• TogetherAlone

    Mini Sun titan in multiplayer?

  • Hedronal

    Melee seems much better when I account for it also boosting toughness.

  • Jazzyboy1

    This could actually be really good in Modern Clerics. A lot of good clerics are 1cmc. Being able to bring them back every turn would be quite a powerful move.

    • Nharzhool

      Now all you have to do is change the rules of Modern, so that this is legal in it. lol

      Nah, dude…Selesnya Token Stomp

      • Jazzyboy1

        That’s what I meant. If this was Modern legal, it would be really good in Modern clerics. It is a shame /:

  • Happy The Cat

    so it’s sun titan without the etb… that can be picked up by sun titan. yeah that seems nice