Deathbringer Regent (Promo)

Deathbringer Regent

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Cost: 5 ManaRed ManaRed Mana


When Deathbringer Regent enters the battlefield, if you cast it from your hand, and there are five or more creatures on the battlefield, then destroy all other creatures.


  • Soru Roku

    Not great, but not bad. A situational day of judgment on a 5/6 for seven mana isn’t terrible.

    • The duke of karate

      It’s not very situational, by the time you get 7 mana there will be plenty of creatures.

      • Atom130

        And don’t forget it can fly :D

      • Kameenook

        It depends on the deck you’re playing against. Quite a few decks running tons of walkers, then Siege Rhino. You’d probably have to hope your opponent dropped in some elpeth tokens if you want the full effect, then Elspeth might just destroy your dragon.

    • Melissa Juice

      It’s stays alive, soooo it’s not quite *just* a board wipe. It’s a board wipe and a win condition in one card.

  • Noatzon

    The set symbol looks sweet C: And it’s great to finally see the spoilers starting!

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I am entertained by this. ADD IT TO THE HORDE!

    • Djough Smytthe

      ADD IT TO THE PILE! ADD IT TO THE STOCK! Here among the sewer rats, a breath away from hell! (Please say somebody gets that reference.)

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Your literary references have no power here!

        • Kameenook

          Storm Crow holds all power! He even has the power to delegate power among those that he deems worthy of power! UNLIMITED POWER

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    Easy add to ye ol’ mono black EDH. Could see some play in sideboards in Standard. I rate it at a 6/10. Mostly because EDH.

    • BlahBlahBlahBla

      Actually, now that i think about it, this is a straight up win con in Standard so long as the format doesn’t speed up anymore. I’d go 7/10.

      • Melissa Juice

        Agreed. Powerful way to take over a game.

        • Kameenook

          If your opponent actually commits to a 4 creature board presence. Many decks can’t afford to do that against control, and if you know your opponent is packing this guy you’ll make extra sure.

          • Melissa Juice

            If you’re playing control, and your opponent can’t get a creature presence going, they lose the game (against nearly all non-control or combo decks, that is). Yay!
            This is just a board wipe and win condition on one card. Another yay.

          • Kameenook

            Well Perilous Vault can do the same. Your opponent will keep beating at you and sandbagging threats, eventually you’ll crack the vault, at instant speed even. This dragon does not seem good enough, your opponent can just beat in with 3 creatures and you’ll just be sitting hoping they play a fourth.

          • Melissa Juice

            Why you you just be sitting there in control? You should have a hand full of cards.
            Perilous Vault isn’t really particularly comparable, as this is a threat as well as removal.

          • Kameenook

            Well if we compare it to the other threats, or the ones I can think of offhand. I think it beats out Tasigoyf, even though I love our banana overlord. It certainly crumbles to Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. I’d play it over Silumgar, if anyone decided they’d want to play Silumgar. I’d play it over Pearl Lake Ancient, although I was never a fan of Pearl Lake. I guess looking at it this way it is a good card, but I do think it will be significantly worse than it looks, even if it is still playable then.

          • Melissa Juice

            Tasigoyf, hehe.
            I’m not saying this is going to warp Standard or anything.
            I just like it and think it may see a bit of play.

            We’ll see!

          • Kameenook

            I suppose testing is imminent. You never know until you try, I’m sure lots of people would’ve called Bogles a dumb deck until it proved them wrong.

          • Melissa Juice

            Hmm. Definitely.
            I love Bogles! Fun deck.

          • Kameenook

            I hate it. Never played it. It’s one of those oppressive decks that isn’t very fun to play AGAINST, could be a fun pilot.

          • Melissa Juice

            Haha. Hmm. I suppose. It just requires unusual sideboarding, or wipe-heavy control, really. Heck, even a bit of hand-disruption shuts downs bogles pretty fast.

          • Phil Bowles

            Not really true. No one should overcommit against control, since control always runs sweepers anyway, and most people will anticipate it running better ones than this. Best way to beat the recent control decks in my experience is to force trades down (I had one opponent recently take a lot of damage from two Satyr Wayfinders because using a Downfall on one would leave him unprepared for the next threat), and to make all their counters dead by either not playing anything or playing things from zones where they can’t be countered (Whip of Erebos, for instance). And Ugin just looks sad and pathetic when he has to -5 to kill one target (especially if it’s a Torrent Elemental).

      • Could be decent in U/B control decks. And i’ll definitely play this in my Mikaeus EDH.

  • Sam H.

    I was so afraid that this was going ti represent silugmar

  • Rathayibacter

    Think about the impact of this thing though! Once you’re at or near seven mana suddenly everyone’s worried about having more than three creatures. You can put some pressure on your opponent just by having this in your deck. Also, the Silumgar mechanic supposedly deals with death in some way (its been said Sultai Emissary is going to work differently in Dragons so Im assuming death triggers) so maybe wiping (most of) your side of the board isn’t too much of an issue.

  • Melissa Juice

    Love this thing. Great design and just fun on a bun to play.

    • Phil Bowles

      Might be a great design if it wasn’t just a conditional version of a couple of existing cards – Reiver Demon and the very recent Angel of the Dire Hour (Commander 2014). The latter’s a much better card for 5WW, with flash, and the only drawback being -2 toughness.

  • Not sure about constructed, but an absolute bomb in limited. Will be very happy if I open this thing.

    • Melissa Juice

      Just don’t play me, please. This should win any limited game it’s cast (with the trigger) in.

  • Wow, a Launch Promo that could actually see some play.

    • Happy The Cat

      i said that about cow punch and ember swallower
      dont get your hopes up

      • Kameenook

        Ember Swallower did see play in mono-red devotion decks for a time.

      • No because I never thought either of them would really see play. And i’m not saying it will see play, i’m just saying that it’s not bad and i wouldn’t be surprised if it saw play (or didn’t see play). Mostly, i’m just glad to see a LAUNCH PROMO that could see some play, now when I end up with 8 of these promos (which i somehow always do with the launch promos), there’s a chance they’ll be worth more than a dollar.

  • Chris Hutchinson

    I don’t see the word legendary? was this intentional?

    • Djough Smytthe

      It’s not a legendary creature or specific character, just a powerful dragon.

    • Johann Davies

      I’m guessing they’ll have the legendary dragons (the same ones from Fate Reforged, going by the recent Uncharted Realms) at mythic.

    • Melissa Juice

      Why would you assume this is legendary?

  • The MacGuffin Guy

    Nice! Great standard/limited bomb! Also gives us a possible glimpse into what will most likely be a cycle of Dragonlords. Probably all going to be “if you cast from your hand, do 5 of something” effects.

    • Melissa Juice

      I hope you’re right. it’s a nice idea for a cycle.

  • Ken

    Might be a good side-board card. 7 mana is steep though, so likely won’t see constructed. 6 mana and less stats might have been preferable. So I think it’s just for limited. But 4 other creatures on the board against certain decks is very easy to do. Green decks using mana dorks will almost always have 4 creatures in play, making this perhaps a side-board card against them. Still, 7 mana is steep.

  • Mark

    Well this’ll see some U/B control…

    • Kameenook

      Not at all. It requires your opponent to commit to at least 4 creatures to actually do something. It will see play in EDH though

    • Melissa Juice

      Quite possibly, yes.

      • Guest

        I’d doubt it – a Wrath that conditional isn’t at all what control decks want, since they very often have to two-for-one and this card’s completely dead if a player anticipates it and refuses to overcommit. Even if Crux of Fate didn’t already exist to allow you to Wrath and keep a dragon finisher in play, this would never see use in a control deck. Any deck that does want to use this will be something that creates tokens or has a way of making its creatures indestructible, so the player can trigger it reliably. And even then it’s not very good – frankly I’d rather have Hythonia the Cruel.

      • Phil Bowles

        It’s of no use in a control deck – a control player doesn’t want to let an opponent get 4 cards in play to begin with even if the opponent doesn’t anticipate it and refuse to overcommit. Against things like Hornet Queen or token decks, Archfiend of Depravity is better and that sees no play. Even if Crux of Fate didn’t exist, and so allow you to clear the board while keeping a dragon finisher, this wouldn’t be Constructed-playable. Even when you can pull it off it’s just not that good, since a 5/6 with no ability to protect itself isn’t going to scare anyone much. I’d rather have Hythonia the Cruel.

        • Melissa Juice

          That’s nice.

          It might still see play in control decks, preferences aside.

          • Phil Bowles

            The preference was, indeed, an aside. The card simply isn’t good enough – control decks use finishers that are hard to deal with, not 7-mana part-Wraths that eat Hero’s Downfall or Abzan Charm. Better control creatures than this don’t see use for exactly that reason. And that’s on top of the card simply being much too conditional to be of any interest to a control deck.

  • Guest

    Idk whether this will see play in standard, I think Ugin will be run over this card in most Control match ups. Ugin has the ensured 3 damage each turn after it board wipes whereas this card is only a creature, so removal will work more easily against it. Although Mono red will struggle against this card if it sees any play (most likely in UB control). The new UB control deck actually slows down Mono red enough to allow themselves to play such a big creature before Mono red kills them and Mono red has no way of winning once it sustains such a large board wipe. I still prefer Ugin though in control matchups :)

    • Kameenook

      Mono red has seen some problems with Drown in Sorrow, although not everyone is running Drown in Sorrow.

  • Chris Orchard

    Won’t see constructed play. What does this do that Ugin doesn’t? In limited I don’t even think so. 7 mana is a lot.

    • Happy The Cat

      mono black devotion finisher
      Erebos,whip and this

      • Kameenook

        Why not Gray Merchant of Asphodel? Rescue from the Underworld serves as more copies of Gary as well.

    • Melissa Juice

      You must have never played a single limited game. This is a massive bomb in limited, even at seven. Should win almost any game in which it’s cast.
      Could see play in constructed as well.

      • Kameenook

        I certainly agree, some people must not notice that in limited their are times when they have 7+ mana sitting around.

  • Virulent

    I like it for limited, maybe commander.

  • A Mother*ucking Sorcerer

    I’m not impressed with this card since it doesn’t do anything for control that Crux of Fate can’t do and is very situational. I do think it’s a pretty good limited card. I wouldn’t mind getting it if I did Sultai for prerelease

    • Kameenook

      In limited you would eat this up. Although in quadrant theory I think it’s only good in about two of the quadrants. Imagine wiping a stalled board only to have this guy removed, could send you both into topdeck mode pretty quickly, or win if they don’t have removal.

  • Tim Torn

    I love it for the name alone!

  • Ryudem Tamarashi

    i wouldn’t mind this thing in a Sultai whip deck, as a board sweep where you are left with the advantage of gaining 5 in the attack, and having a whip. sidisi whip in decl could love this as having a a sweeper is important for mid ranged match ups, but dont want to lower the creature count to much. heck, even just whipping it back as a 5/6 flyer seems fine

    • Chris Orchard

      But whip decks like a messy board because they can grind out advantage. If the board is clogged up then you are probably winning. Also whip is like super midrange. It eats midrange for breakfast, I don’t think it needs a sweeper.

  • Someone

    In the background you can see that the insignia of Sultai has changed slightly.

    • Kameenook

      Yes. In FRF the Mardu and Abzan insignias changed, because they got new keywords, so the Sultai, Jeskai, and Temur insignias change in DTK as they all get new abilities. The Mardu and Abzan get to keep dash and bolster respectively, and their insignias stay the same.

  • Blarg Honk

    Aww, my Noxious Dragon grew up an got even more deadly. How cute!

    • Happy The Cat

      well, nox is a different type of deadly

  • Happy The Cat

    guys! did you know a much better bad nuker dragon was in standard?
    his name is siege dragon from m15
    this is a decent card and all but with all of the ridiculous cards in standard right now this wont see play unless black devotion decides it needs a win condition other than the much cheaper gray merc

    • Antares

      He’s not much better. Siege Dragon is another example of “limited bomb, not constructed playable”. This guy likely falls there as well. He’s great for limited, but I don’t know about constructed play. Mono-B would like the black devotion demon better, no?

      • WPowell

        I’m fairly certain this will see constructed play, i do know that people will test with it. Board wipe on a 5/6 flying body sounds reeaal nice. Even though the wipe is conditional it’s still pretty good.

  • Ryx

    yes, finally a response to abzan midrange. No more siege rhinos and wingmate rocs to beat me down.

    • kingalexander61

      I don’t think it’s particularly great in that matchup. Crux will probably be better most of the time. Abzan Midrange usually doesn’t pour a bunch of creatures out too much, most have settled into a borderline control build so you’d have to rely on your own field having creatures. And this gets hit by almost all of their removal except bile blight. Also, if there are exactly five creatures out, they just have to kill one to blank his ability. Great for limited though.

  • Josh Kaufman

    It is a worse version of Crux. Doesn’t fit in Control, BUG just isn’t amazing, this is an EDH card. Yay, more Edh cards. (In being sarcastic, I hate Edh) this will probably just be the Pre-Release black promo.

    In a set with dragons, I am looking at this as an EDH set. Which is sad.

    Although maybe for this set they will remove Roc of Kher Ridges from the “Not allowed to reprint” list.

  • Lord_of_Riots

    Are we sure this isn’t the black regent?

    • Guy

      Rare, monocolor, double B in mana cost. I would be surprised if it isn’t.

      The dragonlord part must be a mistranslation.

      • GildanBladeborn

        It is, they spoiled the English version of the promo card along with the various other promo cards today, “dragonlord” is supposed to be “regent”. The other details were all correct though.

  • Zombie

    Definitely a finisher for UB control, could replace Pearl Lake Ancient given its decent body size.

    Hopes are up, but PLA is still such a beast that’s hard to deal with.

    Dunno if this will replace Crux of Fate/PLA or not.

    • Kameenook

      I dislike Pearl Lake Ancient with a burning passion. I mean nearly invincible is nice, but just not a fan.

  • GildanBladeborn

    The name of this card has definitely been mistranslated, it’s supposed to be Deathbringer Regent (part of the cycle of mono-colored rare dragons).