Emmara Tandris - Dragon's Maze Spoiler

Emmara Tandris

  • Color: Green, White
  • Type: Legendary Creature - Elf, Shaman
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Cost:5 ManaGreen ManaWhite Mana

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to creature tokens you control


  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    Will be played in EDH, regardless of how mana expensive it is.

  • GeneralMajora


  • Thatguy

    That’s it? I don’t believe it this is real…

  • dreadbore, murder, tragic slip, orzhov charm, pongify, oblivion ring, detention sphere

    • Neraciro

      Don’t forget every other kill spell ever.

    • thats a painful orzhov charm, I will gladly have this die for you to orzhov charm it lol

  • Suki Gokadoin

    Hmmm this Emmara Tandris seems very fishy…Lazav, is that you?

    • OdBoX

      The ultimate excuse for why a Maze Runner is bad, Lazav killed them and stole their place, no wonder Melek is so bad but still flavourful same with Emmara

  • guest

    no way. frontline medic makes this complete garbage.

  • Pete

    Nooooooooooo, wanted her to be standard playable really badly -.-

  • just sayin

    That can be said about amost every card ever printed

  • justindeltora

    Gate ramp tokens make this playable or at least what ill make for bad deck fridays

  • Not in my Trostani. Rune tail, Kitsune’s ascendant is much better. If she made tokens sure, but as is. Bleh

  • Dude

    I’m sorry, but this terrible and very disappointed!

  • Lewis

    This and
    Progenitor Mimic

    • CodyGozRawr

      That would kill her since she’s legendary…

      • Zsek

        I think he means the tokens Progenitor makes.

  • τυφώνας ο γνωστός

    Wow Emmara Tandris is utterly disappointing, will probably not be playable even in limited if this is her only ability!

    • OdBoX

      Shes still a fatty, shes not something you deliberately want in limited, unless you get multiples of the new 4 mana flash wurm, but shes still got a decent body (you could say in both meanings of the word)

  • Eraburis

    do not want

  • Calm down guys, maybe shes hexproof. still not super but wont be garbage

  • Darthkoo

    worst champion period.

  • Ba’al

    Love my three working G/W decks. Love tokens. Not entirely sure what I am missing here…. <_< The card seems pretty epic to me. 7/10 if only for it being seven mana to put out there. Regardless, my AR W token deck might well get some G mixed in solely to see this played; aside from the two or so that will join my RavRest G/W deck.

    • Ba’al

      *RetRav. AvacRest has me all mixed up on my words. XP

    • BWH

      People are upset because it doesn’t protect against most board wipe effects, which is token decks’ biggest vulnerability. If it were “creature tokens you control are indestructible” there would be a very different reaction to it.

      • Or something like “Whenever a creature token is put onto the battlefield under your control, if it’s the first creature token entering the battlefield under your control this turn, populate.”

  • Mtgcounterbalance


    • Loiden

      Obviously, you can not read.

      • LeonFA

        He posted this before the image was uploaded and it was a blank card.

  • This is Horrible. Please let this be a fake. I was really excited for Emmara. This card wont see standard play, and will not even go into my Trostani Commander deck. Even in limited, this is 50/50 that her ability is relevant.

  • selesnyaWarden

    I think this is probably the final version of Emmara, though I was expecting something more powerful mainly because I waited some time, and Wizards had spoiled all the other champions, exept selesnya´s one. Well still happy about advent of the wurm.

  • Shaodw

    Suddenly goat tokens look appealing, hey boros reckoner, you’re going to swing? I will block and take NO DAMAGE HAHAAHAHAHAHA

    • CodyGozRawr

      0/1 goat that can’t take damage oooh so threatening, only useful for blocking creatures without trample.

  • I’d add her in my Kithkin deck.

  • For that cost it should of had a populate mechanic or a token buff like intangible virtue..

  • jace must die

    think they missed the line “every time a token creature is put onto the battlefield under your control populate”

    • CodyGozRawr

      That wouldn’t work, populate one card = infinite populates, maybe something like a parallel lives effect, or if you would populate once instead populate twice, something like that would be cool

  • hithere69

    i was thinking she would be doubling season on a stick. but nope

  • Guest

    Needs indestructible

  • Seritho

    Seriously WOTC, this is pathetic. Every guild receives a creature with either 1 decent ability and stats to a low to moderate Mana cost, or multiple abilities and stats to a moderate mana cost, or crazy good stats and multiple abilities to a high mana cost. Teysa has a protective ability, high stats AND a cool punishment mechanic and costs the same. Exava has three abilities, one of which further boosts her stats AND has a moderately low casting cost. What does Emmara Tandris have? “Oh, if you are playing tokens than don’t worr….wait Day of Judgement? Wait, Skullcrack and a mass damage spell? Wait, don’t use Putrefy on me! Now all the tokens will be even more vulnerable. This card either needs to cost like, 4, 5 tops or give it another ability.

  • RokushoTheBlackCat

    I think it would’ve been better if it had Hexproof, it would make it seem more worthwhile for token decks.. And maybe reduce the cost to 6 as well?

  • bgood


  • Loiden

    This card + Host of Herons + Grove of the guardians = you win the game with your opponents very mad at you.

    • Seritho

      Ummmm, how do you figure? A 5/5 Flying, Hexproof that makes it so you don’t sacrifice creatures, a land that becomes an 8/8 Vigilance and this? Am I missing something? A couple of small fliers could kill the Host, the 8/8 can be chump blocked or just outright destroyed(no trample) and this card just makes it so that it takes no damage. Fail to see the win?

  • Marzen

    Every single person here: “Waaaah she sucks she’s awful worst champion no standard play whine”
    Me: “Huh, I wanna make a Selesnya deck now….”

  • Norman

    Selesnya is not properly represented by this champion card text (artwork is good). Very disappointing for the choice of action MTG decided to print her this way. Utterly damaged the character Emmara even though the good intentsions behind the reason to have her printed.

    I have never seen an expensive mana casting elf. Nor have i seen such a powerful elf. Or even why the artwork suggested other powers Emmara might bring.

    While MTG can ban a powerful card, not sure what they can do to promoted a really boring Legendary selesnya elf champion card. Even though she may not be playable… but at least let the guild be properly prepresented! There were players who had to choose a guild during ravnica return set.These players had to make a choice to vote themselves into the guild and then MTG had to create such a card to damn the selesnya players. There are other good cards in selesnya colors, but having a useful champion is the cherry on top of the cake!

    Players may laugh it off, write it off or just ignore it but if this happens again to the next set… it will be a sickening feeling of being taken for a ride and feel like a fool! Project game designers, you really need to stand up for your creation.

    (Emmara Tandris to receive ‘Magic: The Gathering’ card form in ‘Dragon’s Maze’ )

    (Everyone hates Emmara)

    (An Appreciation for Tokens)

    Lastly, Adam, i dont think Emmara thinks the same way as you do. ” Stand as One – There are lots of ways to go about building a token deck. Emmara loves them all. What she cares about is simply that there are creature tokens. While she doesn’t protect herself, her damage-prevention ability is a security blanket for all your tokens. ” By the time her magic is ready at 7 mana, the selesnya tokens are already dead!
    Emmara loves them more at 2mana!! Go figure!!

  • Seritho

    I am not sure what to make of this, feels like a conversation between several people, the only thing I can say is I agree with “them”.

  • Sigh…. dissapointed

    She isn’t ‘bad’ but she is indeed unimpressive for her mana cost and there is already Avacyn, who is much much better for just one more mana. Moreever she doesnt really sync well with populate, with tokens being pretty big already. If it was prevent damage to all other creatures you control or her being at 5 mana, she wouldn’t pale in comparison to other champs.

  • CodyGozRawr

    Now maybe if she gave the tokens hexproof too, but just this, really that’s not very useful at all… Look at some of the other champions, Exava, 4 drop 3/3 unleash, first strike haste, gives all other creatures you control with a +1/+1 counter haste, not bad, could be better, but still not bad, Lavania of the Tenth, detains all non land permanents with CMC 4 or less your opponents control, wow that is good, Melek, you may cast instants and sorceries from the top of your deck and if you do copy them, that is awesome, Mirko Vosk, whenever he deals combat damage to a player, that player mills until they hit 4 LANDS WTF that is OP’d, Ruric Thar, really good in an all creature deck, Tajic, 4 drop 2/2 indestructible, battalion, it gets +5/+5 until end of turn, that’s awesome, Teysa, Vigilance and protection from creatures, whenever a creature deals damage to you destroy it, and you get a 1/1 spirit, that’s pretty damn cool, Varolz, not bad, makes all creatures in your graveyard have scavenge equal to their CMC, not bad, Vorel, GU tap: Double the amount of counters on target artifact, creature, or land, that is amazing and definitely my favorite, then you have Emmara, prevent all damage that would be dealt to creature tokens you control, that’s it, really?

  • Guys, guys, wait… What if… She’s played in elf decks?

  • I have to thank wizards for shitting on us with this horrible card. However, I can’t help but think that her design and the design of Voice of Resurgence were flipped but that would possibly make a mythic champion and would thus break their precious cycle.