Bontu's Last Reckoning - Hour of Devastation Spoiler

Bontu’s Last Reckoning

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Destroy all creatures. Lands you control don’t untap during your next untap step.

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    In a deck focusing around planeswalkers and/or tokens, this could be really good.

    Gideon – Bontu teamup anyone?

    • Jay Kilian

      Aristocats could use it. Bitterblossom token build. I have an Athreos Heartless Summoning deck that would like this.

  • Writerofthings

    I like this. I like this a lot.

  • A Mother*ucking Sorcerer

    I’m doubtful that this can surpass Damnation in modern and Toxic Deluge in legacy but I like the design. Pseudo Time Walk for your opponent in exchange for an incredibly cheap boardwipe and the double black makes it hard to splash. It’s a very good card and I like that WotC is willing to experiment with cheap boardwipes.

  • Scott Fridinger

    Damnation what?…

  • Gord

    I love the card design, but the cost is so high on this. It is going to be tricky to break parity when both players lose all creatures but you won’t get to play for a full turn. Casting this to have the opponent respond with something with Haste is going to feel real bad. However this might be real good with the Blue God out.

    • Cody Daniels

      As a late game card isnt this amazing though? You spend 3 mana on this. Then immediately play some creatures with haste. Or wait until your next turn to cast anything and youre only down 3 mana for a turn.

  • Jacob Bachand

    Horrible for control decks but may be good for sacrifice decks. As a control player in sad

  • Taylor Foley

    Is this OP? Cause it seems really really good

    • Soren Szilver

      It is actually really really bad. On top or not being indestructible or regenerate proof, it also prevents all of your lands from untapping next turn, not just the ones you tap to play it. This means leaving lands untapped for control once you played this in your turn is basically an empty threat. It is also restrictively costed need 2 (b) and basically reads “cast damnation that can be regenerated through one turn early in exchange for being set a turn back”. Unplayable in all eternal formats and I even doubt standard will use this. Any board wipe can be good in limited but I hope the set overall is good enough we’re this Isn’t even often first pick worthy.

      • Jay Kilian

        Who plays regeneration anyway? This is solid if you’re playing recursive or indestructible creatures and while it messes with control’s plans it is solid for any other strategy (midrange). I will put this in many decks where Damnation would normall sit in the sideboard. It’s certainly modern playable.

        • Alexandre Donnart

          Why would you ever play this over Damnation ? I don’t see how a single mana can balance the massive downside.

          • Jay Kilian

            Because against Zoo, Affinity, Infect you are dead turn 4 on the draw and this sweeps them all out. They are likely empty handed or close to it so the slow recovery is a bit mitigated. I’ve died MANY times with 3 mana out and Damnation in hand, which feels the worst. I

          • Alexandre Donnart

            Unless you did nothing in the first 3 turns, you shouldn’t die that much turn 3. Bolt / Push / Path, and if you really want an early sweeper, Anger of the Gods or something. I would never mainboard this at least. But in certain decks against a few others, “maybe”.

          • Shagoth

            Oh god, even the sorceries have the “dies to removal” argument. Look, sometimes a deck is really fast or pukes out big creatures fast, too. Death’s Shadow, the most popular deck right now (depending on the week) is puking out giant creatures that are super quick that can kill T3. This card is redonk.

  • Traveler

    Are these confirmed? Cause a 3 drop wrath, despite having a huge downside, doesnt seem like something wizards would pribt, especially since we havr been asking for a 4 drop wrath in standard ever since we left ravnica ( day of judgement, supreme verdict)

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      No, but they’re almost definitely real given they have original art that fits the artists credited.

      They absolutely would print anything at any cost with a high enough downside.

  • Phillip Reid

    While the constructed playability of this card is doubtful to me, I must say I would be very interested to see a cycle of God related sorceries similar to this one. That would be very nice from a flavour standpoint and perhaps could create some powerful limited or constructed cards.

  • Meme

    So, are we going to see gods dying in hou?

    • Hedronal

      Why would this kill gods? They’re indestructible.

      • Jay Kilian

        The flavor text makes it seem like Bolas kills the original gods when he arrives.

        • Nathan Harviala

          This has been Bolas’ plane for some time now, why would he kill the gods that so clearly favor him? He is brilliant and prideful enough to know that having powerful servants like gods would definitely be in his best interest, he would have no need to kill them.

          • Shagoth

            IDK, he could betray his servants for some reason. Plans change.

          • Eidorian

            Also consider Bolas’ PW card is very exile focused.

          • Necrachilles

            to consume their power

          • Hedronal

            Taking their power probably, especially as it seems his plans for this plane have come to fruition; no reason to keep the plane going.

    • John Scott

      i think the card is suppose to depict bontu herself killing the others (or defeating the other gods if they cannot die) as she wants to be chosen 1st by bolas

  • Train Thumakorn Liberated

    Not that good
    That drawback is too much.

    until we can figure out the way to bypass it.

    and Bontu is going to die?

    • Happy The Cat

      is it though? I mean you lose an untap phase for a minimum of 3 lands, but you are shaving off one cmc, meaning you still have mana to cast a creature do whatever instead. the biggest value to this will be it’s ability to stop an early aggro deck, so landing a damnation a turn earlier to sweep up 2-3 creatures that would be hitting you an extra time will can save a lot of damage overall.

      • Jay Kilian

        Exactly. Affinity will hate this as they’ll be empty handed after it resolves.

      • Marvin Sürig

        So basicly a sideboard Damnation to split in against aggro Decks.

    • Hedronal

      Why would Bontu die? She’s indestructible.

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        Bolas is getting pretty exile-y over here…

        • Hedronal

          True, but not on his ability that affects creatures on the board.

          • Mr.Mayhem631

            -12: Exile each nonland permanent your opponents control

          • Hedronal

            Ultimates tend to be hard to pull off when you have indestructible attackers to deal with.

          • Mr.Mayhem631

            He can still kill Bontu.

    • Cthulhooo

      As foretold control maybe?

  • ashton

    Good if your EDH meta has a Teeg deck in it…..

    • Shagoth

      Oh my god, we can finally deal with Teeg! Annoying gremlin.

      • Bige Boiy

        and that’s what sanctum prelate is for

    • Robert FakeLastName

      no one have toxic deluge ?

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    unconditional kill everything for 3 mana is bonkers. who cares if my lands wont untap next turn? I’m not playing this on turn 3 most of the time, so I still get at least one play after clearing the board.
    10/10, preordering a playset

    • Soren Szilver

      This gets progressively worse if you don’t play I think that urn 3 because on turn 3 it basically says “3 of your lands don’t until next turn” but on turn 8 it says “all of your lands don’t untap next turn” meaning you can’t cast anything else during the turn because if you do you just make the punishment even harsher than it has to be. This card downside is just too terrible to make it playabale in anything but the weakest formats like sealed draft and maybe standard. Also “unconditional” would be if it said sacrifice or exile, hell you can even regenerate through this. In almost every sence this is an stritcly worse damnation, and more than just slightly but by a lot!

      • Alexandre Donnart

        Are you playing against full Regenation decks at your local store or something ?

    • Pandancules

      this is not unconditional

      • Phoenix UNBENCHED

        “Destroy all creatures.” I don’t see a condition there. Usually black board wipe cares about toughness as in yahennis expertise and languish.

        • Pandancules

          The part where you can’t untap for a turn is the condition.

          • Robert FakeLastName

            a drawback rather than a condition for removal.

          • Pandancules

            splitting hairs

          • Maybe it is splitting hairs but it’s still true in this case. Jack Viper was clearly already aware of the untap drawback in other posts in this thread, so while he might not have made it clear, he DID know about it, just was definitely not considering it a “condition” by his own use of the word.

    • potatogod442

      Well to be fair, it doesn’t say “They can’t be regenerated”

  • Liam Maciver

    I can see this seeing play in aiether vial decks. Esspcaly b/w hatebeares as turn one vial turn two discard turn three board wipe and lay a hate bare. Turn four anothet hate bare. And I agree this is going to be a good SB card. Thinking BU control in standered might be a thing as we already have as fortold and a really good counter collection. With this, push and yahnini and kalitas I think it could be pretty brutal.

    • Alexandre Donnart

      “Lay a Hate Bear” > “Lay Bare the Heart”. I almost read that. Probably because you wrote Bare instead of Bear.

      It is actually a decent card in Standard, not that much for Eternal in my opinion.

  • Samuel

    man. this is more exiting than either of those 2 new walkers, and the downside (in edh at least) isn’t even bad. like everyone has so many mana rocks anyways that it litterally doesn’t matter.

    • Hedronal

      Format-dependent, not all have/use mana rocks that much.

    • M Hedonist

      Why would you put this in EDH? That’s crazy. When will you ever get value out of this card? You could just play a 4-mana board wipe and have your whole mana base available next turn. The only advantage is that you have 1 more mana available on the turn you play it. But that doesn’t even matter because you don’t want to tap any more lands than necessary that turn. Because otherwise you might as well just skip your next turn – even if you have mana rocks. Let’s say you got a Gilded Lotus, a Sol Ring and another rock on the board that produces 1 mana. Even with such a generous selection, that’s 6 mana, many of which will likely be colorless. In EDH all that’ll get you is peanuts.

      Let’s just look at the math. You gain 1 mana on the turn you play this, but you lose at least 3 mana on the next turn. Why would you do that? Of course, you could tap your Gilded Lotus to play this. But what’s the point? If you actually do take advantage of the mana you save playing this card and tap your lands, you lose all of that mana on the next turn, so you’re really not saving anything at all. So when you play this card, you either don’t tap any of your lands at all and don’t cast anything to follow up your board wipe, or you’re completely tapped out on the next turn. This card essentially reads: “Either pick this turn or your next turn; you can’t play any spells during that turn.” This card is just absolute tempo loss. In a slow format like EDH where time and card advantage matter more than anything else, this card is absolutely terrible.

      • W.Boole

        Yeah but truth is, I don’t think he’s saying that this one is particularly better in comparison to something like damnation, but in a format of 99 cards deck we’re you can only have one exemplar of each card, the more cheap board swipe you have, the better it is.
        For example, I really like to play control voltron like decks, were you only count on your commander to deal damage, and on your deck to handle the threats and to ramp up with a lot of mana rocks. For this kind of deck, such cheap boardswipe is really welcome, especially since its counterpart is not a big of a deal when you have a lot of mana rocks.

  • Insight66

    Here we see Mono Black getting yet another spell more potent than anything the Izzet “Sorceries and Instants matter” Guild has had in recent years.

    • Soren Szilver

      DOnt jump to conclusions, this spell is not necessary strictly playable. The drawback is severely punishing and might as well read “your opponent time walks you” if you cast it turn three and “if you cast anything else your opponent time walk s you” later on. It prevents you from casting anything else if you want your next turn to be useful and it is only relevant to have damnation (but worse since they can regenerate) on turn 3 if you have done basically nothing else in the game because it unlikely you would be facing lethal on turn 3 in most formats if you did anything your first 2 turns. The punishment is too strong for an effect that doesn’t get around indestructible, or regenerate, and also destroys your own creatures. This thing is basically unplayable in all eternal formats and it may even struggle to find a place in standard considering how punishing it is.

      • Alexandre Donnart

        The indestructible / regenerate point is irrelevant, but I still agree, I can’t figure out which deck would play this over Damnation.

        • Karl Comrodd

          EDH says : “why not both ?”

          • Giby86 .

            EDH doesn’t even want to get close to this. The severity of not being able to untap lands in Commander is much worse than it is in 60 cards constructed. And you don’t really need 3CC board wipes there.

      • Marvin Sürig

        How many decks regenerate in Modern? Just curious.

        • Robert FakeLastName


          • KrakenHunter

            some decks run golgari charms

          • Robert FakeLastName

            and that is not the point.

    • Kaiser

      3 mana clear the board and save mana or skip your next main phases?…not exactly the “best” non-permanent spell that you can play unless win you the game. You want play a lot of this in a game. And izzets is about play a lot of non-permanent spells. That is different from play powerfull non-permanent spells

      • Happy The Cat

        he’s saying what good ones have we gotten for red/blue at all, not just powerful spells, but cantrips or spot removal or clear? sure since khans there are a few outliers but nowadays black and white can just kill stuff that red and blue needed specific cards to deal with, why play L Strike or Counterspell when you could play bw, pay three life and exile any nonland? why run Anger of the Gods or Cyclonic Rift when you can wrath for three mana? why calculate how many bolts your burn deck needs to use in how many spells/turns to kill a person when you could play green and just use 1-2 mana 3/4s and not have to worry about running out of ammo?

        • Insight66

          Everyone and their uncle at my weekly Modern is proxying Tier 1 – Net Deck – G/B/x. I don’t have the heart to go on with this game if Ixalan doesn’t throw me a bone to keep up with “one ‘n’ done” efficiency.

  • Marvin Sürig

    Really strong if you play with Bontu because it’s unlikely your opponents have anything to block her. Maybe one or two other gods in the Deck. Sounds good.

  • Happy The Cat

    just would like to point out every red wrath since Anger of the Gods has done 1-2 damage for 2-4 mana, required you to sacrifice an artifact, or need a creature you control to be dealt damage. Oh, we also got an Earthquake that has to be in your graveyard to be used, and a sunburst one that for some reason cost 2r instead of x2r. and the seven drop one that returned a spell to your hand to deal it’s cmc, even though it being 7 made it probably the biggest instant or sorcery in a red player’s yard.
    and Sweltering Suns. which is a worse Anger otG that you can throw away for it’s casting cost to draw a card.

    • jaya

      Pls dont make me cry more, as a red player your bringing back my nightmares.
      Well i still dream of the day red gets counter/draw shenenigans, I want a planar chaos role mix again QQ

      • KrakenHunter

        Planar chaos for best set ever.
        Black counterspells op.

        I loved the time sets as well.

  • Fael

    “In the Hour of Glory, The gods and the untested will prove their worth before the God-Pharaoh.” says the flavour text of Nimble-Blade Khenra. Maybe all the gods will have a “last” moment like this.

    • Chaospyke

      That would be awesome

    • jaya

      Calling it right now, red is gonna be the worst of the cycle…

      • KrakenHunter

        Printing good red cards ? that’s unheard of.

      • Jay Kilian

        Red is the worst of every cycle, lol.

  • Dave

    This is nice and all but what I really want is a red-black boardwipe. It’s pretty much the most “destructive” colour combo and it has no boardwipe! :/

  • Fanatic of Mark Rosewater

    I’m 99.9 percent certain this card won’t see play at all until Kaladesh rotates in a few months, simply because board wipes are terrible currently with decks like Mardu Vehicles and Bx zombie all being really resilient against board wipes and really powerful against control in general.

    • Hedronal

      Kaladesh doesn’t rotate for over a year, the fall rotation gets rid of Battle for Zendikar and Shadows Over Innistrad blocks.

  • Chaospyke

    First read throught, I thought it said “Land your opponents control don’t untap” and I was about to rejoice over the most broken card ever but alas…

    Even so this still an amazing card. A 3 drop field wipe is simply too good to pass up, especially late game if you have at lot of land. I bet its best played in an As Foretold/Superfriends deck, where you won’t need a ton of mana to begin with

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    People poo-poo this just like they poo-pooed Liliana the Last Hope. The drawback can easily be played around. Card is good, 100% will be in a top 8 deck at the pro tour, at least in the sideboard.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      Saying “people said good thing was bad, so this is also a good thing” is awful logic.

      • Phoenix UNBENCHED

        I in no way said that this card is good BECAUSE Liliana was good. Just one example of the unreasonable negativity and lack of imagination that people continually portray on this site. Every set there are cards people declare as “unplayable” that somehow end up in a top 8 deck list. Creativity and ingenuity should be at the forefront of a players attributes, one would think.

        • This kind of thinking plagues each and every competitive game, unfortunately. xP

          I’m fairly new to Magic, but I played lots of League of Legends and had to deal with this crap every time new characters were released or old ones changed. There ARE bad characters but the community never seems to have a good handle on which ones. I remember when Lucian came out everyone said he was bad, but it wasn’t even a few months before he was a top choice in professional competitive play. I’ve also been insulted for liking specific characters and then, again, shortly thereafter they’re majorly competitive.

          Don’t expect the broader community behind any game to actually KNOW the game. =P

          (Also, sick Singed avatar bro. I worded this post expecting no one here would really know League but then noticed the avatar and felt like an idiot. xD )

      • Except that wasn’t his argument; he applied a rather significant additional reason: “The drawback can easily be played around.”

        Which other people have pointed out; cards that untap your lands. Not sure what those cards are but at this point it probably exists with how many cards Magic has.

        • Mr.Mayhem631

          There are no mono blank cards which untap your lands, fwiw, and even if there were, it’s not a fantastic deal.

          • Fair enough.

            But for the record it doesn’t need to be mono-black. I’m mainly a Rakdos player, secondarily Grixis or Dimir. I don’t care if I have a specifically black option to make a combo work. =P

            Also are there cards that have bonus effects if your lands are already tapped? If there aren’t we might possibly see some in this set since this card is already basically a land-version of Exert.

  • JLawsl

    The drawback does hurt a lot. Because of the delay trigger on the untap, it means you can’t get around it by playing flash or other instant speed abilities during the opponent’s turn to get around it. Personally, I think it is better late game. Because, if you do have this and maybe one or two other cards in hand, you can play this, then maybe drop your creature. If the opponent doesn’t have removal, at least you have a slightly superior board state. Early game, its just going to be a timewalk to wipe some early game critters, effectively reading-Destroy all creatures, after your next draw step, end the turn.

    • Mika Gouzee

      I don’t know about standard, but I don’t understand why you’d lose your next turn. You just don’t untap your lands.

      This seems like something you paid on a turn all you had to do was clean the board.

      Plus there are way to untap your lands anyway, but we all know that.

  • Maxedout

    So reading through the first 6-7 comments I notice there is one thing poeple don’t mention Edh/commander and all the artifact ramp that does untap next turn.

    • Giby86 .

      EDH seems like the worst format for this card, actually. You don’t need to wipe the board on turn 3 in Commander, and this is a ridiculously bad late game topdeck, as you can have as many rocks as you want but you’re not going to want to not be able to use or untap your 15+ lands.

      • Happy The Cat

        but think, if tiny leaders wasn’t a dead(or at least almost dead) format this could have seen a pretty high price.

        • Giby86 .

          Possibly. Although Tiny Leaders was an abomination of a format, so good riddance.

          • Happy The Cat

            It was kinda fun up until you realized that with every card costing 3 or less made every deck as aggressive as they possibly could be.

          • Ben Peterson

            Tiny leaders is also responsible for the most unfun commander in EDH history. Just to pile on the good vibes.

          • Happy The Cat

            TL didn’t cause the unfun decks, they would have existed anyway, if anything TL gave them all a distraction for a bit so there were less played in real commander.

    • Happy The Cat

      that’s because the “just play Damnation” argument is way stronger in edh. black has a ton of commander-playable-only wraths that you would be better off playing, saving one mana off of damnation just wont come up often(and lets be real, Damnation only has it’s price tag because out of it’s four printings, one is a judge foil, another is a full art, and the last two are from sets that are kinda hard to get your hands on and feature a ton of valuable cards.)

  • jaya

    This is going straight into my stax EDH most likely, bypasses gaddock and 3 mana helps a lot when you got all ur stax going, so you can cast 1 more spell, outside of a stax strat and i catn see much use for this card tho, its just a situational version of damnation.

  • Johan K

    This is going to be better in my commander decks than Damnation is. Which isn’t very hard, to be honest

    • Happy The Cat

      Is it though? Generally speaking unless you are playing a deck that uses and abuses tons of rocks like a balance deck this won’t be getting any value over damnation, and even then, it’s just one mana, which you can’t untap next turn. Maybe if it costed one less and said skip your untap step there could be some argument over it vs damnation. But as is this isn’t stealing a spit from damnnation in edh. Modern, maybe. But not edh.

      • Johan K

        I disagree. But maybe I play my decks differently than you. The mana makes it more flexible to play and the punishment is something I can live with. My control decks, though, are using mana rocks heavily. Sydri abuses them and Tasigur just wants a million board wipes and counter-spells and costs nothing to play. The upside of Damnation is that it is inexpensive (with mana). I have other asymmetric board wipes in other slots, and Damnation and Toxic Deluge in the inexpensive ones. As well as things like pernicious deed for more flexibility.
        I don’t need more board wipes at this point, I need more efficient ones, even if they (time spiral) pact me next turn. Will I lose games thanks to this? Yes. But I’ve also died to Krenko before I had mana to cast Damnation and had it in hand.

  • I like playing non-meta as long as it’s functional. I haven’t played it in a while but I was a huge fan of ADC Malzahar (because his crabs did 100% of your AD) or top lane tank Thresh. My favorites though were Kha’Zix, Thresh, Fiddlesticks, which went in and out of the meta at different points. I loved most of the monsters and Zaun characters though; Singed is amazing. xP

    I’m looking forward to playing Tahm Kench when I start playing again; he came out after I stopped. He looks incredible. *drool*

    • Merlin

      This is an amazing card I’m surprised it’s getting negativity its a board wipe for three mana – The draw back is heavy but you can easily play around the draw back and its mana curve works out well enough your most likely paying 6 mana in the end the normal you would with most other board wipes like Damnation Is it easily comparable to damnation its hard because we don’t know the entirety of the pain the lands don’t untap will be like it gets off a turn earlier but it will kill your turn turn 4, Turn 4 you would probably want a 1 drop and a land in hand – late game you play it then pass and you won’t lose as much lands and you will still be able to deal with threats if you need too. damnation has no down side but can be played turn 4 a turn later but with alot of the agressive decks going for turn three it might not be fast enough (Infect turn three or most other decks) but if you make it to turn four it works well there are alot of variables. I think the best hand if you are going to last reckoning turn three is a, swamp and a one drop expendable blocker. will this be good maybe will it be played yea in standard its almost impossible to say it won’t be played in Standard and each and ever other format might pick up on it if it goes well but we have to wait and see it looks like a great card we just need to figure out everything.

  • JIM

    Just so everybody’s clear. this costs 6 mana

    • Happy The Cat

      Well, pay 1bb, then pay 1bb at the beginning of your next upkeep. Which is vastly better than a six mana vanilla wrath

      • Random Guy

        Assuming you want to wrath on turn 3. Otherwise it costs even more.

    • Pontus von Geijer

      Not if you also play winter orb. ;)

  • Julna Buras

    I can see this being used with As Foretold in my control deck. I really need cheap board wipe that isn’t semi-conditional (read: Yahenni’s Expertise)

  • Gregory Walter

    I like to think she’s screaming “GET IN LINE!!”

    • Random Guy

      It’s probably closer to “WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME MASTER?” judging by the flavor text.

  • Chaospyke

    Given that we know that the gods die, I wanna know what is attacking bontu.
    They don’t have the bluish glow that would mark them as eternals and I don’t think that anything else is going to be able to kill her.

    Also I wonder if we’ll get eternalized gods

    Zombie Gods ftw.