Counterflux - Return to Ravnica Spoiler


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Counterflux can’t be countered by spells or abilities.

Counter target spell you don’t control.

Overload 1 ManaBlue ManaBlue ManaRed Mana

  • Blackatonement

    …im not sure how good this is

  • Zimmer Remmiz

    Hmm, interesting…

  • Jimbean


  • Concerned Citizen

    An uncounterable overloadable counter….fuck….

  • Opus141

    when would you use the overload? i mean if a person casts three spells in a row can you counter all of them?

    • Flickerfan

      if your opponent puts all those spells on the stack in response to each other or something then yeah. but if they resolve first one after the other then you can’t counter them 

    • SilverAlex92

      To stop storm (if you dont know its an old keyword that puts several copies of a spell in the stack. ITs most used to combo kill one or more players in a single turn by putting several copies of something that does damage like tendrils of agony)

      • Opus141

        okay that’s what i had assumed. i guess that’s why the overload only costs 1 more mana

        on another note has any one else thought of Trostani>tree of redemption>feed the pack?

  • Kul_dg

    The red puts it in a weird spot. I wonder if it will have any impact on some legacy archetypes.

  • Flickerfan

    I think Syncopate is better because 1. it can be cast for as little as two mana (one if you have Gobllin Electromancer) if your opponent taps out for a huge spell 2. it exiles the spell and 3. do people ever really put more than one spell on the stack at a time?

    I can’t really see where this card’s overload would come into play in a one-on-one format

    • PrimordialClensing

       ive played a 3 player edh game before and traded counterspell for counterspell for counterspell before so yes edh its VERY relevant. Also it makes the tamio the moon sages infinite counterspell goal not as good as you can counter without fear of being endlessly countered yourself.

      • With Rewind and Tamio emblem “infinite counterspells”  will work do better… until Driad Militant will come onto the battlefield

    • Kul_dg

       Yea, some Legacy archetypes that run spell snare, hydro/pyroblasts, blue/red elemental blasts, remand, and force of will. You can get sometimes 5 counters in one turn. This might be an expensive counter, but we’ll see if it has any impact.
      In standard it might not have much of an effect especially since blue/red is generally not ca common control pair, but it could be possible to run in grixis (BRU) colors for bolas control or of course an Izzet deck.

  • Nick

    Most of the time Overload wont be relevant.  However it will have its moments. I run a Runeflare Trap deck that would be slaughtered by this cards Overload.  I force them to draw with Font of Mythos and Howling mine only to blow them sky high with Runeflare Traps and Twincast.  This would probably 2-3 for 1 and put me off victory for another 2-4 turns.  Not exactly a common scenario but it does show this cards potential.

    • Flickerfan

      but if you counter Runeflare Trap before Twincast resolves then Twincast will be countered too right? 

  • Daniel989

    no la veo jugable… si tu oponete sabe que puedes tener esto por hay, no casteara 2 hechizos simultaneamente… y como los countes apenas seran jugables (con las tierras y resto de cartas que evitan counters..) … la mayoria de las veces sera un CANCEL con coste rojo… que tiene mas opciones, si pero no la veo para ocupar el hueco de una rara (hasta DISSIPATE tendra mas hueco que esto)

  • Daniel989

    si el counter tambien fuese contra habilidades activadas, seria otra cosa, y mas viable contrarrestar varias cosas simultaneamente…

  • Tezzim-Vin

    Overload cost is only 1 more. Let’s just say this time around Izzet is fully armed with alot more “weapons” than the last time. Better than Last Word but will still lose to a Mindbreak Trap.

  • Ricky MacLeod

    Last Words but not sure if it is really better because yes it it cheaper but the red makes it harder to put into a deck and use. but it should fit nicely into my Firemind deck next to Oppressive Will

  • Mooee

     goodbye storm

  • Darlith

    Im guessing this will be a Izzet sideboard card in Standard if your playing against other blue decks

  • R/G/B/U/W

    Like many other cards in this set, seems like this card is meant to be at it’s best in multiplayer (b/c of the overload)

  • Mlundgoldstein

    I feel compelled to ask but why did Wizards feel the need to add “that you don’t control”? Because who in the right mind would counter their own spells?

    • Darlith

       Obviously because of the Overload. Otherwise you would counter your own spells as well

      • Wouldn’t it counter itself actually? I wonder how it would work without the clause.

        • No, it would not counter itself. Once a spell begins to resolve, it ceases to be a “spell”, so a spell that says “counter every spell”, which there are a few of, does not counter itself.

    • anon

      Because if it said “Counter target spell” or “Return to target nonland permanent to its owner’s hand” and you paid the overload cost, if would read “Counter each spell” or “Return each nonland permanent to its owner’s hand”. Trying to make it so that overload benefits you and screws the opponent.

  • Pissedoffpasty

    I can see that this is a solid counter as you cant counter it. But for people who dont know how the stack fully works, I wouldnt know when to use the overload?

  • Aether Tech

    Storm hoser…if only you had the mana to play this when Storm goes off.

  • I_robot Death

    Did anyone else notice how good nivmagus is? Rdw card for sure

  • metalheadmartyr

     Ok…. I’m officially confused. Can someone please explain how the “overload” ability works on the stack with this card. I’ve read some of the comments below and am still finding myself puzzled. Don’t get me wrong, I think that this is an AMAZING card. It being impervious to countering is WAY overpowered. I just need to understand it better before I play it.

    • wpken

      It counters every single spell still on the stack that does not belong to you. The only time that ability will be relevant is during a counter war or a bunch of responses with tap creatures and combat tricks. 

  • Firestorm75

    I’m happy there’s a card like this. I lost to a Storm deck before, 30 and 50 damage from Grapeshot. Not my finest moment, but now I will definitely get some of these for those Storm decks. Never again will Grapeshot hurt me..

  • Krlmaahs

    with all the “can’t be countered” stuff and caver of souls this card is not very useful just like all the rest of the counters right now .-., its good to have but as maybe a 2 of in a deck if not completely in your sideboard 

  • Onlooker

    I foresee counter wars ending with this and having nivmagus elemental eat your other, now superfluous, counters

    • Atma_Weapon

      im thinking the counter everything would be a good way of dealing with the spells that cant be countered or am i wrong?

      • Flickerfan

        you are wrong. spells that can’t be countered simply can’t be countered 

  • JPikaChua97

    Does counter mean send to graveyard or send back to hand? Was confused on this, thanks!