Drudge Beetle - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Drudge Beetle

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Scavenge 5 ManaGreen Mana

The Street Swarm is the labor class that drives the Golgari’s endless cycle of life and death.

  • Steamsteam

    I get that not all cards have to be great or even good. But cant all cards be playable? Maybe im wrong but 6 mana for +2+2? 

    • 5th place prerelease

      It’s a grizzly bear with benefits on the later game, if it doesn’t get dug up on you… suck it up buttercup

  • im thinking that wizards really wants us to use ramp with this one and some of the others

  • guest

    i really wanted to use golgari, but this is just stupid. why the hell would i want to pay 6 mana for +2+2 when i could use increasing savagery for 4 mana getting +5+5. i know not every card can be great but this just plain sucks it doesnt even have a point while its alive. I might have just ignored this if it wasnt for the fact that most of the golgari stuff is underwhelming and over priced