• Bige Boiy

    I’ve read enough Lovecraft to know where this is going…

  • Edward

    I love everything about this ability and this card. You can sac small creatures to get bigger creatures for cheap and this thing is definitely worth it. Also this ability with things like Stitchwing Skaab and even Geralf’s Masterpiece could turn out to be amazing for standard. They have high cmc but can be brought out at a low cost. They can also be brought back repetitively

  • Melissa Juice

    This set is satisfying me. It is satisfying me *so hard.*

    • Hedronal

      The cards and flavor are for me, the story is not.

      • Melissa Juice

        Aw. :(

        I’m digging it, myself. The Lovecraft nerd is happy. The Tamiyo lover is happy.

        • Hedronal

          Another plane forever altered by the Eldrazi, and a set that had hype as more mysterious than the most obvious answer. I get that it’s Lovecraftian to lead into the big incomprehensible tentacle madness monster, but after Shadows I was hoping for at least a bit of an actual mystery. Throw in that recent art book spoiler about Liliana and the whole thing seems overly predictable.

          The flavor is of course superb, both in horror and references, as with Innistrad 1, and the card designs are on the more innovative side this time, which I like. It’s just the major story decisions with EMN that, while still cool, disappoint me.

  • Chaospyke

    Well This settles it. I’m making that U/W flash deck

  • MrAptronym

    This is going to be so frustrating to play against. I love it. Try and kill my creature? I sac it and either tap out your lands or your defenses. This will create great turn-around moments.

  • Happy The Cat

    ah, reminds me of the good old days of RUG ohmygodstopplayingfattiesandkillmealreadyicantwinthisgame.

  • MBase

    As a green player, I’ve never wanted to play blue more in my life.

  • Leandro Vizcaino

    Well, this is the definition of “Surprise Motherfucker”

  • Jaya

    When I checked the emerge mecanic I told my friend it suxed cuz it wasnt instant speed and you couldnt react to some removal, well give creature flash and you get an insane momentum mechanic that lets you sac your creature+pay UU in response to a removal, to play an even bigger creature, with fun ETB triggers.

    • Jaya

      Also it feels like this is going to be the blue mechanic, while red and black keep madness. Kinda wanted something else for red but w/e.
      Wondering what white and green mechanic?

  • Rœkja

    So, obviously, Flash and Emerge work well together. But now I’m curious as to whether we will get a Madness and Emerge combination. Note that Emerge is not limited to being cast from your hand.

    • Hedronal

      Emerge doesn’t give something flash, so it would be emerge or madness used.

      • Rœkja

        I was meaning a card that has both Emerge and Madness. Since Madness gives you a chance to cast the card any time it is discarded it acts as a kind of pseudo-Flash. I just thought it would make for an interesting card. Unless you are unable to pay alternate costs when using madness, which I’m not sure of.

        • Hedronal

          Madness is an alternate cost. To use its madness ability, you must pay its madness cost, which means that one and not another alternative cost. You could emerge it, or discard it to madness, not both.

  • aswanlikeneck

    Matter Reshaper keeps getting better

  • Lord Livra

    I swore at first glance this thing’s name was “Eldrazi Deep-Fried”, almost kinda wish it was now XD

    • Deadly Berry

      I sort of too read it elder deep-fried lol

  • Urdothor

    I’m hoping emerge is also in green. Or black. It’s something I wanna try in my EDH deck.

  • ye

    Can you play this in response to someone tapping their lands and then tap their lands before they can, preventing them from casting a spell?

    Also, when you cast this can you tap their lands before they can use them or can they tap them in response?

    Might be the same question, but I’m a scrub so I’m curious.

    • JJ-Seven

      You can´t respond to tapping lands for mana, its a mana ability and cant be interrupted because it doesnt go on the stack. (But you can respond to another ability of a land eg. fetching or Westvale Abbey).
      To your second question: Yes they can tap their lands in response and get mana floating.

      • Dave

        Just for clarification: You can respond to fetching or Westvale Abbey but tapping them won’t do anything since they’re already tapped. As part of the costs tapping doesn’t use the stack.

      • ye

        Huh, okay. So flashing this on their turn isn’t overpowered af. Cool.

        • Probably the best-known way to make this broken is by flashing this in on your opponent’s upkeep and forcing them to tap 4 of their lands. That way, even if they do tap them for mana that mana will just vanish after the phase is over. This was a strategy popularized by the U/B faeries deck in modern. So it’s not completely broken, but it’s totally still amazing.

          • ye

            Oh, ok. I was pretty sure that there was a way to completely bone your opponent with this. Now, with any luck, I can be a total jerk at one of the prereleases. Thanks!

          • Kaiser

            A total Eldrazi Jerk Horror*

  • guy

    that one guy isn’t moving…HE ISN’T MOVING.

  • Kaiser

    THE KRAKEN!!!!!!

  • Ryū

    YAAAARRRR MATEY, thar be aliens in me lagoon!!!

  • Nolly

    Is this playable in modern? Saccing something like a tasigur or a gurmag angler that were gonna be removed anyways for a 2-mana flash 5/6 with permanent tapping seems worth something to someone. I dont really know modern much.

    • Kaiser

      a 5/6 for sac a big guy and UU with flash that tap four permanents when comes?…yeah, is pretty solid

  • mormendahl

    so is this basically what the Runo Stromkirk worships?

    • De’Elgathor

      Unlikely, since this is an Eldrazi and those are just now appearing, while the “gods” that Stromkirk worships existed a long time ago (and might still)

  • Zombie

    Oh good god I am in love with this card.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    This set is warping me… into a blue player….
    So much…. “value” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Happy The Cat

    deck Idea, ubg control deck named Taco shop, the Idea is to lock your opponent completely out in the late game. Have one of these on board then emerge one from your hand, once the old one hits the yard, Corpse Churn to mill three and return the Elder to your hand, recast if necessary and deny your opponent any mana or board state for four mana.

  • Necrachilles

    Engulf the shore…is that you?

  • kk

    Emerge is pretty good with flash…

    Use it in response to removal

  • Sani

    This works with Phyrexian dreadnought right?

    • Sani

      Oh wait it was about mana cost, not power/toughness.

  • Winter Trabex

    I read this as “Eldrazi Deep-Fried.” Then I got hungry for octopus again

  • JJ-Seven

    What do you think about one or two copies of that in the UR Flyers deck in standard??

  • Chaospyke

    How would emerge work with Herald of Kozilek if i chose to sac herald? Does it still cost 1 Less?

  • VoiceofKane

    Depending on how good Emerge turns out to be, this could be either a bomb or total bulk. I honestly don’t know yet.