• Liam Maiher

    This seems really good

  • Melissa Juice


  • I’m going to play this in standard just to use the Saga art.

    • MrAptronym

      A fine art, though a spooked Tamiyo is nice in its own way.

  • Christopher Lacey

    Nice artwork on a solid staple for the block =)

  • Zombie

    This is like Divination on crack, especially considering the multiple “graveyards matter” mechanics in this set/block.

    Guaranteed Standard staple, no doubt in my mind. Being an Instant makes this incredibly good, especially when you consider that it can work with Madness and Delirium at Instant speed.

    I’ll edit this in: The original Catalog was a decent card even when it didn’t really have a Graveyard-Matters focused environment to work with. While there were ways to capitalize on discarding cards, there weren’t mechanics like Madness and Delirium to feed off of that discard passively. There wasn’t that natural synergy.

    Plus if I ever play Standard again I can use my old Urza’s Saga playset and turn some heads.

    Wizards really wants me to play UB Zombies in Standard, don’t they…

    • Nolly

      Not sure how this would be a standard staple when Artificer’s Epiphany was printed in origins and is the same thing but with the option of running it as instant divination for artifact decks.
      Then again, eight copies of the same card in standard so long as you don’t play with artifacts.

      • MrAptronym

        Some people will want to discard a card. (Note that I am not sure this will be a staple, I haven’t played standard since people still called it Type II.)

      • Zombie

        This is more about Delirium/Madness synergy at Instant-speed.

        I’ve played with the original Catalog when around when I first started playing Type 2, back then Graveyard-matters wasn’t really there for Blue decks, but with the Delirium and Madness mechanics both being in Standard at the same time with this reprint, I have a feeling it will do some work.

        Even back in the day it was a pretty good value draw spell. There were cards that were 100x worse, at the very least.

    • But the real question is which art would you use?

      • Zombie

        Thankfully I’ve been playing long enough to have a playset of original Catalogs from Urza’s Saga.

        Urza block was the first block where I started playing Constructed, too, so it’s even got a bit of nostalgia coming back for me.

        No offense to Tamiyo but the original Catalog’s artist name is just “Berry”.

        It doesn’t get better than that.

  • MrAptronym

    Yesss, more Tamiyo and more instant speed draw. A good day to be Blue.

  • Happy The Cat

    why was the first thing I think of with that name is to have alt art of a cat sitting on a dead tree? sometimes I worry I’m going insane…

    • Dave

      It’s the moon!

      • Happy The Cat

        KILL IT!!!!

  • Hedronal

    I find it funny that with madness and delirium, this may see more play than Artificer’s Epiphany, which is strictly better. It’s like when something with the same cost and less power gets played so it fits in an Alesha or Ezuri commander deck better.