• ZomboJenkins

    Aw nice. Really comparable to Aether Vial, obviously. Scry AND free instants and sorceries, that’s nice. Will be great in burn and izzet.

    • Kevan Kramer

      The instants and sorceries are not free at all.

      • Kahai

        You’re right, they cost 1 mana of any color.

  • first

    first comment

    • ZomboJenkins

      Heh. What a failure.

    • Hedronal

      I had hoped that the *First comment* posting phase would stay gone from those places on the internet that it left. Lets all please allow that useless attention-grab to die.

  • Koover_rob

    At the very least, it’s an awesome EDH card, but is has the potential for so much more.
    Love it, great “Instant/Sorcery-Aether-Vial”! :)

  • MagicGALAXY

    Hmm, this just might be useful in my Izzet Storm EDH deck. Ah-HAA! >:D

    I am a monster.

  • Sum Mors

    While I see the value in this, of course, it’s nowhere near on par with Aethervial. The fact that each charge number can only be used once will limit its use. Still great in a control shell. You can easily keep adding charges to your win condition spell while keeping counter mana up.

    I don’t think its a 10/10, but definitely… a 7 or 8.

    I wonder if I could make a burn deck with this though… One mana for bolt, one mana for helix, one mana for rift bolt, etc. Scry when you run out of gas to make sure you keep all the burn on top.

    • unsweeticetea

      it doesn’t say equal or less cmc. you could only cast bolt, than something for two, than three, etc. you would be slowed down by needing to scry.

      • Jazzyboy1

        Helix is 2cmc and Rift Bolt is 3cmc. You still only pay 1 mana for each of them with this though.

    • Kevan Kramer

      If you want to make a crappy burn deck, sure add this. No burn deck wants this at all. By the time this would be saving you mana, you should already have an empty hand. Turn 2 doing nothing card is bad in burn decks.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Oh man that’s a solid. Mechanically fun and so flavorful.

  • John Williams

    I love this card for flavor reasons. This plus stitcher geralf and rooftop storm equals flavor win

    • Happy The Cat

      dont forget your jar of eyeballs, I mean, you do want them to see dont you?

      • John Williams

        true, you cant have a blind zombie Frankenstein thing

        • Happy The Cat

          well, you can, just dont plan on it blocking stuff that well

  • wwww

    It’s cute, it’s the Aether Vial for instants and sorceries.

    • Kevan Kramer

      Not even close to Aether Vial. The fact that I have to pay to put on a counter is god awful.

      • Jazzyboy1

        Umm, you pay 1 mana for your 1 mana spells, which is fair. Then you pay 1 mana for 2 mana spells, which is great value. Paying only 1 mana for this ability is actually quite generous.

        • Matt86

          The point being that Aether Vile doesn’t tap for the counter and doesn’t require mana

          • Guest

            True, but this is probably the closest we can ever get to an Aether Vial like ability given how breakable Vial is. Aether Vial is still the correct card to bring up as a reference though as it’s the card that does something close/similar to what this card does.

          • Matt86

            Plus, you can’t get multiple spells of the same mana category out, plus, it costs 1 mana less…
            overall meh, 4/10, may run it in one or two EDH’s, but not the constructed staple it could’ve been

          • Happy The Cat

            Aether vile is also a $40 dollar mistake that wizards let get printed before they tested cards

      • wwww

        I’m just talking about the concept of the card by itself.

      • Lord_of_Riots

        Agreed. It’s sorta interesting I guess, but I think a two cmc artifact that works just like Aether Vial for Instants and sorceries would have been depowered enough for fun times. This is just a huge pile of no, and I think once people start trying to take cards out of their eternal/edh decks to make room for this they’ll realize that.

      • Happy The Cat

        yeah being a slightly worse version of a $40+ card that works on cards that are much more exploitable for one mana compared to creatures is SOO bad

        • Kevan Kramer

          It is bad.The savings that it would save you are way too slow. doing using two mana for nothing is bad. Also, I have to put the counters on the card. Granted, I can use the scry ability to take them off, but that is way too slow.

          • Happy The Cat

            which is why it will see play in edh, there are lots of decks that will untap chain with this and get out two or three spells for free or will just use it to slow play sorceries before their turn or even just to only need one mana to play counterspells.

            btw if this was a reprint of vial but the I&S version it would easily hit $70~$80 before probably getting banned out of everything but vintage.

      • Kahai

        Are you slow?
        Like seriously?
        This costs 2 mana of any color.
        Comes into play untapped.
        Has a 1 mana activated ability that gives you a free spell if you like.
        Has a 3 mana activated ability that lets you scry X.

        While this is clearly out of the realm of what modern is right now, it isn’t a bad card, in fact this is one of the best artifacts wizards has printed in a while.

        A scale-able 1 mana free any non permanent spell at anytime artifact has such huge potential it’s silly. There are likely decks already made to break this open. We don’t know what standard will look like with this, but the Commander scene is drooling over this. there is so much advantage it is insane.

        There is literally no rationale downside to this card. Yes, it dies to artifact hate. Yes, it is countered by Spell Snare. Both of those arguments are horrible, as they present no actual information as to why the card is bad, since counter play is a valid and proven method in Magic, referencing it is bad debate.

        • The_Hastener

          Hey everyone look, it’s an enraged neckbeard getting mad at someone’s differing opinion on a magic the gathering card. What a surprise.

          • Kahai

            Hey everyone look, it’s anon shitposting.

            He gave literally no argument as to why he thought the card was bad. Oh no, counters on cards..

          • GoliNathan

            Holy cow man, that was brutal.

            Totally deserved, but still brutal.

  • RareKamex

    Ok, so this can tap at instant speed, but would you be able to cast a sorcery at instant speed with this?

    • Cullen Straut

      Yes, the ability overidedes the normal timing restrictions for sorceries.

      • Sum Mors

        This is incorrect. You cannot play a sorcery differently than when you normally could. The ability on the card just makes it so you pay 1 generic mana instead of the spells actual cost. You cannot do a sorcery on your opponents turn, for example, with this card.

        • Cullen Straut

          It most certainly overides the normal casting restictions. Otherwise card like Panoptic Mirror would not work with sorceries, as the triggers resolves during your upkeep. Similararly cards like epic experiment, and Knowledge pool allow to cast the sorceries despite there being a trigger resolving on the stack.

          • MTG fan

            It says u can cast it for free, not whenever you want. Whether you want to use this for interrupting your opponent’s plans with sorceries, sorceries still can’t be cast whenever you want. You still have to consider what type of spell it is.

          • Cullen Straut

            It allows you to cast the spell regardless of timing restrictions. I provided plenty of examples of cards that function on a similar manner and allow you to do so.

            If the card did not allow to cast a spell as part of the resolution of the ability you would never be able to cast a sorcery with it, as the trigger would be on the stack and resolving, preventing sorceries from being played. The ability overides casting restrictions. For refensive, Magic the gathering comprehensive rules 101.1

            Whenever a card’s text directly contradicts these rules, the card takes precedence. The card overrides only the rule that applies to that specific situation. The only exception is that a player can concede the game at any time (see rule 104.3a).

          • Creeper Craft


          • Miffy92

            You can absolutely cast sorceries at instant speed with this card:
            Panoptic Mirror, Shell of the Last Kappa and Spellweaver Helix are examples of cards that cast sorceries at times when ordinarily casting such spells would be prohibited. The same applies here – the activation of the ability overrides the fact that the spell chosen is a sorcery. Same goes for Epic Experiment or Mizzix’s Mastery – all spells go on the stack at the same time, then targets are chosen.

        • Kahai

          The cards first ability says the following: 1 mana of any coloration, put a counter on the card: cast a spell from your hand with cmc equal to the counters on the card.

          Since the artifact comes in play untapped, and you can activate tap abilities of artifacts at any time, you can play spells this card talks about at any time.

  • Poor planeser

    Maybe this is for those devil tokens for inefficient cmc.

  • fellwynd

    Why are there sparkles on the border?

    • Derek Niles

      yeah that’s a little weird lol

      • Kahai

        Likely because this spoiler came from a foreign hasbro site. The card was part of some splashy image and they edited it out.

    • bbbbbbbbba

      Set the date of your mobile phone to 3 days later, go to http://www.hasbro.com.cn/Magic/sol/P1.html , dismiss the overlay by clicking on the “x”, then click the moon. I guess that they took the image off the site when they realized this bug, but you can see why the sparkles are there. Also, the touch of red on the bottom is a bloody quill.

  • Jazzyboy1

    This is really, really nice for EDH, and perhaps storm decks in Standard and Modern. Maybe Legacy, though slightly doubtful considering the restrictions and how cmc-limited Legacy tends to be.(JTMS is often the only card over 3cmc in a competitive Legacy deck)

    It works really nicely with Storm and Surge. Also, it can cast double-sided cards for the cost of the cheapest side, just like similar cards.

    And to those who feel the need to complain because it’s not Aether Vial: Aether Vial is really broken. Why would Wizards repeat the same mistake? And much worse shenanigans can be achieved with instants and sorceries than with creatures; so if this thing did work just like Aether Vial, it would break several formats.

    • Hedronal

      The counters necessary are equal to the card’s converted mana cost, so alternate costs like surge don’t work with it. Where are you finding double-sided cards that fit the “instant or sorcery” criteria?

      • Jazzyboy1

        It works nicely with Surge because you can pay 1 mana to play one instant and sorcery, and then cast a spell with surge with the remaining mana. It basically just covers your other spell in the turn and saves you mana to actually cast the surge spell.

        For double-sided cards, I meant stuff like Boom // Bust. Couldn’t remember what they’re meant to be called. (Just remembered they’re called ‘Split cards’)

        • Hedronal

          Ah, in that case I agree on both points. Split cards sound fun given their different cmcs.

  • Derek Niles

    hey, its a bad aether vial for my spells, I love it!

  • Ultramegalord

    Looks good to me, also could be silly with a multicolor deck, also if this evades the sorcery speed rule, days undoing ;p

    • Hedronal

      The possibility of gaining instant speed is why that card has “If it’s your turn, end the turn.”.

      • Ultramegalord

        Yup, if you could cast days undoing on your opponents end step it turns into value though:)

  • Jordan

    Not sure if like Aether Vial actually. You’re limited to what it’s current counters plus 1. So unlike aether vial, you don’t get a choice on putting a counter on it. So you can only cast a 1cmc card once, then next turn you have to cast a 2cmc or you bust and have to scry to remove the counters.

    • De’Elgathor

      But you can add counters without casting spells, and leaving it at 2 could be useful for a control deck that’s short on resources (leave this and one mana up, tap it and cast a counterspell for {1}).

  • Swift

    I just had a thought but what if this card is used to mitigate the high cost of cryptic command? You use this until it hits 3 counters then you can cast spells without fully tapping out and leaving one mana open to charge and when your opponent tries to cast a spell thinking it’s all clear cause you only have 1 mana then you tap it and counter their spell with cryptic command for 1. That seems like a really great way to advance the mind game aspect.

    • Gareth Martin

      How do you only pay 1 mana for cryptic?

      • Guest

        If this had three counters on it then paying 1 and tapping this would put the fourth counter on it, allowing you to cast cryptic for free

  • MrAptronym

    What is with those sparkles? They make this seem fake.
    As for the card, wow. Do I try and climb the ladder for a few turns, or combo with something like Power Conduit to keep it at a sweetspot? I wouldn’t mind casting all my discard spells as instants. This card seems fairly potent, but I am not sure exactly where it fits. Your best bet is probably just to use it along a curve I guess and enjoy the value?

    Edit: this is also classic lovecraft. I doubt we have sentient fungus from pluto, but between this and the set name I am inclined to lean towards some further lovecraftian elements.

    • Dr. Burn Crow


      • MrAptronym

        I endorse this development.

  • iam2ku4u

    Sounds like you have to pay the one mana to put then counter on the card, and only then can you cast the spell for free. The comparison is aether vial, but there is no clause on this card that makes it independent of adding a counter. So it seems like you pay 1 to cast a cmc2, then you pay 1 to cast a cmc3, then 3 to reduce it, and repeat. That’s a lot of mana sunk into this card. I’m sure it will be standard playable, but not game breaking.
    11/10 – IGN

  • Uh Oh

    It will not work because this card’s CMC is 2. Strong sell advised.

    • Kahai

      Will not work in: Modern.

      Correct. I see this hitting Standard like a boss and EDH loves both effects.

      • Atarka Effreet

        Kahai that is not very nice against modern players. ): The only way I am playing this card is if I get it at the prerealese.

      • Miffy92

        These effects are dildos in EDH. No deck would ever run these.
        3 mana for scry X seems bad. 1 mana, tap and apply charge counters to cast a spell for free? Really? We have commanders that are better than that (Mizzix comes to mind, as does Melek). For anything you’d want to cast cheaply and reliably on a stick, we have Isochron Scepter. The only better card than that was banned (Panoptic Mirror).

        I don’t see this hitting standard, either. The decks that could run it would just cast the spells.

        • Aplaneswalker

          Congratulations, you just compared an artifact to a commander. “I’m not running Sol Ring because Omnath Is better.” Think about what you’ve done.

        • Happy The Cat

          you’ve never played a good deck that can get out free/extra counters have you? I could have this free firing six drops in a turn and just getting way more value back from my one mana six drops

        • Kahai

          This will see play in standard and Commander.

          This lets you play ANY instant OR sorcery for ANY color mana at ANY time. The impact is huge. This also lets you cast spells that you normally might not have the mana for while you get screwed over. Particularly in Commander, where i’ve played and seen played may games where decks with ~40 lands play three with an hour of play time.

          1 mana buys you a 1 drop if you want….
          1 mana buys you a 2 drop…
          1 mana buys you a 3 drop
          Et cetera et cetera

          Meanwhile, if you are without a land drop in a while, and you’ve played out your cheap spells thanks to this, you can hopefully scry into land, AND then start the engine all over again.

          The playability and replayability of this card is awesome.

        • Melissa Juice

          These effects are excellent in Commander.

          Could also see Standard play, though somewhat less likely.

        • Ed Cote

          I use Goggles to cast Tormenting Voice, discard Madbolt, pay R for the madness cost, and kill a weenie. Oh look, one of the FOUR cards I just drew was Part the Waterveil. I use the Brain to cast it right there for 1 mana, and I still have mana up to threaten Dispel. If Madbolt killed your only flier any Mages I might have in play can swing through for 5 each. Waterveil too much? Then how about the board wipe I need to stay in the game? If it’s anything at 4 mana or less my Mages will survive. Or maybe I drew a fog or some life gain. Or the burn I need to finish you off.

          By no means are steps 1 and 2 necessarily wasted. I can stagger instants and sorceries on a curve, especially in blue and red. Magmatic Insight, Tormenting Voice, Artificer’s Epiphany, Mystic Meditation, Ugin’s Insight- and that’s just card draw. Burn offers Fiery Impulse, Roast, Firecraft, and Consuming Sinkhole or Witness the End if I’m feeling smarmy.

          I could cast something devastating like Remorseless Punishment and have enough mana left to copy it with Mirrorpool.
          Instant speed Firecraft, Roast, Ruinous Path, or Languish for C could be clutch, the kind of thing that can swing a game in many matches. So could a surprise counter-spell when the only lands I have untapped are the two Mage-Ring Networks that I had obviously saved for an end step storage counter.

          Getting good spells cheaper when I need them makes surge easier and better.
          Card draw tends to be more efficient around 3-5 mana and/or at sorcery speed- right where the sweet spot for this card is. With End Step Dig rotating out, End Step Ugin’s Insight might be worth a look.

          Off-color and tricky mana costs become easier. In Commander I can throw down an Ultimatum for C. In Standard I can put Ruinous Path, Pour Over the Pages, or Dark Petition in any deck.

          Granted, this is all hyperbole and easier said than done, but I’m not so sure that this rotation is going to make stalling harder, and combos are easier to put together if you have more time and draw more cards, which can be done with the colors that tend to have the best instants and sorceries anyway.

          So it’s not playable in Modern. Not every card is meant for every format. Hell, these days a third to half of all cards are designed only for Limited. WOTC has to make sets that way to offer at least something to everyone in such a huge player base. A fun, semi-competitive card in Standard and Commander is good enough for me, especially if Goggles decks are now viable at least at the FNM level. If stupid stuff like this, Izzet Surge, and werewolf tribal keeps players like me interested in an otherwise unappealing set, then there’s more money to make your cards.

  • Blake

    Jar of Eyeballs odd cousin. XD

  • Andrea Lanzoni

    This is absolutely AWESOOOME!!! THAT FLAVOUR IS SPICY!

  • Ryū

    Ah, the smell of necro-alchemy in the morning.

  • Storm Crow

    The art and flavor of this is SWEEET

    Also seems like a dece limited card. (Possibly Standard?)

    • MrAptronym

      I’d actually say it seems pretty terrible for limited. This was designed for constructed.

      • Happy The Cat

        it matters on the 1-2-3 drop spells this can get for free but repeatable scry X tends to be good for bomb fetching in limited(or at least sealed)

        • MrAptronym

          I feel like I rarely run enough instants/sorceries along a curve like that in limited to justify this. Additionally, the scry is not very repeatable. You need to activate the first ability for each point of scry, so at best you are spending 3 every other turn to scry 1.
          The only way I could see this being valuable in limited is if we see a ton of zombie/devil/whatever token producing sorceries. Preferably some 1 and 2 mana flavors.

          • Jake Stanley

            Yeah limited is such a creature dependant format that it’s tough to play enough instants and sorcereries to make this work and still be consistent when you don’t draw your 1 of of this card. Now this will be a low pick so maybe you get lucky with 2 of them but you would need to get both early enough in the draft to shape your future picks around it.

      • Storm Crow

        It’s too dirdley for constructed play. I think the amount of time it takes to do anything fits in a UR limited plan with a lot of instants and sorceries that’s trying to control the game.

        • MrAptronym

          It’s potent enough that I am not willing to write it out of contructed just yet. The 2 CMC hurts a bit maybe, but I am refraining from passing judgement either way there. I do think that is what it was designed for though.
          I am not the greatest limited player, but I can’t picture too many environments where this would make a valuable addition to decks I was running or seeing. It might be passable in some but I can’t think of one where I would be excited by it

        • Melissa Juice

          I have a feeling this might make it into certain control (maybe even tempo?) decks in Standard. Maybe.

          Definitely good in Commander.

  • boom

    Anyone else notice that the sparkles on the card extend past the card border or the random red smug on the bottom?

  • Devon Ronald MacInnis

    Such an amazing card. Sorceries at instant speed and I can have off colour spells as well yes please.

    • Tyler Alexander Phillips

      why would they be instant speed?

      • Happy The Cat

        this casts the spell, seeing as you can use this active at any time you can use instants or sorceries at instant speed

        • Karl Comrodd

          Wrong. This “may” cast the spell, meaning you must be ABLE to cast it. Rituals won’t be instant speed.

          • Happy The Cat

            sorry m8 but you would be wrong the wording means you may choose to not cast a spell but brain in a glass jar would still gain a counter. Also it doesn’t say “the spell” is says “an instant or sorcery” meaning that the spell is dictated when the activated ablity resolves and THEN cast at instant speed. if it you are saying is true the Brain in a Glass Jar would not be able to cast sorceries.

            Activated abilities are always at instant speed unless a specific rule or the text on the ability says otherwise. this is the same thing as hideaway or Spawnsire of Ulamog.

  • Draco

    The name makes me laugh and the effects are awesome. Hope I pull this in a draft.

    • Hedronal

      If you can make this work well in a draft, I’ll be impressed. I think this is more of a tool for more consistent formats, where creatures are (comparatively) less important.

  • Dominic Ng

    u need to cast 3 card with it to be mana efficient (1+2+3 > 2+1+1+1) , not mentioning you need exactly those 3 different costed spell in hand, and usually it could only happen at turn 5. definitely not for standard, might see in edh dedicated in copying triggers and instants, and finally it is a flavorful card

  • Deadly Berry

    I’m hardly excited for this one. First of all you can’t play it very early on, you wouldn’t tap yourself out with your hand full of instants @2. Then we have the cost of the ability; pay 1 to get 1cmc for free which is kinda silly, then 1 to get a 2cmc free, etc. It might be useful for 2 and 3 cmc spells but further on it will lose nearly all usefulness and you’re forced to pay 3 for scry X. Let’s say you stacked it some and did scry 4; while it is an average effect paying 3 for scry 4 the problem relies on not being able to use it again for +3 turns (because who would pay 3 mana for scry 2?). Once you have +5 mana the free to cast ability is almost useless because your deck is full of 1-2-3 cmc cards. I can’t give it more than 5/10 and I shudder to think some compare it to the godlike aether vial.

    • Kahai

      Except that isn’t the purpose of the card.

      This card shines outside of formats filled with spikes. Commander loves free cards, and this effect isn’t all that bad when you consider that it gives you instant speed sorceries.

      In a format Commander, where playing BIG sorceries can win you the game, Time Warp is 5 CMC. Temporal Mastery is 7 cmc. Beacon of Tomorrows is 8, Time Stretch is 10. And those are just spells that let you take another turn, which in a format as powerful as Commander, is huge, playing any of these for 1 mana is insane. Even more insane if you can start chaining them together with charge counter manipulation.

      Sure, it wont see Modern. And it will likely not see Standard at pro play without seriously silly spells to throw into it, but it will see play, and it isn’t a “bad” card because you wouldn’t play it in a format.

    • Melissa Juice

      This is *directly* comparable to Aether Vial, though not in power level.
      This is also a much better designed card.

  • This is so much flavor! <3

    And I say: Power Conduit :)

    • AlaAlba

      Try Surge Node, Tezzeret’s Gambit, Volt Charge, Contagion Engine, Contagion Clasp, or Coretapper.

  • Happy The Cat

    this seems pretty good at two mana and I’m always happy to get any fun card printed. my one question is why is “mana costs” plural? It might be a bad translation judging by the “its” right next to it not being in possessive singular but could that mean multiple costs or kickers and whatnot being included in your free spell? or could this mean we could have spells with multiple cmcs or some other weird mechanic?
    also Inexorable Tide is a card I love in edh and it just found another card for it’s quarry.

    • Kahai

      Bad translation is the likely reason.

      Otherwise, this card is beautiful tech and i can’t wait to play with it.

    • Kahai

      Just thought of something, Mana Costs could potentially refer to additional mana costs to cast the spell, but an English version and rulings would require that to be real.

  • xermaster123

    This is really cool, going to be in tonnes of edh decks, might even see modern play (once eldrazi get banned) aether vial with a late game scry engine

    • ProfDr

      The counters keep going up when you use the first ability. You can’t have it stop at two counters like aether vial.
      The only to get rid of the counters is the second ability. Excpet for edh or some combo I don’t think it is very playable.

      • Hex

        Hex Parasite?

  • Zombie

    Good lord this is going to do some major work in EDH, especially in decks like Melek and Mizzix.

    Possibly could also act an Instant/Sorcery Aether Vial for control decks in Standard that can also guarantee you draw gas for 3 mana once you’ve used it to cast a few spells.

    • Happy The Cat

      my thoughts were Inexorable Tide,”untap X lands” and maybe some untapping trinket tricks like Serum Tank and Voltaic Key.
      naturally if when I go to counter cheating and blue I’ll getting out my Lighthouse Chronologists from my binders and my Azor’s Elocutors if I’ve got UW in the deck list

  • jdndcus

    Can this cast Bust with 2 counters on it?

    • MrAptronym

      No, but it could cast Boom. EDIT: I am wrong here!

      • jdndcus

        Are you a judge? I think it can…

        • Nathan Harviala

          Boom and Bust count as two seperate spells that just happen to share a card front. Saying you can cast Bust with this is like saying you can cast Omniscience when this has two counters, neither spell has CMC 2, so neither can be cast when Glass Jar only has two counters.

          • Happy The Cat

            We see this very time one of these effects gets printed. split cards legally have the cmc of BOTH cards SEPARATELY while not on the stack, this could select boom//bust in your hand while it is checking for a two cmc spell. is sees the cmc of boom and will allow the spell to be cast. Then, when it would be cast you get to choose which half of the card to cast for free.

          • Nathan Harviala

            Interesting, I wonder when that changed. Last I was told by a judge was that it was basically two spells on one card, and for all intents and purposes would only care about one side or another at any given time, never both.

          • Jazzyboy1

            It is two spells on one card; or rather, if you cast either side, they become an individual spell and that becomes the only side you care about for that spell’s characteristics.

            However, until you cast either side, they’re actually part of one card, and that card has the characteristics of both of them at the same time, and the game cares about all of the characteristics of the card. It doesn’t care if the card has two sides; it’s the whole card that has all of the characteristics.
            And as I mentioned above, this card actually has to have a mistranslation, because ‘spells’ are cards when they’ve been cast and put on the stack. You can’t ‘cast spells’, because you can’t have a spell until you’ve cast a ‘card’.

            So this card has to say that you can cast the ‘card’. In which case, you look at the characteristics of the card, and see two different sets of characteristics. On one hand, it has a cmc of 6. On the other, it has a cmc of 2. This card’s effect looks at both cmcs to determine whether either meets it’s criteria. And yes, Boom // Bust has a cmc of 2, so the Brain ignores the cmc of 6 for now, and determines that Boom // Bust, the card, has a cmc of 2, which you can cast because you’ve got 2 charge counters. When you cast a split card, you can choose which side to put on the stack, so you can choose either Boom or Bust from the card. You’re already in the middle of casting by this point, so the Brain doesn’t know or care about this process.

            It is quite confusing, but basically; the whole card has a cmc of both 2 and 6 at the same time. The Brain sees a cmc of 2 and decides that you can cast the card. You then pick a side to cast, and the Brain doesn’t care about that part.

          • Nathan Harviala

            Interesting, you learn new stuff every day, I suppose. Wonder why that judge told me otherwise, though, thought he was good.

          • Happy The Cat

            they are still treated as one card, that’s why spells that involve the mana cost of one half have weird interactions like how Disdainful Stroke cant counter Bust because boom has a mana cost of 2 but Mental Misstep can counter Alive because Well has a mana cost of 1. also you have interactions like Blue Elemental Blast countering Battery because Assault is red.
            if you want more mtg salvation has most all of it written out (I’d post a link but then you’d never get to see it) the ruling around brain in a jar is 708.6c.

          • Jazzyboy1

            Actually, Disdainful Stroke can counter Bust because Bust, the spell, has a cmc of 6. The weird interactions with split cards start and end while they’re actually ‘cards’. As soon as you pick a side to cast and put it on the stack, the spell is just whichever side you chose and it has only those characteristics.

            So Mental Misstep can’t counter Alive because Alive’s cmc is 4 while it’s on the stack, and Blue Elemental Blast can’t counter Battery because Battery isn’t red.

            “As long as a split card is a spell on the stack and wasn’t cast using fuse (see rule 702.101, “Fuse”), only the characteristics of the half being cast exist. The other half’s characteristics are treated as though they didn’t exist.”

            On the other hand, Inquisition of Kozilek does let you force an opponent to discard Alive // Well, because Well gives the card a cmc that’s less than 3.

            E: Got Disdainful Stroke confused with the one from BFZ that says 4 or less. So just switched ‘can’t’ to ‘can’ xD

      • Jazzyboy1

        E: tldr; Just read the article ‘The Truth about Split Cards’. It explains split cards better than I can. The most relevant example is Sunforger. Isochron Scepter is also relevant.

        It can cast Bust. The translation for this card actually has to be wrong, because it can’t let you cast a ‘spell’ from your hand.
        ‘Spells’ are never in your hand. A ‘card’ only becomes a ‘spell’ when it goes on to the stack.

        So if we assume that it’s supposed to say that you can cast an instant or sorcery ‘card’ from your hand without paying it’s mana cost if it’s cmc is equal to the charge counters on the jar, then we can refer to the rulings on split cards…

        “Although split cards have two castable halves, each split card is only one card.” – Both sides count as the same card.

        “In every zone except the stack, split cards have two sets of characteristics and two converted mana costs.” – This means that when the jar looks at the card, it sees two different CMCs. It sees that the card has both a CMC of 2 and a CMC of 6. It doesn’t care which side of the card has each CMC. It just sees that the card has two different CMCs.

        “Anything that performs a positive comparison (such as asking if a card is red) or a relative comparison (such as asking if a card’s converted mana cost is 3 or less) involving one or more split cards in any zone other than the stack or involving one or more fused split spells gets only one answer. This answer is “yes” if either side of each split card in the comparison would return a “yes” answer if compared individually.”

        This means that when anything looks at a card to see it’s CMC, it looks at each CMC and decides whether either meets it’s criteria. So when Jar looks at Boom // Bust and has 2 counters, it sees that the card has a CMC of 6, which doesn’t meet it’s criteria, but it also sees a CMC of 2, which does meet the criteria. So it lets you cast the card.

        Now when you cast the card, because of the way split cards work, you can choose to cast either side.

        ” If a player casts a split card without using fuse, that player chooses which half of that split card he or she is casting before putting it onto the stack”

        Also, here’s one of the examples from Gamepedia:
        “Example: Void reads, “Choose a number. Destroy all artifacts and creatures with converted mana cost equal to that number. Then target player reveals his or her hand and discards all nonland cards with converted mana cost equal to the number.” If a player casts Void and chooses 1, his or her opponent would discard Assault/Battery because its converted mana costs are 1 and 4. The same is true if the player chooses 4. If the player chooses 5, however, Assault/Battery would be unaffected.

        • MrAptronym

          You are 100% correct. I wasn’t thinking.

        • Jake Stanley

          How does this card interact with cards with other costs. I.e. Bone splinters says as an additional cost to cast sac a creature are you still sacking a creature to cast it?

          • Trevor Terry

            Required additional costs, such as sacrificing creatures, must be paid normally.

            Optional additional costs, such as kicker costs, may be paid optionally.

          • Jazzyboy1

            From Omniscience’s rulings:
            “If you cast a card “without paying its mana cost,” you can’t pay any alternative costs. You can pay additional costs such as kicker costs. If the card has mandatory additional costs, you must pay those.”

            So yes, you still have to sac a creature to play Bone Splinters, because that’s a mandatory additional cost. Also, if you choose to pay other additional costs, like kicker costs, you have to actually pay for them.

  • MTGFanatic

    it doesn’t do much. It’s just similar with Mage-Ring Network

  • heimu

    might see it in modern for costless sorcery and instant

  • Ultramegalord

    Also seems fun with act of treason type cards make combat math hard…….turning attackers into blockers and making 2 for ones at the end of their declare attackers ;p

    • Jazzyboy1

      A permanent is removed from combat if it leaves the battlefield, if its controller changes, if it phases out, if an effect specifically removes it from combat, if it’s a planeswalker that’s being attacked and stops being a planeswalker, or if it’s an attacking or blocking creature that regenerates (see rule 701.12) or stops being a creature. A creature that’s removed from combat stops being an attacking, blocking, blocked, and/or unblocked creature. A planeswalker that’s removed from combat stops being attacked.”

      So if a creature’s controller changes during combat, it’s removed from combat.

      • Ultramegalord

        If you take a creature at the end of declare attackers step, you should be able to block with it on the declare blockers step. Making combat … interesting

        • Jazzyboy1

          Hmm, true. Wasn’t quite sure what you meant in the OP, but yeah, that actually works and it’s a neat trick. Wouldn’t really make combat math hard though. You just take away the damage that the creature would have dealt to you, and assign the damage that it would now deal as a blocker.

          • Ultramegalord

            If I burn you once turning my act of treason into a 2 for one, how do you proceed with attacks from there is all I’m getting at. The Timmy in me likes your creatures :)

          • Jazzyboy1

            I would just assume that you don’t have another Act of Treason in hand. But then I’m an aggro player; and it’s stupid for aggro players to worry about what their opponent might possibly have in hand. When in doubt, just go for it, I say.

            So I would just attack you and hope you don’t have another Act in hand.

          • koboldsftw

            He’s saying that it would make it hard for the opponent to predict what will happen in combat, not saying he can’t add up the power of all attacking unblocked creatures

  • Vizzerdrix

    This is awesome, simply awesome. Aether vial for spells you don’t realty need to keep track, the beginning of upkeep triggers, little limited though but overall I really like it

  • Long Rod Claude

    It seems almost too good to be true…
    Also, what’s the word on how these spells are cast? Does this allow you to cast sorceries at instant speed?
    Additionally, “Brain in a Jar” seems dreadfully boring. I hope that’s just a localisation name, not the actual card’s name.

    • Kahai

      The name will likely be localized, vat is a likely candidate as a better word than jar, though both are valid names. This was translated from an Asian language (looks like japanese, and considering the source is hasbro…), which isn’t the best at playing word swap. The name is very likely literally translated.

      You pay mana, tap artifact, and add a charge counter, then you may cast an instant or sorcery from your hand. All this is doing is giving you a “free” spell. You cast it like normal, it goes on the stack, you just use the activated ability to cast it. Since you can activate the ability at any time, you cast the spell as the ability resolves. Putting sorcery spells on the stack at instant speed. :3

    • Jazzyboy1

      Yes, this lets you cast sorceries at instant speed. See the rulings on Hideaway, as that’s a similar concept. When an ability lets you cast a spell, and doesn’t say only as a sorcery, you get to ignore timing restrictions. Except for with land, because land has it’s own special rules that almost nothing can mess with.

      E: Also, I saw on another site, they called it ‘Brain in a Bottle’. If I was to pick one of the two translations between Glass Jar and Bottle, I would pick this one tbh. At least it looks more like a jar than a bottle. Hopefully it’s actually something else entirely though, because both are kinda dull.

      • Melissa Juice

        I go Brain in a Bottle because of the consonance, and because it’s the name of a Thom Yorke song.

  • Kahai


    • A combination of Jace & Nalaar

      Oh, so that’s where my original brain went to.

  • Andy Upton

    am i the only one who wants to cast sorins vengeance with this just for the innistrad flavor?

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    How will I explain this to my Izzet EDH?
    Me: “I got you a brain in a jar!”
    Niv-Mizzet: “Why???”
    Me: “It can cast spells!”
    Niv-Mizzet: “Why won’t it stop screaming?”

  • gg

    Magmatic Insight is insane with this…

    1 mana tap this, cast Magmatic Insight without discard a land , Draw 2 cards… is essencially 1 mana draw 2 cards…
    Then you have Tormenting Voice… Same thing!!
    Lightning Axe
    Bone Splinters

    OH MAN…. Bananas.

    Turn 3.. this into Lightning Axe or Bone Splinters or Magmatic Insigh..

    Broken artifact.

    • Happy The Cat

      those are additional costs not mana costs, those must still be payed.

  • ackmil

    Modern – Boom // Bust on turn 3.. LOLOL.

    Turn 1- Drop a dork

    Turn 2- Drop Brain in a Jar and activate it.. play serum Visions…

    Turn 3- Float 2 mana, use one mana to activate Brain in a Jar , cast Boom // Bust.. Choose Bust.

    Why wizards??! Another banned artifact..

    • Happy The Cat

      you do know storm would have killed you by now right? with the right hand they can kill on turn 2

      • Jazzyboy1

        ….. In Modern? At all consistently? Uh… no. You’re thinking of Legacy and Vintage Storm. Modern Storm can rarely kill on turn 2.

        • Happy The Cat

          but it can. I said with the right hand btw storm would be banned if it was consistently a turn two kill I’m just pointing out boomburst combos tend to not do much besides set everyone back three turns

          • Jazzyboy1

            Getting two cards for a cool combo is significantly more likely than getting 7 perfect cards to achieve a turn two kill.

            I would actually play Bust on turn 4 with this Brain/Burst combo though personally, assuming my opponent goes first(which my’n always do because I’m a nice guy), as it would mean my opponent would have played their 3rd land, and then they might be manascrewed for the rest of the game. (Most people keep hands of 2 or 3 lands. You then have to hope that you draw more)

            Remember that once you’ve got Brain out, you can use Brain to cast any other instants and sorceries while you have no land.

          • Hermanos

            Step 1: End of your opponents turn, you have 2 fetches and 2 lands in play + Brain with 1 counter.
            Step 2: Crack both fetches, in response activate Brain, play Bust, let it resolve, let your fetches resolve and search for 2 lands.
            Step 3: Take turn with 2 lands.
            Step 4: Profit.

          • Jazzyboy1

            After Bust resolves, your fetches are no longer there, so they can’t be sacrificed to pay their cost, so you don’t get the lands.

            Remember, spells or abilities don’t ‘resolve’ until all costs have been paid, and costs are paid during resolution. If you can’t pay the costs, the ability doesn’t resolve. A fetchland’s ability requires sacrificing the fetchland. If Bust destroys said fetchland, the ability can’t resolve so you can’t fetch a land. You can’t just pay the costs first, then respond with Bust either, because you always pay costs during resolution.

            Cool idea, but unfortunately it wouldn’t work.

          • qwertyuisdfghjk

            I believe the other comment must have been the result of some kind of sudden shock or mental misstep and that the gentleman merely wished to refer you to §602.2 of the comprehensive rules, which states that the cost of an activated ability is in fact not paid on resolution, but when the ability is put on the stack.

            I do apologize for the violent outburst from the gentleman, whom I am in
            no way associated with (and the fact that we have identical IP and email addresses is surely purely a coincidence).

  • kk

    Standard could work with Dark Petition… with spell mastery nets you 2 mana .. and you can search for a relevant 6 mana spell to cast it with this artifact.

    • Ed Cote

      And you could put Dark Petition in an Izzet deck, though it would be easier to use Pour Over the Pages, in the same set.

  • alexander stanislaw

    Incredible flavor. It compares really poorly to aether vial though (adding 1 mana to the mana cost and activation cost does that), the only way it will a constructed staple is if sorceries and instants are somehow much better than creatures, which I don’t think is the case.

    • Alex Egertsen

      yeah it is slower, but it seems reasonable for instants and sorceries. Feels like it could be good if you compare creatures to sorcery/instants. yes it is comparable to vial. I think in a control deck it could be good. way to slow for modern. I think standard could use it fairly. unfortunately, with such a cool design it blows for anything outside of standard

    • Tolle

      “If sorceries and instants are somehow much better than creatures”?!?!?! Go play a game of EDH, Vintage, or Legacy and then compare creatures to instances and sorceries.

      • alexander stanislaw

        I maintain that this compares very poorly to aether vial. Creatures are threats that you can play at more or less any time, though you can optimize when you play them. Spells are usually situational, you have to have just the right spell in hand with just the right mana cost to make use of this effect. If you look at Death and Taxes – the best Aether Vial deck – it uses that effect to get threats into play under counter magic and without using mana while playing a prison/mana denial strategy. And it doesn’t really matter if you flashed in Thalia or serra avenger or spirit of the labyrinth, they will all do work.

        With this card you have to activate it 3 times to break even on mana (Aether vial starts netting mana at two) and you have to leave open mana each turn – which your opponent can play around – especially if they know what spells are in your deck. You can’t play around Aether vial so easily.

        Do you really think this card is going to see play in Legacy or Vintage? (I’m not well versed in EDH, but I doubt even there)

        • Ed Cote

          Yeah! It’s not broken, therefore it sucks! MOAR POWERZOR!!!

          • alexander stanislaw

            I share Mark Rosewater’s philosophy on cards – different cards appeal to different people. Not everyone needs to appreciate every card, and not every card needs to be a staple in every or even any format. Hence, my saying that this card will not be a Legacy or Vintage staple (which it won’t) doesn’t mean that a card is badly designed or should have been different.

  • Wuseldusel

    what about counterbalance? at least it could be a funny casual deck with those fuse cards, no?