• Derek Niles

    not bad for artifact hate

  • Calvin

    possibly mainboarable in standard.

    • sansmyhands

      Hack, people are mainboarding Natural Obsolescence right now…

  • God Enel

    This is amazing, one of the problems of artifact hate is that it’s a dead card in your hand when the opponent doesn’t have the artifact you want to destroy, and this card fixes that problem for a single mana.

  • Jake Miller


  • TogetherAlone

    well this is main deckable in most standard formats never mind this one

  • Happy The Cat

    considering the next set is “Hour of Devastation” feel like we need a bit more excerpts from The Accounting of Hours.

    • Daniel Scott

      I get the feeling that the hour of devastation may not have been planned in advance (or at least not in the plan Bolas let anyone else look at)

    • Kaiser

      People in Amonkhet don’t know something like the Hour of Devastation, all they believe that the return of bolas will be a good thing for amonkhet, poor people.

  • Modern boardable?

  • Shagoth

    Maindeckable artifact hate, I like it. If they don’t have artifacts, cycle this. Since a lot of artifacts take up more than 50% of the meta, I think it’s a good idea to keep this in, but in case you don’t need it, cycle!