• Oscar

    This looks like a decent payoff in draft.

  • Edward

    I like this take on a lord. It shows the aggressiveness of Pirates and is certainly good in limited.

  • Jalais

    So glad you don’t have send this boy into the red zone. Not as busted as the other lords, but at least this buffs itself.

  • Random Guy

    This set is so balanced. Almost every spoiler I’m like “good for draft, might see fringe standard play.” Ixalan too.

    • TogetherAlone

      I would agree if energy wasnt so broken and format warping

      • Random Guy

        Energy is not in this set. I don’t think Kaladesh or Amonkhet was as balanced.

        • TogetherAlone

          I meant for standard. Nothing rotates till fall.

      • Raimund Keller

        I really hope that some of those new tribal cards can actually compete with energy, but its hard to imagine. Merfolk maybe?

  • Happy The Cat

    Wondering if you can play tribal but don’t want to play a normal, good tribe? Uncommon Lords Vol 2 has you covered again! Like our wolf friend last time you can feel free to not pick a better tribe in your color like Goblins and instead this time play Pirates! this time however instead of having an evasion keyword and a global buff that specifically works well with that tribe, you only get the base buff when attacking! You might be thinking “hey mister! wouldn’t that be a nerf?” but oh no! fortunately there are lots of Pirates with First Strike, so +2/+0 while attacking is better! Cause Magic is super fun when cards are built around not allowing interaction!
    Uncommon Lords Vol 2! Coming January 19!