Emancipation Angel - Avacyn Restored Spoiler

Emancipation Angel

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When Emancipation Angel enters the battlefield, return a permanent you control to its owner’s hand.

“You have done your best. I give you leave to rest.”

  • BangaaBrute

    Pretty nice for a 3 drop.

  • Empyrean

    The only use I can see for this is with Descendant’s Path since it’s a 3 drop angel. Other than that, it doesn’t seem that great.

  • Romanbaca37

    I think I have found my favorite art in the set

    • Tgtechguru

      how do you know you havent seen all the art yet

  • Guest

    3/3 Flying with a situational/drawback effect for white-heavy 3 is mediocre by itself, but the art makes it worth it.

  • Shsaga2

    It would be worth it if it was 2w and not 1ww
    But the art is wonderous…. i’ll run it

    • Guest

      If she only had Vigilance I’d say she is a winner. :(

  • hey the flavor text rhymes :D

  • angel

    there are creature that say when it enters the battlefield gain three life so this is a good card

  • Ivyjo

    I found this card on the ground. What does it mean?
    I feel there is a reason I have this card. Who do I give
    it to?