• galen150

    definitely a strong card in limited. to costly to be strong in construucted

    • Nathanael Lambert

      nothing is too costly in commander

      • Happy The Cat

        I think he’s talking about the non casual constructed formats, but this still wouldn’t really be worth a slot for commander. it’s a six mana 4/4, vamps can do way better. the recursive effect is cool but I’d play pre modern vamps like Sengir Vampire before this simply cause it’s cheaper but still the same size. limited this is nice value since they have to keep your board clear, but edh this is a win more card that doesn’t give you much winning more.

        • Nathanael Lambert

          edgar might be able to make it work, since it can make tokens pretty easy, but i do agree and believe it is a big might

        • Marvin Sürig

          I saw people adding Squee in Vampire Commanders like Oliviar to get a card to discard each turn. Replacing the costs of “discarding a card” with “tapping three vampires” can be a good reason to use this. And as far as I remember even the combo of Eldrazi Displacer + Eldrazi Displacer + Zulaport Cutthroat saw play in constructed.

  • Aurore

    Edgar Markov be like

  • Random Guy

    TAP the STAP

  • Phillip Reid

    Cool limited card and plays well with that 4 drop that creates three vampires. Can’t quite see it in constructed yet.

  • kmk888

    The best possible card to combine with this is rotating out. RIP Call the Bloodline memes.

  • MrAptronym

    Dang that art is cool. Going to be a real workhorse in certain limited decks too.