Cyclops of Eternal Fury - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Cyclops of Eternal Fury

  • Color: Red
  • Type: Enchantment Creature - Cyclops
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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Creatures you control have haste.

“The anger that festers inside this one is contagious.”
– Anthousa of Setessa

  • selesnyaWarden

    Simply love the art and also answers my question for the nyxborn tropes that theros and born of the gods didn’t have, like the enchantment minotaur or THIS AWESOME LOOKING CYCLOPS !!! O_O

    better keep an EYE on this one for the pre-release, get it folks?

  • Necro

    Dies to Eye Gouge.

    • Fbn Dnl Schlr

      I wanted to say that! Damn!

  • dinner

    haste is irrelevant in magic

    • Whiskerbro

      Dinner, I am disappointed in you. You are normally quite good at trolling, but that was just awful.

  • Whiskerbro

    Fervor attached to a badass shiny Nyx cyclops. I want one.