Exquisite Blood - Avacyn Restored Spoiler

Exquisite Blood

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Whenever an opponent loses life, you gain that much life.

Even as humans regained the upper hand, some still willingly traded their lives for a chance at immortality.

  • Mrmario7502

    This with Sanguine Bond.

    • Jamesrobbins2323

      this with sanguine bond…. play piranha marsh… best win ever

  • Eli

    Nice, very splashable.

  • Tron.g

    infinite combo with sanguine bond?

  • Sajomir

    Considering all forms of damage = losing life, you could have all sorts of fun with this. Play Killing Wave with this thing out, play any burn, double it with lifelink (vampires maybe?)…. so many options.

  • Rust546

    good with falkeratn noble when a creature dies they lose 1 life you gain 2

  • Dengkai

    opposite of sanguine bonds.

  • Dengkai

    They better not reprint sanguine bonds in this current meta, if not Ho Lee Schitt.

  • Wisdomseyes

    This card can definitely be abused, but seems to weak for a 5 mana enchantment to be abused in standard.

    “all your SPELLS gain lifelink” for 5 mana

    I personally like true conviction, creatures get double strike and lifelink for 6… but that never saw play either.

    we will see later formats using this for damage = your life total i can bet.

    • Pulse159

       damage counts as loss of life.