Dreadbore - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler


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Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

In Rakdos-controlled neighborhoods, everyone is part of the show.

  • Guest

    Destroy target creature or planeswalker I believe for BR cost

  • …ok this is just ridiculously op -_-

    •  WHAT? Compare to Terminate and its usually worse unless you need ‘walker removal. This is completely balanced. Those ‘walkers needed removal, its just balancing the game.

  • Tigt

    …Deaadbone? Really?

  • Xero

    This is just coooooool.

  • pacanug

    terminate at sorcery speed with upside..yes plz

  • Kenneth Mebus

    Excellent sideboard card for any B/R deck honestly. Nice to see WOTC starting to put in cards to help combat Planeswalkers.

  • So good haha

  • Aggresively costed, unconditional walker removal is probabaly enough to push the BR zombies deck over the top. 

  • Busterswrd_maniac

    lets see……. we have murder at 1BB, and then we have this at BR……….. Murder – destroy target creature,  Dreadbore – destroy target creature OR PLANESWALKER?!!?!??! seeeeeems goooood

    • Voldrin

      Though this card is good, its not STRICTLY better than murder. First of all, this card requires dat red. Secondly, Murder is an instant. I would say this is a really good sideboard card, in the right deck that is.

  • Pl Szajba

    Tamiyo, I’m comming for you…

  • Jhuber1996

    kill cards have found their new face. And its a very pretty face

  • ricky

    the new Terminate has a great edge over the last but the non-reg from Terminate was helpful but i would call this an upgrade.