siege Rhino…come on SOI

    • EJ

      Shadows over Innistrad won’t save you. They’ll open up the Helvault and find it full of zombie Siege Rhinos.

      • Koover_rob

        You made my day! :)

      • Kameenook

        I want to downvote this, but I know that this is true :(

    • Onio

      You do realize siege rhino will be out of standard by that time right?

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        No, it won’t.

        • Hedronal

          I think the “that time” they meant was the “SOI”, meaning Shadows Over Innistrad, when Siege Rhino will be out of standard.

        • Happy The Cat

          once this set comes out khans and fate will rotate out thanks to the new system. standard will then be dragons,origins, BoZ, and OotG

          • Mr.Mayhem631

            Nope. Standard rotates on SOI. OGW doesn’t cause rotation.

      • Ukemi

        No it won’t.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Excellent Card.

    Perfect for any Black white life gain deck.

  • William

    I love this card i was going to make a BW commander which was flood now i have one

  • Fletcher

    Yup, finally got an alright commander for Cleric Tribal.

  • Alex Egertsen

    is this worth it in Modern?

    • Happy The Cat

      sure you can make a build for it but the decks she would go into are kinda streamlined

      • Alex Egertsen

        My thoughts were like for aristocrats, soul sisters, proc decks? it does suck a big one to bolt does that really matter though if you are ahead with a good life total.

      • Jazzyboy1

        Umm, all competitive decks should be ‘kinda streamlined’. Yet they have to adapt whenever a new powerful utility piece or a bomb comes out. If Ayli gets played in one Abzan, Soul Sisters, or Aristrocrats(decks she would be very powerful in), she’ll become essential in every other. In competitive play at least. She is an exceptionally powerful utiliy card that decks will have to make room for.

        • Happy The Cat

          but the thing is those decks have cards that do the same thing she does or better, or would just have an actual win condition or removal spell rather than a 2/3 that needs you to be able to kill your own creature to even be usable. she is viable to build around but you do HAVE to build around her. honestly the only deck that doesn’t have to change much to add her in would be the bw token builds with global enchantment buffs, and even then only as a side board against decks with a lot of mass removal

    • wwww

      BW Soulsister with token I guess.

      Ouside of that, I doubt it.

  • Emiliano Valori

    Just a legendary Heir of the Wilds…

    • mehngo

      Nice b8 m8 I r8 0/8

  • TimTorn

    Any guesses on her initial price tag?

    • Jazzyboy1

      £16.99. Then it’ll drop a little. Then after a pro tour, it’ll spike to around £30 for a while if it’s in a winning deck.

    • EJ

      A pre-sale playset of 4 non-foil Ayli’s recently sold for $23.99 plus $2.50 shipping on eBay.

      As for where it will end up, who knows? Right now, the most expensive multicolor Legendary rare creature in Standard is Silumgar, the Drifting Death, which runs about 78 cents. The most expensive rare two-color spell is Atarka’s Command which is about $13.50.

      If you consider Tasigur the Golden Fang to be a multicolor creature, then it started under $3, spiked to above $12, got reprinted, and is now about $3.75.

      In BFZ, the most expensive rare creature is Fathom Feeder, which started around $4 and is now around $1.

      Don’t forget that Oath will have Expeditions and full art basic lands and manlands and probably the rest of the Bro Land cycle, and mythic rares and lots of other stuff.

      • Jazzyboy1

        1. Silumgar, Drifting Death will only ever see Standard play, and he’s going to stop seeing play entirely soon so of course he’s cheap.

        2. Dragonlord Ojutai is going for around 14 euros on Card Market. I doubt that the US prices are much different, so if you even did a proper search, you probably just glanced at the minimum price and saw that Silumgar’s minimum is higher; but the very lowest price is usually either scammers or cards in bad condition. So basically, Silumgar is definitely not the most expensive multicolour legendary rare creature in Standard.

        3. Ayli might see play in Modern and Legacy as part of Soul Sisters and maybe Aristrocrats. She would also be pretty powerful in EDH and Tiny Leaders, though I don’t think she’d be that great as a commander. She’d be amazing as part of Doran’s 99.

        4. In Standard, she can see play in Abzan as a sideboard against Esper to sac Siege Rhino in response to removal, Rally as a way to get things into the grave to be Rallied, and maybe Mardu as one of it’s main hitters(a 2/3 deathtouch for 2), with nice added utility.

        • Giby86 .

          Rare and Mythic rare are two different things. I guess he was distinguing from them.

          • Jazzyboy1

            Hmm, fair enough I guess.

          • CHris

            Decent rares nowadays that aren’t standard staples are generally about $2 a card. If this were a mythic, I would be more eyeful of the price. But in March you should be able to snag 4 of these for under $8.00 no problem, unless aristocrats or life-gain become a tier 1 deck.

          • Kameenook

            I thought this was a mythic this whole time……. *le facepalm

        • EJ

          As mentioned, Dragonlord Ojutai is Mythic, not rare.

          “Good in EDH” only gets you so far. Prophet of Kruphix (a rare) has absolutely dominated EDH since she first appeared in Theros. But while she was in Standard, the highest she ever got was about $3.63, and most of the time she’s been kicking around $1.20 to $1.50.

          Good in Doran EDH also only gets you so far. There are 35951 decks in the EDHrec database. Of these, 270 are Doran decks. So, Doran accounts for 1 out of every 133 EDH decks.

          The Standard rare non-land card which is most frequently found in Doran decks is Assault Formation, which is about 84 cents. The most commonly found rare creature in Doran is Indomitable Ancients, which is $2.46. But it’s also a Treefolk, and a lot of Doran decks are Treefolk tribal. The most commonly found non-Treefolk rare creature in Doran is Silklash Spider, which runs about 32 cents.

          In Tiny Leaders, the Standard Rare generals who are most dominant are Alesha Who Smiles at Death and Shu Yun the Silent Tempest. These run about 53 and 36 cents, respectively. Please note that Anafenza the Foremost is a Mythic Rare.

          Here are the most commonly played RARE Commanders from each set in Standard, according to EDHrec:

          Battle for Zendikar – Noyan Dar Roil Shaper – 51 cents
          Magic Origins – Kothophed, Soul Horder – 41 cents
          Dragons of Tarkir – Sidisi, Undead Vizier $1.22
          Fate Reforged – Alesha who Smiles at Death – 51 cents
          Khans of Tarkir – all Legendary creatures are Mythic rare, not rare. The most common general is Narset Enlightened Master, who is 89 cents as a Mythic. The most commonly played rare non-land card is End Hostilities, which is 74 cents. The most commonly played rare creature is Grim Haruspex, which is 49 cents.

          I think that Ayli is a great card, and a versatile card. But I also don’t see her being an expensive card. She would work best in a deck where toughness matters, lifegain matters and sacrificing stuff / death triggers matter. And that deck would have to have a lot of access to ramp and cheap creatures with high toughness.

          I’m not sure that deck actually exists right now. She’s basically a Swiss-Army knife which is good at a lot of different things, but not the best at any one thing. In order to be really expensive, she would have to be the absolute best at one particular thing, and that thing would probably have to be either getting fast mana, drawing cards, tutoring, being a way-above curve beatstick, shutting out your opponent, or controlling the board.

          She might also work if she was part of some instant win 2-card combo, the way Splinter Twin is. Even in Magical Christmas Land, the only “I win” combo I can identify with this creature involves at least 4 cards and lots of mana, and the cards it combos with are generally unplayable without this card.

          • JmLyan

            R.I.P. Prophet of Kruphix ;(

    • MrAptronym

      Hot take: $3-$5 then a slow glide downward to $2

  • michael ciriaco

    oloro edh?

    • EJ

      Depends on the deck. A lot of Oloro decks don’t run many creatures, and the ones they run don’t want to be sacked. Possible exceptions are Solemn Simulacrum and Ashen Rider, but those aren’t auto includes in Oloro.

      Creatures like Serra Ascendant, Divinity of Pride, Drogskol Reaver, Sphinx of the Steel Wind, etc already have lifelink. So they can gain you 6, 8 or whatever life per turn simply by attacking or blocking. No sacrifice necessary. Wall of Reverence will probably get just as much life out of those creatures without sacrifice. Though Wall of Reverence is probably an auto-include in an Alyi EDH deck.

      Alyi is somewhat awkward in that she slots into a deck that cares about both lifegain and toughness, and that doesn’t seem to be a thing. Doran decks care about toughness, but rarely care about lifegain. Vish Kal probably cares about lifegain and sacrifice / death triggers, but usually is run as Vampire Tribal. Karlov of the Ghost Council cares about lots of instances of lifegain, but not so much the overall amount of lifegain.

      She would also work well as the commander of a Cleric tribal deck, but support for Cleric tribal has been a bit shaky over the years.

      • Happy The Cat

        well, if she does see play in oloro decks, it would be the soul sisters builds so you can turn extra creatures into utter ends, not really as a lifegain source

        • EJ

          According to EDHrec, less than 10% of Oloro decks run Soul Warden. Less than 2% run Auriok Champion.

          The most common EDH generals for Soul Warden are Karlov of the Ghost Council, Darien King of Kjeldor, and Atalya, Samite Master (which may be an aberration because there’s only 9 decks in the database).

          Karlov and Darien make total sense. Karlov, because he profits from the number of instances of lifegain, and Darien because he combos perfectly with any soul sister.

          I keep thinking that if I want green with Ayli – either Doran with a crapton of high toughness creatures and a healthy dose of “destroy everything power 4 or greater”, or something Abzan so that in addition to running Soul Warden, Soul’s Attendant, Suture Priest, Auriok Champion, I can also run Essence Warden, Trostani Selesnya’s Voice, etc.

          Ayli would slot into Karador or Ghave pretty nicely, but not necessarily with a soul sisters theme. With Karador you’d want graveyard shenanagins and with Ghave you’d want sacrifice shenanigans.

      • Kameenook

        OK, who in their right or wrong mind would run Vish Kal as vampire tribal? There are definitely some neat W/B vampires, but I’d imagine mono-black or B/R Olivia vampires to just be “better”, with Vish Kal leaning a lot more heavily towards general aristocrats.

        Maybe that’s just the Innistrad in me speaking though….

        • EJ

          The lifelink vampires are mostly black-white, including some decent ones in BFZ. I’ll admit I was working on Vish Kal lifelink tribal (mostly vampires) until Karlov was spoiled.

          Now, I’m seriously considering using Vish Kal in an Oloro deck themed around “sitting, crouching, lying down”. In addition to Vish Kal brooding over Oloro stealing his pose, there’s Karlov, Serra Avatar, Sphinx of the Steel Wind, Vampire Nighthawk, Felidar Sovereign, Ashen Rider, etc. Plus in a lot of removal (Hero’s Downfall, Toxic Deluge, Wrath of God), you see people lying on the ground, you know, resting.

          What sealed the deal though was when I realized that nearly every Portal Three Kingdoms card with “Horsemanship” features someone sitting.

          • Kameenook

            Nice! I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the glaring similarity between Vish Kal and Oloro. Good luck with your deck!

          • Hedronal

            If only the cards with horsemanship that don’t have people sitting still had them riding a horse, just while not sitting.

  • Andy Upton

    edh gild o.o

  • Coulter Baker

    Welp, nice knowing you Karlov, kindly move over for the true champion of Ozhov Lifegain EDH.deck.

  • kmk888

    2 cmc for a 2/3 deathtouch is good by itself, especially against the new iterations of Atarka Red and R/G Landfall… And with the additional lifegain aspect it would be surprising if this didn’t see some play if for no other reason than sideboard material against aggro decks. However it can probably do more than that. Perhaps some version of the Rally decks could make use of this. Obviously paying mana to sacrifice things is a big cost over Nantuko Husk, but it may prove a valuable addition to that deck regardless. Plus decks like that may have the easiest time getting to 30 life with the inclusion of Zulaport Cutthroat and could very occasionally use the Vindicate ability.

    • MrDracoSpirit .

      I like the fact it’s a 2/3 deathtouch for 2. Make’s it a great blocker card even without all the sacking effects. To get the most out of her you obviously need other sources of lifegain and positives from gaining life… but she’s black/white, so that hardly a tall order.

  • Jazzyboy1

    Hmm, while it’s not an ally, I might use this this to replace Ondu Cleric in my currently Modern ally deck, whenever people want me to play Standard.

    Could be pretty good in Standard allies alongside Veteran Warleader and Drana. Though I’m really just hoping for a replacement for Hada Freeblade and Kazandu Blademaster, which are usually removal bait after a few turns, so Ayli would be great for saccing them in response.

    I might even just run her in my Modern allies, though I don’t know what I would replace. Maybe Drana, as I’ve found that she’s not too great when I’ve got Hada Freeblade, Kazandu Blademaster and Oran-rief Survivalist all getting really big on their own; and I could activate Ayli as soon as I fetch her with CoCo so that’s cool. Ondu Cleric would also make it really easy to use Ayli’s second ability.
    On the other hand, she doesn’t trigger my allies when I fetch her with CoCo, so she might slow things down slightly.

    If I ever get around to building B/W Soul Sisters, she’s definitely going in there though.

    • kmk888

      You know what’s funny? I’d be willing to bet that the only reason it’s not an ally is because they couldn’t fit the word in the type line. They’ve admitted that’s an issue with legendary creatures before.

      • Jazzyboy1

        I’m suspecting that she’s actually not an ally in the story. On Eldrazi Monument’s flavour text, it was hinted that she knew more about the Eldrazi than most people; and on Hand of Emrakul, she said;

        “I believed in a beautiful god. But this is the true face of the divine.”

        It’s not clear whether she meant this as a statement of despair or she’s reaffirming her belief in the true ‘divine’.

        So she might be one of the titan’s followers. Or she’s just a pilgrim.

        • Hedronal

          That was confirmed, she tried to sacrifice Jace and Jori En to Ulamog in the Uncharted Realms story “The Believers’ Pilgrimage”. She is no ally of Zendikar, the kind that gets the type “Ally”.

      • Hedronal

        Not really, she tried to sacrifice Jace and Jori En to Ulamog in the Uncharted Realms story “The Believers’ Pilgrimage”. She’s an eldrazi sympathizer.

        • kmk888

          Oh wow, I missed that one. Neat. Well just a heads up, if you see a legendary card that looks like it should be a certain type but it’s missing, they may not have had room for it. That’s actually why the weapons of the gods from Theros weren’t artifacts.

          • Hedronal

            The types on those tools from Theros is “Legendary Enchantment Artifact”. They were close to the edge, but not there. Still, the type line space consideration is good information.

          • kmk888

            Yes. They were originally intended to be “Legendary Enchantment Artifact Equipment” but it was too long. I honestly think that’s a good thing since it’s a pretty ridiculous text box.

          • Jazzyboy1

            That would also be misleading, because ‘Equipment’ usually has the ability to ‘Equip’ to something. It would be like making Auras that don’t have the ‘Enchant’ ability.

          • Hedronal

            I assume that the equipment plan had them with different text so they would at least equip something. Maybe they would even have come into play attached to a creature, simulating enchanting it.

          • kmk888

            Yes. And they were originally going to make them ‘Equipment’ that you could ‘Equip’. This was before it was decided what the abilities were. Do I need to link the article?

          • Jazzyboy1

            Fair enough.

          • Hedronal

            Now I’m mulling over ways to make that work somehow. The first thing that comes to mine is waiting for Time Spiral 2 and having a frame with a larger type area.

  • potato

    Rally is the only deck this can possibly fit in. No other deck can mitigate damage to preserve life long enough to reach 30, all the while sacrificing creatures. Good luck with that one. Unless something new that can help this card sustain comes out in the set with it, this will be a pretty niche card.

    • double potato

      On another note, I could see a pretty sweet play where you grow your husk to 10, sac it, and then turn on your exile ability.

      Or maybe play Abzan, grow your husk to 4 power and then feed the clan lol.

    • EJ

      It might fit into a deck that doesn’t exist yet, and I’m not sure the deck is particularly good. Ayli profits from low cost, high toughness creatures. In Standard, there’s Archer’s Parapet (0/5 for 2), Dragon’s Eye Savants (0/6 for 2), Fortified Rampart (0/6 for 2), Tide Drifter (0/5 for 2 and pumps toughness of colorless creatures).

      You might be able to build up a pillow fort of high-toughness walls which can block Siege Rhino for days, then sac some in the late game to go above 40 life, exile any problem cards giving you grief, and then win with Felidar Sovereign.

      But, yeah. I think that would qualify it as a niche card.

      In other formats, you can get 6 toughness for 0 and 13 toughness for 4. But again, kind of niche. You don’t see too many decks where toughness matters and lifegain matters.

      I will note that anyone who prefers Nantuko Husk as a sac outlet has a valid point, however, I would point out that you can sac a bunch of stuff to Nantuko Husk and then pay 1 mana to sac the Husk to Ayli. This might be a good play if the Husk is on its way to the graveyard anyway.

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        Abzan Assault Formation?

    • Ophmar

      A few options of note may be Extort creatures or defenders such as Souls of the Faultless. Honor’s Reward is a nice little boost too… Eternal Thirst, Vampire Nighthawk… You can do just fine without Rally.

      My first thought is that I’d likely get myself some Disowned Ancestors to block or pump with, and add some Honor’s Rewards to keep buffing my creatures while gaining life. And why not add a smidge of Divine Favor for a more precise sacrifice? With White/Black, you can accomplish your life gain, and have ample defenses to spare. Abzan is pretty damn good at doing a great job on that front as well!

  • James Parmenter

    Wish she would have been an Ally

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      The story prevents it.

  • Johann Davies

    Step 1: Play this
    Step 2: Play a bunch of walls
    Step 3: Play Felidar Sovereign
    Step 4: Live the dream

  • chad

    so abzan agrro gets a new card…why you might say? a 2/3 death touch for 2 is value on its own for early game…Anafenza turn 3 for a 4/4 is most certainly going to be be dealt with by your opponent, but being able to sac your anafenza for four life and siege rhino for five (if absolutely necessary) is just pure value. considering a lot of abzan lists out there run a 2 of gnarlid or heir of the wilds for early game advantage, can be easily inserted for a threat and lifegain “which abzan doesn’t need”.