• Bruce Flanagan

    Way too efficient

    • Random Guy

      Well, the alternative with the same CC is Aetherworks Marvel. But this is insane for limited, and might see play in every format.

      • Gord

        Feels like a good combo piece with myr retrievers or enduring renewal tricks

        • Jay Kilian

          Not with that heartless summoning thing though

          • Gord

            That’s true – I have always used Ashnod’s Alter (although admittedly the heartless summoning is probably a better way to go)

    • Mr.Mayhem631


  • Edwin Marín Castro

    A way to duplicate your number for artifacts, nice.

  • DJPad

    potential with 2x sensei’s divining top (1 colorless = get a 1/1 thopter)

  • Jonas Candy

    alternate win con for reservoir storm woop

    • Stormcrow

      When Aether Revolt comes out, Rese-storm is gonna be so cool!

  • Ryū

    Love it. Need to build some kind of mechanical fleet deck now.

  • Happy The Cat

    all right just let me check the rules “permanents entering the battlefield count as artifacts” oh cool another card that Lattice breaks! goody! that card is going to shoot up like $15 when this set comes out.

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      I’m not sure I understand what kind of point you’re trying to make on this card? This says “whenever you cast an artifact spell”, not “whenever an artifact enters the battlefield”.

    • Hedronal

      Lattice only makes permanents artifacts, not spells which it just makes colorless.

  • Derek Niles

    Whaaa? I need this for my artifact EDH decks so much.