• Aaron Seet

    and there it is……THE REASON

  • Kameenook

    Too much of a house for my liking. I prefer to just put up shacks in the woods.

    • Happy The Cat

      yeah don’t want too much power, will end games to fast

  • Happy The Cat

    thank you, now I have to buy four boxes

  • wwww

    Wow. The art with the FTV special foil will be beautiful.

  • doeoekdorkrk

    And the legendary walletslayer was reprinted in foil in a product worth less than her foil once was worth alone.
    FTV Angels went in to serve as a memorial to an evil finally defeated.

    • Happy The Cat

      dude go in star city and look at these cards
      iona mm $30 zk $50
      intreat u.s. $40 jap $100 kor $150
      AK fury $50
      AK wrath $24
      aurealia $25
      pt angel $15-20
      non-foil Tariel costs $8 and has never had a foil before (AK fury goes for a little over $5 for prepective)
      this does not just make some cards cheaper this is going to make those players who didn’t have the bombs be able to run any white control/ramp/combocheat deck they want
      all I can say is thank god pod is banned cause with some of these modern might be getting bleached white

  • Derek Niles

    I’m actually glad there is no alt art here, I’m excited to have this with the FtV foil