• Communist_Bear

    already love it

  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    Yassssss my gb explore deck NEEDED this

  • Justus Bruestle

    I think just the second effect by itself is amazing. You could put out two lands turn one.

    • galen150

      well to play a second land you need a creature to target for the first bit. so unless you have a 0 drop creature, you arnt getting 2 lands turn one.

      • Justus Bruestle

        I forgot that’s how it works. Although we do have a 0 drop in standard right now. Of course even if you could just cast it without a creature it would always be better to wait anyway for the chance to get another land or to buff that creature.

      • Hedronal

        The entire convo above needed to remember this.

    • DJ Pad

      That effect is not really worth a card on it’s own, unless it’s permanent like Exploration.

      This is just a bad explore people.

      • Justus Bruestle

        There’s a spell that’s banned in modern that lets you lay another land down on your turn. Its a very powerful effect. How in the wide world is this a bad card?

        • DJ Pad

          Summer bloom lets you play THREE additional lands and doesn’t require that you have a creature in play. Not even on the same level. Not to mention that Summer bloom itself isn’t really that good of a card, it just enabled a deck that would rarely win on turn 3 which was against what wizards envisioned for modern. IMO probably doesn’t even deserve to be banned as it’s not like Amulet Bloom was dominating the tournament scene.

        • Happy The Cat

          Because this is a generally worse version of the not banned Explore. Summer Bloom was broken by abusing Tango lands and Amulet of Vigor, letting you pay two to make 10 mana off two lands, which you could then use to chain into more and more stuff.
          simple math, 3 extra lands >>> 1 extra land.

      • sansmyhands

        That effect IS worth a card on its own. Mana dorks being a creature is generally more of a liability than a benefit and there’s a reason why they don’t make 1CMC dorks anymore. Having a second land in play on turn 1 can be a HUGE tempo gain, which is why they really make you work to pull that off.

        • DJ Pad

          No it isn’t. There’s a reason the only cards that have this effect that see play are either:
          1. Cantrips that replace themselves (Explore)
          2. Much more powerful (Summer bloom)
          3. Repeatable (Exploration, Oracle of Mul-Daya etc.)

          Nobody considers Elvish Pioneer good, and that came with a body attached.

          First of all, with regards to this card, you’re never playing this on turn 1 unless you’re rocking ornithopter which is bad on it’s own. Unlike a mana dork, it doesn’t actually add extra mana, it simply accelerates a turn IF you have a land in hand. If you have no creatures in play it’s uncastable, if you have no land in hand it’s embarassingly weak AND It’s a horrible topdeck.

          • sansmyhands

            That is all true, which is why the card probably won’t see any play, but nothing you said is a valid argument for the ability not being worth a card. Being up an extra land early in the game is most certainly worth a card, hence why you have to jump through hoops to achieve it.

            And Elvish Pioneer only lets you hit basic lands, which is a definite drawback, though I do believe the card saw play in its day.

          • Jalais

            Half the time it’s going to be costing you two cards. Unless you’re running enough scry to filter your topdeck, you cant reliably hit the land on explore, so it costs you this card plus the land from hand to play it.

          • sansmyhands

            Playing an extra land from your hand is not putting you down a card, it’s putting you up a land on the battlefield. This card sometimes costs you one card and sometimes costs you zero.

          • DJ Pad

            Are you bad at math or something? Putting a land FROM your hand on the battlefield is not net card advantage. Losing a spell in your hand to do it is card disadvantage. Putting a land from your library, graveyard, exile etc. IS card advantage.

            It’s remarkable how easy it is to evaluate this card, and yet many people are struggling to.

          • DJ Pad

            Those are all valid reasons for why the effect on it’s own is not worth a card, just like scry 1-2 isn’t worth a card on it’s own just like many effects are worth maybe half a card at best of value. Elvish pioneer has that effect on a 1/1 body and literally never sees or saw any play.

            Lets put it this way explore gives you a card AND this effect for 1G, a cantrip on it’s own in non-blue colours is usually costing you 1.5-2 mana. This effect is MAYBE worth half a card at best.

            If they printed this without the explore/creature requirement as:

            You may play an additional land card this turn

            It would be awful and never see play.

  • Random Guy

    Explore, except you explore xd

    So the strength of this depends on whether you prefer to draw 1, or to scry 1 and support 1. Definitely good with explore tribal.

    • Justus Bruestle

      What do you mean “you explore”. It says target creature.

      • Random Guy

        Explore is an old card.

    • Alex

      You dawg. I heard you like Explore, so I put explore on your Explore so you can explore when you explore.

  • Chris Tomsky

    Calling it now, this is gonna be really good.

  • Nathaniel Watson

    This looks like the best card in the set so far.

  • Happy The Cat

    Hey, so Zada, Hedron Grinder is a card, old school RUG tokens with the ability to filter a TON of cards and play just as many lands for one mana?

  • Laws

    Dismissed, moving onto the the next card when holyshitwhatisthatlastlineoftext?

    Might genuinely be better than Attune

    • Jalais

      Only if you would hit a land off explore, and even then it wouldn’t fix you.

    • DJ Pad

      Attune can be played on turn 1, and gets you energy, and isn’t card disadvantage over half the time….

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Gyat daym! Exploration!