Corpsejack Menace - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Corpsejack Menace

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If one or more +1/+1 counters would be placed on a creature you control, twice that many +1/+1 counters are placed instead.

Weakness is not in the nature of the Swarm.

  • Samuraisquid1

    Vagina-face! Run!

    • vecna00

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • michael

    Holy crap black green undying

  • PrimordialClensing

    aaaaaaaaaaaand RAPETIME

  • Tim

    I don’t care how removal prone it would be, I want to play Increasing Savagery with this.

  • Mlundgoldstein

    yay we now have 2/3 of Doubling Season in standard

    • rev_shad

       not quite it don’t affect tokens which is sadness but we did get Parallel Lives for that. still Doubling Season is still worth is for nonstandard

      • Zimmer Remmiz

        That’s why he said 2/3 Parallel Lives for tokens, this for +1/+1 counters, the missing 1/3 are other counters…

  • Jason

    This makes Rakdos’ Unleash less corny. R/G/B, I think it’ll work.

  • kevin

    meet primordial hydra’s best friend

  • jadefang

    i wonder how well predator ooze would work with this card?

  • Buttery Raven

    The Mimeoplasm’s head