• Kameenook

    The soldiers get no JUSTICE from the artwork.

  • Zombie

    I like how they rehashed the style of Bant’s angels where Elspeth is from, but the fact that it doesn’t have any soldiers in the art is a huge letdown.

    • Melissa Juice

      Hmm. Good point.

    • UltraKilleR7

      But in the original card, no have any soldiers

      • Zombie

        Yeah, I know, and that was a let down with the original version as well.

        It’s more about how they commissioned brand new art for Decree of Justice and didn’t put any soldiers in it. It’s pretty disappointing.

        • Happy The Cat

          what if angels are just soldiers with more mana infused into them?
          they are gods army

    • lonewolf

      still trying to comprehend why u want soldiers on a card that summons angels… (cycle isn’t main ability of card so don’t see reason to show it effect)

      • Zombie

        It isn’t the primary ability on the card, but Angels flying overhead a few charging soldiers would make the card feel complete.