Expose Evil - Shadows over Innistrad Spoiler

Expose Evil

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Tap up to two target creatures.

Investigate. (Put a colorless Clue artifact token onto the battlefield with “1 Mana, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.”)

  • MrAptronym

    I love the flavor on investigate. Its a neat mechanic, with a lot of weird interactions I can see already. I like the idea of saving up clues for instant speed draw in control.

  • Derek Niles

    investigate is weird as hell lol but i like it

  • wwww

    I guess Clue will be a new artifact subtype, right?

    Nice way to makes cantrips.

    • MrAptronym

      EDIT:I am wrong.
      Original post: Nope. Not a subtype. It’s the name of the token. Just like the Gold tokens Gild makes.

      • Aarhg

        Actually, wwww is right. Gild reads as follows: “Put a colorless artifact token named Gold onto the battlefield.”, whereas investigate doesn’t state that the name of the token is anything. Clue is a subtype, just like Equipment is.

        • MrAptronym

          Hmm, you are correct. That probably means we’ll be getting cards that care about clues.

          • Aarhg

            It’s getting all Sherlock Holmes up in here.

          • eltratzo

            It is however still a token. since it now uses the typical token creature template, it will propably create artfact tokens with the subtype “Clue” that are therefore also named clue as per usual token conventions. It also seems like a nice mechanic even in a vacuum. weaker than outright cantriping but still a nice addition to cards. So far I like the Idea.

          • MrAptronym

            Though it is weaker than cantriping, I am hoping it is cost aggressively. The rest of the effect of this card is generally at 2CMC with a small upside, while this effect cantrip’d is 2W. So it would appear they are willing to cost these cards below cantrip. I love the idea of being able to play thgese early game and later, when I have mana, I can pay for the cantrip.
            If this appears on other cards that generally can go with an upside like Cancel then I am 100% sold on it

          • Jaden Ledkins

            First I believe since Clue is capitalized, it is the name of the artifact.

            Second, I would love a W/x legendary Sherlock Holmes creature that has the ability, “Whenever another creature dies, Investigate.”

            But some skulking suspicion tells me that Jace will be that Sherlock Holmes…. ugh….

          • MrAptronym

            I hope not, I like this mechanic too much and I don’t want a deck filled with cards talking about jace and showing jace. Time to contact some people about card alters I guess :V

          • Robert FakeLastName

            so non token clues confirmed?

          • MrAptronym

            That seems unlikely to me. The Investigate ability makes a Clue token named Clue that has a distinct ability. If nontoken clues were going to be around you would probably see the name being different from the type, or the ability to produce different kinds of clues with different abilities.
            I could be wrong here, but it just seems bad stylistically if you were intending to introduce clues as a type of artifact.
            That said, wizards does not use subtypes on noncreatures unless they have weight in the set or mechanical meaning. Mechanical meaning seems unlikely so I think we will have cards that need you to have or sacrifice a certain number of clues.

  • NC

    that zombie is stretching.

  • Legendary_Hero7

    Sigarda quote? New Sigarda card in Shadows maybe?

    • Hedronal

      If so, I hope for the other powerpuff girls.

      • Arcus Diabolus

        its a safe bet that if they are still evil when they are printed in eldritch moon, then they are going to be dead by the end of the story.

    • nightshade88

      Not an indication of such. In Gatewatch there was a quote from Iona, but no Iona card.

  • xxxx

    i hope there is much more white Investigate to come
    getting some white card draw would be sweet for mono w in edh :D

  • Happy The Cat

    so now eggs will have a key word?

  • Snievan

    I’m getting a raging clue from this….

    • boogers

      Uhhhhh. My clue is pointing over there.

  • Soren Szilver

    interesting new mechanic, but this will need support, i foresee cards hat say “gets +1/+1 for each clue you control” or something like that.

    • MrAptronym

      Since its a subtype I do expect support, but even if there isn’t this is a good mechanic for control. I can imagine a counterspell for 1UU that says “Counter target spell. Investigate.” That is a card I want. Agressive costing is going to be important here.

  • boogers

    “Terror falls from the skies on blood-spattered wings and nameless horros lurk in the shadows. The planeswalkers of the Gatewatch investigate its dark mysteries.”
    This text and this mechanic are making this set feel like scooby doo. I swear if the Gatewatch crew get a talking planeswalking dog I’m going to sell all my magic cards.
    Inb4 emrakul turns out to be old man jenkins in a mask.

    • MrAptronym

      I will unironically double down and buy a box if they get a talking, planeswalking dog.

      • Jody Williams

        Arlinn Kord is probably happening. So I’m counting it.

        • MrAptronym

          Dang, you got me there. Better start saving up.

    • Hedronal

      Nice references, but I doubt the whole Gatewatch would come here now. It’s too soon after they were involved, and they don’t all have reasons to come here.

    • xxxx

      Now I want a werewolf walker so bad :)

  • Dominic Ng

    Why is this not CONTRAPTION ?!?!?!

    • Hedronal

      Because those haven’t been figured out yet, and/or don’t fit with Innistrad at all. Something like that takes a major mechanic slot, when all it would be at most on Innistrad is something alchemy-related, when there’s only a few cards like that anyway.

      I hope at some point contraptions happen, but not here now.

  • Razor

    Well, the only thing why I like this mechanic is that you can get a card from a Clue and two Gold :D

  • MTG fan

    Send to sleep with investigate

  • Fargor

    I need a nerfed mana leak with investigate, pls make this happen.

    • Fargor

      for two mana, the nerf in the pay tax, dont make another awful 3 mana counter.

    • Fargor

      for two mana, the nerf in the mana tax, dont make another awful three mana counter

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        Mana leak is broken.
        Counterspell is too strong for modern.