• MakkuMK

    So pretty much Edh staple.

  • Kameenook

    A fitting name.

  • Legendary_Hero7

    Last ability should read, “Tap a Sol Ring and this creature, draw a card.” But yes, this can and will see play in basically any EDH deck, especially mono-colored.

    • eltratzo

      I’m not so sure about that. many EDH decks, sure. but especially green monocoloured decks often don’t have all that many ways of producing colourless. solring, thran dynamo and under current rules all birds of paradise type mana abilities (though i don’t play any of those in my monocoloured decks). for me it actually seems easier to activate in multicoloured decks.

  • SmolderingButcher

    What a fascinating card.

  • Stinker289

    So, huh. I want a playset for reasons.

  • Nebulium

    So much utility. Like a planeswalker level of utility. I need many of these.

  • Happy The Cat

    In my Tommorrow EDH I’ve been looking for something to make it kill faster once I’ve got my combo down, just so other people dont hate the deck really, this seems like it could go into that slot. as for eternals could this see sideboard for tron? perk heavy 5/5 with pseudo viligance and a draw to boot? might see sideboards as counters to snapcaster reliant and voltron builds or really countering any thing that needs X/1s
    only thing that I would have liked more on it is haste, but nerfed with “you cant tap or attack with Endbringer on the turn you cast it” just for value on your opponents turn

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Sweet lord. It never stop slapping. It can’t stop. It won’t stop.

    • Vizzerdrix

      thank god a storm crow is a 1/2 it cant be killed by this. people that complain it should be a 2/1 clearly dont understand that r&d designed storm crow so many moons ago to fight this card

      • Kameenook

        And they designed Vizzerdrix to attack through this! We really don’t give them enough credit!

      • Saproling

        *shakes in fear as a 1/1*

  • Nanya

    Okay, I mis-read this at first, I thought it said “untap all Eldrazzi” instead of just “untap Endbringer”.

    Thank god, I don’t think I could handle a Prophet of Eldrazzi card.

  • kasigah

    [insert maniacal cackling here]

  • g

    very good for workshops… vintage.

    fights pyromancer… and doesn´t allow Emrakul do attack

    • DJ Pad

      Except workshop doesn’t help you cast this because it’s not an artifact….

      • g

        right.. i forgot.

        Just A tomb and Mox´s are not gonna cut it.

  • Storm Crow

    This is a really well named card. It’s simple, one word, and based on actual English instead of a random, made up word.

  • Poor planeser

    I hope it’s not hard to work against

  • kmk888

    Holy limited bomb batman!

    • Kyle Kinnear

      This thing might be dumber than Citadel Siege…

      • Joel Tucci

        Doubtful, first it requires an activation cost, secondly it is a creature, which is much more fragile than enchantments

      • kmk888

        Probably not. Creatures are easier to remove than enchantments.

  • John Jevon

    won’t trigger kozilek’s return and won’t survive it either. nice card tho. }.P

  • Zombie

    Seems like a really solid Midrange/Control finisher as it can aid in controlling combat and netting card advantage in the later turns.

    Not sure about its overall viability but it’s an interesting card that I’d like to brew with to see what I can come up with.

    Aside from that it’s an absolute atomic bomb in Limited. Pure advantage and value.

  • Vizzerdrix

    6 mana 11 turn clock

    • Nick Hannah

      Four turns. It’s a 5/5. Lol

      • Djough Smytthe

        I think Vizzerdrix was talking about the ping effect, in which case it’s eleven turn- cast it, wait your turn and your opponent’s for summoning sickness to go away, and then ping every turn (once on yours and once on your opponent’s) for 10 turn cycles. Even better, in a 4-player EDH game, this can ping for four each turn cycle.

        • Nick Hannah

          Yes, but he overlooked the 5/5 part. It untap so each turn so you can attack and ping. But I like this for “whenever a creature deals damage to an opponent” affects, though I don’t know how many of those there are.

  • Chi Sarades

    can i play this for free with animar

    • Kevin

      No. You have to pay

  • nightshade88

    Wait… what? And it is only rare?
    Very versatile card utility card… That comes with a 5/5 body and is always ready to block… Impressive, to say the least. Give it deathtouch and you can ping-kill one creature for every player’s turn, or use it as a cheap draw engine…
    Want it XD

  • graymalkin86

    Hmmm. This might be a good choice for my Rakdos, Lord of Riots deck. I’m 99% sure Rakdos can’t reduce the cost down to zero (but 1 colorless mana is still reasonable). It gives me another easy way to enable Rakdos’s casting clause as well as providing some extra draw power.

    • Jazzyboy1

      Yeah, this will work great with flash creatures and Rakdos, as you can keep dealing damage every turn.

      The fact that it has that ability and a fog effect and a draw effect is just fantastic. When you don’t need to ping and you have spare mana, you can just fog your opponent’s creatures or shut down one of their blockers.

  • Jazzyboy1

    Deathtouch or Wither can make this thing amazing.

    • Necrachilles

      It’s like a more flexible version (albeit less powerful) version of Goblin Sharpshooter

      • Ophmar

        I wouldn’t say less powerful. Goblin Sharpshooter can clear the board under the right circumstances, but his use is rather narrow compared to this beast. You pay for versatility… You can additionally choose to accelerate draws, or you can render creatures impotent that are indestructible or otherwise immovable, after all. He’s also a better blocker.

        Now I want to make a deck of Sharpshooters and Endbringers for revenge purposes…

  • ningyouNK

    Love the art style !

  • Squirrel Lover

    Hey we got Watermarks!

    • kasigah

      It’s only because it’s a promo. Several promos have had set symbol watermarks.

  • Nick Hannah

    I like the new Kozilek brood a lot! And I’ve only just now realized that you can use Kruphix mana to pay for .

    • EJ

      Under the current rules, you could use any color of mana which isn’t in your commander’s color identity to pay for , because that mana becomes colorless. So, in a Kruphix deck, if you tap a Birds of Paradise for Red, it would become colorless and you could pay .

      I’m under the impression that the EDH Rules Committee is discussing possible modifications to that rule, since it weakens a lot of the drawback of spells and abilities requiring colorless mana.

      They may or may not make changes. In EDH, a lot of drawbacks are reduced / mitigated. For example, paying 1 life for a Fetchland, or requiring 30 life for Serra’s Ascendant to turn on.

      Still, Kruphix is among the generals who will benefit the most from the Battle For Zendikar block, since there are so many powerful things you can do with non-colored mana.

      • Happy The Cat

        how would kruphix benefit the most? sure there are a lot of big colorless spells but ones that actually require colorless so far would suck in her deck, koz’s draw effect would never trigger because you probably will be over seven cards with her ability. and sure this can draw an extra card on everyone else’s turn but there are cheaper and faster ways to do so

        the true colorless generals like karn and ulamog benefit much more cause they can get lands to actually play the deck for less than $80 now, Omnath of mana and Mayael get the fat eldrazi much quicker so get better value of the big stuff. any white weenie/token or soldier/knight/ally tribal decks got Gideon, Anthem of Zendikar while ug(+) tokens or creature heavy got another good kiora who are both powerhouses. Also, ally Drana and Noyan Dar actually got printed, which is a HUGE jump in their playability, along with Aina & Denn and Ayli who are getting printed soon.

        that’s not saying kruphix isn’t getting cards she can play, personally I don’t see many decks that wouldn’t want Mirrorpool, especially any ug(+) control/group hug deck worth it’s salt, but until we get some chroma friendly guys with four or more mana symbols I don’t think the gods will be in the running for “most benefited legendary”

        • EJ

          Kruphix benefits greatly because Kruphix can produce insanely high amounts of colorless mana. This set contains a plethora of cards which create and which benefit from colorless mana.

          A lot of people build Kruphix with huge amounts of blue and green. Then the mana turning to colorless becomes a drawback. If the deck is built to take advantage of large amounts of colorless mana, then the fact that the mana sticks around becomes an upside.

          It isn’t necessary to turn Kruphix online with devotion. In fact, it’s something of a drawback, because Kruphix could then be targeted by Swords to Plowshares / Path to Exile, or be stolen, bounced, turned into a frog or whatever. As a indestructible enchantment, Kruphix is probably more effective.

          Anyone who has a Kruphix deck would do well to completely rethink their deck after this set has been completely spoiled. Think of ways to produce large amounts of colorless mana, and ways to benefit from large amounts of colorless mana, and only add blue/green to the deck when absolutely necessary.

          • Happy The Cat

            most people I know who think the colorless is a drawback just add x cost spells that make the colorless matter a lot less or they add these really big creatures that were printed several sets ago called eldrazi that didn’t require colored mana and had one of the most broken keywords of all time on them.
            as for the devotion thing, I meant all gods in general, because they are large indestructible creatures with in between one to three power over their mana cost with abilities that greatly sway combat,so a lot of the god’s edh decks will want them to be able to swing. As for kruphix herself, if you dont have her active, chances are that your board is kinda empty and you could use a 4/7 that cant be killed by traditional means
            also kruphix doesn’t produce mana, she just lets you keep it, big difference.

          • EJ

            I agree that’s how a lot of people build Kruphix. And I agree that Kruphix does not produce mana. I’m saying that, in light of all of the new cards in BFZ, people might want to dust off their Kruphix deck and rethink the deck.

            The way I see it, you can build a Kruphix deck where “green blue devotion matters”, “hand size matters”, “drawing matters”, “huge mana matters”, “colorless mana matters”, “Simic good stuff matters”, “Eldrazi tribal”, etc.

            Of these, the “colorless mana matters” and “Eldrazi tribal” subthemes have gotten a lot more toys.

            All I said was Kruphix was AMONG the generals who benefits the most from the current block. This really shouldn’t be controversial.

  • maximeray

    Such a cool design…

  • Chaospyke

    There’s this, but World Breaker is a mythic.

    Instant fall in love. I mean he gives you a plus 2 Card advantage every turn. Or completely shuts down an opponent’s monster.
    Not to mention psuedo vigilance. Oh icefall regent? Das funny.

    I’m so looking foward OGW eldrazi. Apparently Zendikar is screwed

    • Happy The Cat

      the main reason world breaker is mythic is that it’s a 5/7 with built in recursion, you draft him in a deck that can run him and he’ll win the game every time you get to cast him, this is good, but not auto win good

    • nightshade88

      Problem with this is that you have to either give it haster or wait for your nest turn before using its abilities, which gives plenty of time for your opponent to answer it. World Breaker instead has a removal effect that triggers when you cast it (so cn’t be easily countered) and a recursion mechanism.

  • Happy The Cat

    wow, the promo looks WAY better than this. why is that which brings end so sassy?

  • BlankT

    Isn’t this pretty neat in Tron? The Tron lands produced mana counts as , right?

  • MrDracoSpirit .

    You won’t run out of cards with this guy on the table. I expect to see him turning up in modern decks too.