• Michael Pepin

    Now this is the better version of Cryptic Serpent.
    Plus it’s just so cool looking :D

    • Larz Eric Paulsen

      Is it better then spellheart chimera? One more toughness but minus trample .

      • Kitnz

        I think so. That extra toughness puts it out of reach of a lot of removal. An X/4 flyer for 1RU is pretty nice.

      • Kevin Wickland

        well this doesn’t die to anger of the gods, which is a plus in UR control if you’re trying to get there, add a power wipe the board and swing with your now bigger and unblocked creature

      • Kyle Kinnear

        Trample on a flier isn’t THAT relevant, whereas the 4th point of toughness is hugely relevant.

  • Ultramegalord

    Yup….Baral burn is looking betterfor and better

  • KrakenHunter


  • The Dracogenius

    First Amonkhet steals the gods from Theros, and now my beloved Spellheart Chimera! Still an amazing card……

    • Daniel Scott

      I feel like they are thinking of this as a kinda theros 2, only it turns out that theros block should have been called Gods block and this is return to gods block. I hope not though, Theros 2 would be my first choice for a new set

      • The Dracogenius

        Theros was my favourite set of all, so I am on board for that. That is mostly the reason why I am a little bit disappointed with Amonkhet right now.

  • Pier-Luc Tremblay

    Why is this not a dragon!?

    • Edward

      Dragons have arms in MTG and Drakes don’t

      • Pier-Luc Tremblay

        Yeah, I know that, but they could have made it a dragon and the artists would have painted arms on it. I want more dragons! There is that Glorybringer, and his ability kind of made me thought there would be more dragons in the set. Which seems pretty unlikely now. Hoping it will be the case in Hour of Devastation

        • Kaiser

          Drakes = low cmc low atk and blue related
          Dragons = Mono red high atk high cmc

          • ymmij X

            depending on plane dragons appear in all 5 colors. but yes drakes are fast and low cost while dragons are big slow and terrifying.

          • Kaiser

            yeah but normally when a drake cost a lot (like nephalia drakes) they have some type of support effect for other cards.

        • Polis_Ohio

          Do you know how expensive arms are? Good lord man, have some respect for WotC’s budget.

        • Hedronal

          Hour of Devastation: minimum one dragon, but not necessarily anything with the creature type dragon.

  • mtgklowns

    Do those new split cards count as 2?

    • Daniel Scott

      No, they are a single card with the combined CMC of both sides when in the yard.

      • Rocket Raccoon

        But, some are Instant and Sorcery at the same time, it just count as 1? It says number of instants and sorceries, not number of cards, so I would guess it would count as 2, but I don’t know

        • Arsène Michiels

          Is says “instant and sorcery CARDS” ; )

        • Curt Vandruff

          it looks the number of CARDS that fulfill the requirement of “instant or sorcery” so it looks at your graveyard and says “yes” or “no”

          If it had wording like “instants plus sorcerys” then it would be counted twice, but with the current wording it’s only one

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Oh hell yeah. I’ll take one, please.

  • maliginerz

    Do those new split cards count as 2?

    • Adam Rhone

      From what iv read no they dont :(.

    • NC

      Just like other split cards, no.

  • Kahai

    Such a pretty drake. :3

  • Kameenook

    Strictly Better Spellheart Chimera ? Or if forget, does chimera have trample ?

    • ymmij X

      it has trample but i’d prefer the 4 toughness

    • Kaiser

      Stricly nice in foil than Spellheart Chimera

    • NothingSpecial

      Chimera has trample, but I feel like this surviving Bolt is going to give it a chance at seeing more Modern play.

  • Insight66

    this is a great day for Drakes

  • MTG420

    Drake Metallic Mimics, here I come!

  • Kaiser

    I need to see this card in foil THAT WINGS ARE SO PRETTY

  • Kyle Kinnear

    Took a pet card of mine and made it good. Also, Steve Argyle killing it on the art again.

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    This flying lizard is gorgeous. The perfect pet.

  • Teddy Gillespie

    This seems modern playable in a delver list. Kind of an evasive tarmogoyf

    • Abraham Estrada Ramírez

      I just play drew the deck raplacing tasigur and gurmag angler with a set of drakes and a set of faithless looting, got two 8/4 fliers by turn 4/5

      • Teddy Gillespie

        Exactly, if you staying in U/R it seems like you’d be able to consitantly have huge evasive threats that don’t die to bolt, this card is a great include

  • elephant tree

    Pleaz come clozer, i’m zelling wonderful runs and spellz, just a ztep clozer so that you can zee….
    (many have become meals trying to buy them)

  • Chaospyke

    Loving that art,. also control is getting a good bit of love here. and with this set overal

  • kmk888

    Although previous incarnations have been unplayable, I suspect the 4th point of toughness is hugely relevant because it blocks significantly better and survives Sweltering Suns. On that topic, cycling instants and sorceries are also going to help this card out a lot.

  • Deadly Berry

    Better than Spellheart Chimera by far thanks to that plus 1 toughness: survives Lightning Bolt. This will be something relevant in modern.

  • galen150

    my brain in a jar rise from the tides deck might need to go grixis now…… some real nice red cards could be nice in the deck……

  • chataolauj

    So, how do aftermath cards work with this guy?

  • TheAdventurer