Garruk, Caller of Beasts - M14 Spoiler

Garruk, Caller of Beasts

  • Color: Green
  • Type: Planeswalker - Garruk
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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+1 : Reveal the top 5 cards of your library. Put all creature cards revealed this way into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

-3 : You may put a Green creature card from your hand onto the battlefield.

-7 : You get an emblem with “Whenever you cast a creature spell, you may search your library for a creature card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.”

  • paul bunyan


    • paul bunyan

      not the best

  • kaalia

    good but wont see standard play. well maybe but hes still not the best garruk

    • adanac

      Depends on what kind of green god like creatures that wizards will release with theros.

    • Joshua McTiernan

      Idk I could see this as a two of on those R/G Aggro Decks just for some late game card draw or to put out that dern Worldspine Wurm. Never underestimate good ramp either

    • Carlos Pimpão

      it will absolutely see play in junk-type decks. or as im going to play, mono green. its perfect. like you can draw tons of creatures so then u can drop some. u can drop this guy at turn 4 with ease. turn 5 you can do so many things it can decide the game at turn 6.

  • Guest

    The all black variant is neat..too bad I live on the other coast from that event.

  • Kenzie LaMar

    EDH Garruk? I think he would be fun in an EDH deck. Definitely not the best Garruk. I’m ready for new planeswalker types.

  • guest

    6 mana and can’t protect himself? Definitely not as good as primal hunter. Still though… Worldspine Wurm is a card…

    • Broth

      He can… You can put some good wall in front of him… ;)

    • Zombie

      Ramp him out turn 4-5, -3 for Armada Wurm/Thragtusk/Prime Speaker Zegana/Worldspine Wurm, turn 5-6 +1 to dig, play another fatty.

      I don’t see how Garruk, Primal Hunter is better than that.

  • Madison César

    Will be banned in EDH. Certainty…

    • yousquiddinme

      A bit of an overreaction. He’s hardly ban-able. Planeswalkers aren’t that tough to deal with in EDH.

      • Monk O’Riordan

        My thoughts exactly. His +1 is a pretty common effect in EDH, with cards like Mayael going the extra step of being able to put the creature straight onto the battlefield, the -3 is just an Elvish Piper for green creatures, and although the -7 is pretty awesome, it would take alot of protection for him to even get to the -7, and to be honest, if the person kept out this planeswalker for 4 turns in EDH, they deserve the emblem.

        • Astropuls3

          Unless of course that player is playing doubling season.. Then he can ultimate the moment he hits the field.

          • Zombie

            That’s not how Doubling Season works, you twat. Doubling Season has two separate abilities. One doubles the amount of tokens that you put into play. The other doubles the amount of counters that something would place on your permanent. A Planeswalker comes into play with Loyalty “COUNTERS”, not tokens, and as such the Planeswalker will come into play with their normal amount of Loyalty counters, not double. Doubling Season, WILL, however, double however many Loyalty counters your Planeswalkers place on themselves for using their +(x) abilities.

            If you’ve played Doubling Season in the way that you’ve been thinking it works, I suggest apologizing to anyone you’ve played it with, because you’ve been cheating.

          • Gathererer

            10/1/2005 –

            will enter the battlefield with double the normal amount of loyalty
            counters. However, if you activate an ability whose cost has you put
            loyalty counters on a planeswalker, the number you put on isn’t doubled.
            This is because those counters are put on as a cost, not as an effect. and this is from the oracle of doubling season.

          • Monk O’Riordan

            So how does Doubling Season work with +1/+1 counters suh as with a card like Death’s Presence, Corpsejack Menace, or even Undying like with Mikaeus, the Unhallowed?

          • Brock

            @disqus_jXeKQL1sHs:disqus Maybe you should read the rulings on Doubling Season before calling someone a twat. Incase you’re lazy here they are
            10/1/2005: The tokens and counters that Doubling Season creates are exact copies of the kind of tokens and counters that were being created in the first place.
            10/1/2005: Doubling Season affects cards that “enter the battlefield with” a certain number of counters. Triskelion, for example, would enter the battlefield with six +1/+1 counters on it rather than three.
            10/1/2005: If there are two Doubling Seasons on the battlefield, then the number of tokens or counters is four times the original number. If there are three on the battlefield, then the number of tokens or counters is eight times the original number, and so on.
            10/1/2005: Planeswalkers will enter the battlefield with double the normal amount of loyalty counters. However, if you activate an ability whose cost has you put loyalty counters on a planeswalker, the number you put on isn’t doubled. This is because those counters are put on as a cost, not as an effect.
            So @b560bf52291079be3bb167f842ab3bc4:disquswas correct in how it works and you are obviously the twat

          • Monk O’Riordan

            But you’d have to have it out on the field already or tutor for it. In EDH it’s extremely hard to get that perfect scenario every time. There’s been times I’ve played and havent seen a couple select cards that day, thats the beauty of EDH.

  • Manos Kon

    Well, his main ability is obviously the second one, but i don’t think
    Dramatic Entrance was played, was it?

  • Xero

    OK, people, yes, we know he’s not the best. However him + Doubling Season or Gilder Bairn = Some shenanigans the turn he comes out.

  • CodyGozRawr

    Ok guys, does it matter that he can’t protect himself, if you can protect him for 3 turns, you will win, oh lets see, cast arbor elf, get worldspine wurm, sounds good to me!

    • Jeremysclone

      That’s how it is with like every planeswalker…. Protect them for 3 turns and you get an ability that makes it hard for the opponent to win

  • David Bannister

    Damn, this is good.

  • yousquiddinme

    His -3 sort of protects himself, especially if it’s something insane like Worldspine Wurm. Turn 5 15/15 with trample that leaves behind 5/5’s seems really busted.

  • Carlos Pimpão

    my mono green will love to have some of these

  • selesnyaWarden

    well a few days back when they spoiled a FAKE Garruk, I predicted his first ability would be +1 comune with nature, but then they would replace that basic effect with something more fair to play well with his other abilities and for the current format, so here he is, with a twist for comune with nature but just for creatures, and then a -3 for worldspine wurm, and finally a wild pair, but better, say, emrakul or ulamog anyone? sure is fun,

    • Daece

      Emrakul and Ulamog aren’t green… Progenitus on the other hand :)

      • Toad

        The emblem you get with his ultimate doesn’t specify the creatures must be green.

        • Pedro Martins

          but its much harder to use the emblem then the 2º hability

      • selesnyaWarden

        well, that’s the point my friend :) the beauty of the effect of the emblem says you “may” search your library for a creature card and put it onto the battlefield. It also does not specify color so technically you could find a colorless BIG BOMB eldrazi, or something else, similar to wild pair but no power/toughness restriction. It can be any color, any size.

  • selesnyaWarden

    seeing the wolf tokens for M14 makes me want master of the wildhunt, an addition to my selesnya deck or gruul, so he’s comming back, and the angel token seems sweet,

  • xcver

    Well with Doubling Season he ultimates and lives at the same time when he comes into play. quite the auto-include if you are green in EDH. The second part may also warrant it in standard or modern for Worldspine Wurm or Progenitus.

    • Jordan

      no he doesn’t. he doesn’t come into play with double counters. only when an effect places counters on him.

      • Joshua McTiernan

        Please go back and read the ruling sir…

      • xcver

        Oh they do. When they ETB the counters are placed on them and are doubled up by Doubling Season. When you use their abilities it won’t get doubled though cause that is a cost and not an effect.

  • Pete

    Well its pretty safe to say that WOTC have been working hard to make planeswalkers not INSANE. because lets face it, we have been spoiled with Overpowered planeswalkers. Karn, Jace TMS. gideon ( the Old one) and Little Liliana are examples of this. So they are at the point where you just dont actually win if the person you are playing against doesnt just give up. As far as this Garruk goes. Its pretty cool. Pretty sure he would be a bit too good if he was the 5 mana we are accustom to. His + is something that can just reload your hand. Its sorta like Lead the stampede. His – is sometimes just insane if you got the right creature; and plus we dont know what green creatures we will see in theros. And With all ultimates, if you do not win with his ult, something with wrong.

  • Pedro Martins

    progenitus says hi

  • psyrencalling

    I think this card will definately see standard play. Just being able to cheat in any green creaure should be enough to protect him. I mean there is Armada wurm, progenitor mimic, thragtusk, prime speaker zeganna, ect. If you can keep it out for more than one turn that is amazing too. I mean your getting a card every turn that, unless your facing an impossible board state, will help you in any situation.

    • guest

      Why would you play a 6-mana planeswalker to “sneak in” 6-mana (or less) creatures?

      • psyrencalling

        Card advantage and board advancement. Having a creature that cost more than 8 cmc in a standard deck is a little far fetched, even with this planeswalker. So,with that in mind, being able to cheat in any creature below that cmc is amazing.

    • COJ

      I just think I would rather play Aetherling or Mimic on turn 6, it’s too reliant on having another big creature in your hand to really impact the board. Going to be a blast playing him in limited.

    • adanac

      you are actually getting up to 5 cards per turn with his +1

  • KillGut

    Run him in a junk deck with obzedat’s aid. Or run him in a wall’s deck with axebane guardian and some fatties. Even if he is only out for 1 turn after you drop him, he is going to draw you like 3+ cards in a mostly creature based deck which is crazy card advantage for a non-blue deck. Or you could even run him in a bant deck and have target like the mimic and armada wurm. He cheats creatures into play as well so that helps mitigate counter magic which is good. Since they either waste a counter on him and you get to run your creature out next turn or you just get to cheat in your creature.Not broken or op, but it could be good in the right deck.

    • Zombie

      Only problem with this theory is that both Obzedat’s Aid and the Defender Ramp to Nowhere decks are both strictly for a casual environment. Any decent aggressive deck in Standard would kill you before you got anything set up, mostly because you rely on your big butt Defenders to protect you, where in reality their creatures are probably bigger than yours, and they get there much faster.

      The best spot I see this Garruk in is a Bant build. You can easily put in ways to ramp, stall, and efficiently protect Garruk.

  • Zombie

    Unfortunately, if this Garruk was Ever used in Standard, it would probably be only able to -3 when it hits the table then +1 the next turn if you’re lucky. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got powerful abilities, but paying 6 mana for a Planeswalker in Standard is a little much. If you place him in a midrange build, he will be at the very top of your curve, probably hitting the board after you’ve already played the bombs you would have wanted to search for. I could see him as a one- of in Naya/Selesnya Midrange, with another in the sideboard at most. You can argue that he searches for creatures better than Domri Rade, but Domri does it 3 turns earlier and isn’t sitting and the highest point in your curve. I can’t help but feel this Garruk will see very limited Constructed play.

    • KillGut

      He could cheat out Trostani’s Summoner. You know, for the lolz.

      • Jordan

        why? I’d rather play him, +1, then next turn pay for a thragtusk, then cheat out a progenitor mimic or prime speaker.

        • Zombie

          You’re more than likely going to want to -3 to cheat out a creature as soon as Garruk hits the table, mostly because if you pay 6 mana just to dig, you’ve lost a huge amount of tempo. If you’re in a position where you would need to +1 after you pay the 6 mana for Garruk, chances are you’re already losing. The best situation is to play Garruk at the top of your curve, use his -3 to cheat out a fat green creature like Thragtusk, Armada Wurm, or Prime Speaker (just as a few examples), and then dig for more threats the following turn. The thing about playing Garruk and not playing another creature, is that you’re digging for more creatures, yes, but you’re also not playing anything else that turn, and that’s just bad. Unless you’re very far ahead, in which case no matter you do with Garruk, Caller of Beasts, it’s going to simply be “win-more”.

    • Joshua McTiernan

      Well said

  • affinityforsheep

    Okay, the obvious combo of this+worldspine wurm is something on everyone’s mind. this combo is obviously exellent against the control decks of standard, with they’re lack of countermagic and inability to wrath it away, as it leaves behind 15 power in attackers. but against aggro it seemes downright awful. even if you can pull of a turn 5 wurm, half the time you are dead on turn 4, thanks emissary, or the wurm does not represent enough blockers to provide any sort of saving grace. in addition to standard having NO premiere library manipulation, this combo is SUPER soft to azorious charm. will possibly see some standard play, but will not be a mainstay of sandard. could see him, as a one of, in some prime-speaker bant shell.

  • Autonomachy

    Damn… five color EDH says thank you.

  • Sean Mclorie

    this garruk’s kinda bad the old 4 drop one was like 100000x better he has a home in edh maybe as a misers copy in standard or some gimmick.deck

  • Pat Whitbeck

    im just glad he looks like he got over that nastiness liliana left him with.

  • Stefan Shaggy Stoffell

    Imagine Turn 1 land mana dork Turn 2 archdruid land Turn 3 land Garruk worldspine worm or something nasty!!!!!

  • Stevey

    -3 HOOF! There it is

  • selesnyaWarden

    I would like to know the name of the meme Evan Erwan uses in his magic show number 276 to mock garruk’s ultimate. The meme goes, “ultimates new garruk, no creatures left in his deck” lol, it was so hilarious,,

  • TKG

    this card is perfect for a deck based on wurms. I have a deck with a ton of wurms that this guy is perfect for.