• Matt Abraham

    Sweet art but what’s with the color behind the card frame?

    • lolzers

      New hybrid mana?

      • guest

        maybe just special foil for gods? or some kind of hybrid mana that lets you sacrifice enchantments instead of pay cmc since enchantments are big in this set

        • kingmeep

          that was a very nonchalant way of going about introducing such a wild, all be it cool, idea for a mechanic.

          • guest

            haha yeap. i just thought i’d throw it out there because me and my buddies were wondering how and if the enchantment theme and gods theme connect in theros.

          • guest

            specifically, the “Found a way to take enchantments and bring gods to life.” really got me thinking

          • Shadow

            Maybe the Gods themselves are creatures that need enchantments on the field. And enchantments affect the gods in some way to keep them ‘godly’.

  • guest

    how i hope he rivals emrakul in power. my sneak show needs some good new fatties (though i do not think there will ever be fatties better than griselbrand and emrakul)

  • Demi

    Awesome. New color of mana? Or just for the Gods?

    Erebus, the God of Shadow, right?

    • risu

      its a special frame for the gods

      • GhostStone

        Actually for enchantment creatures, the top half gets all sparkly, and the gods just happen to be legendary enchantment creatures.

        • risu

          i was going by what was said at comic con about the gods getting special frames

  • welan

    Maybe he is an enchantment . YOu know a bit like the artifact creature. I do hope they will be playable in EDH

    • Jordan

      The spoiler says the gods come from enchantments, so most likely.

  • Lego

    they probably can only be summoned with the enchantments, and have some clause like “if this is put into play without … exile it” that way it couldnt be abused with reanimater or Sneak and Tell, so theycould be even more powerful than Emrakul or Griselbrand

    • guest

      nooooooooo! the point is for them to be abused by sneak show!

    • guy

      i agree. sneak show, and reanimater is like dredge. it was amusing and unique…but with time it’s lost it’s charm and has become stale and boring. We have new lands to explore. ON TO THE NEW!

  • Ludicolo

    Maybe they’re enchantment creatures.

    They haven’t reprinted Lucid Liminid yet, whose flavortext mentions it being “a herald of the Sun Goddess”

    • guest

      you sir were right on the money!

  • That Guy

    When I first saw the background on that card, I thought: PURPLE MANA!!!

  • Ethan M. Gottlieb

    He’s gotta be legendary right? XD

  • Mike Thomas

    I’m thinking a new mechanic similar to monster summoning in Yu-Gi-Oh. Big gods, like 15 CC, but can be cast for 2 less for each permanent sacrificed of the associated colours. eg, this god would cost 2 less for each black permanent you sacrificed.

    Maybe? idk

  • Loiden Mc Leroy

    Imagine this in a pre-release. “I play a god card.” your opponent would fall out the chair.

  • rockhardhazard

    seriously “god cards” why is wizards just appealing to the yugioh crowd so much, this is just ruining standard.

    • Guest

      People like you are just mad that the Yugioh secondary market has always been better than magic’s.
      Also the crowd doesn’t complain and whine when a new card type is introduced that may/may not seem like something you’ve seen before.
      Would you complain is Wizards gave you a $100 in one of your booster packs? Would it be folded wrong?
      I hope they ruin standard. You people need to be punished.

  • Guy

    yeah yeah… real original. the guy named “Erebos, Black God of the Dead” turns out to be a black card. If i was in charge, i’d have the same art and name but have him be a mono green card just to throw every one off. Take that magic community and there ‘i can’t be tricked’ and ‘my predictions are always right’ attitude.

  • Andy Dondes

    Creature enchantment! look at the archon!

  • guest

    hopefully this guy will have the enchantment power to reanimate and give your reanimated creatures a bonus!

  • Daniel


  • William S. Miller


  • Bob

    Just got it in a random $5 pack. Indestructible; Only counts as a monster when you have a devotion of 5 (B) or more; Opponents can’t gain life; (1)(B)(2 Life): Draw a card; 5/7