• Zombie

    Kind of an odd inclusion, but not a necessarily unwelcome one.

    Domri’s just one of those really cool/fun to play Walkers. I always wanna run him in everything.

    • Jaden Ledkins

      I agree. I like him as well. Rare getting card advantage in gruul. Though I love all the Gruul walkers actually. They are good.

      Still thinking that Liliana will be the other planeswalker in this set. Seeing as how Domri is not a money card.

      • Zombie

        Domri still holds some decent value, but his MM2017 reprint certainly won’t.

        I’m guessing the Mythics of MM2017 are gonna be like:

        Snapcaster Mage
        Domri Rade
        Liliana of the Veil
        Dark Confidant
        Through the Breach (maybe, I think it could be a rare as well, but Wizards might chicken out if they do want to reprint it)

        and then just a flaming pile of worthless garbage to round it out.

        • Jakob Schneider

          Goyf apparently won’t be in this time (we’ll likely get Craterhoof instead).
          Through the Breach seems very unlikely since they said they wanted to go with an Innistrad Theme, and I doubt they do an Arcane subtheme for a third time then.

          Though if they do include it, it’ll probably be a rare.

          • Zombie

            Through the Breach is in dire need of a reprint, I will be honestly surprised if it isn’t in MM2017.

            It fills the same niche as Sneak Attack did for Eternal Masters, which leads me to believe it’s a likely inclusion.

            But if TTB isn’t in MM2017, its price will probably sky rocket after a buyout.

          • ShadyBiz42

            A goyf at rare? 0_O

  • Happy The Cat

    yay it’s the return of one of the best if not the best designed pws in mtg!
    it’s strong enough to be a threat but not too strong to be broken, it has removal but at a cost and a plus ability that is both valuable by itself as a one time effect and re usable to to build ult. His ult is strong enough to win games but it can be fought against if your opponent has the right cards
    the only thing Domri doesnt have is the stats to ult as he comes out on a doubling season, which, honestly, just makes him a more of a decent, balenced and well made planeswalker.