• Jazzyboy1

    Disappointing value for a mythic, but it’s still pretty cool. This thing will be amazing in Limited, and it may see play in some EDH decks.
    I doubt it’ll see competitive play in Constructed formats, because it’s 5 mana for a conditional 7/7 with *only* flying and an awkward self-reanimation ability. I really love the flavour though.

    • Niedude

      To be fair, though, this card should combo perfectly with the new self-discard mechanics and Madness that this set is gonna focus on. And it already works very well with the “fill the graveyard” zombies from the previous Innistrad AND the Flashback cards from that set, too

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Well that’s a weird thing for a blue creature. That said, one, please.

  • Zombie

    With the return of Madness there’s a chance this could really do some work as a threat/engine hybrid.

    • Happy The Cat

      is it bad the thing I want the most is a new Wheel? Tossing your hand is always fun with madness and I’d love a chance to kill one of these with a wheel of fourtune

    • TogetherAlone

      It also fuels delirium as you can throw the exact card types you need in the graveyard.

  • Zachary Cooper

    I’m going to need to rework my innistrad cube, it already had a madness subtheme but it looks like i’m going to need to support it more. Also WOO HOO more blue zombies and red vampires. (Now I just need to save for good sleeves)

  • Taxle

    Need this for my Geralf EDH deck ASAP! Love it, that they even made it work with its master as well

  • Melissa Juice

    Love it.

    Mill this, then reanimate it with the ability. Weirdo madness mill decks incoming.

  • wwww

    Combines well with Skaab Ruinator from the old Innistrad.

  • Ryū


  • Dr. Burn Crow

    This and Relentless Dead. Sweet child of slaughter.

  • kmk888

    Super interesting midgame threat. I suspect that it won’t be playable in Standard constructed UNLESS there are decent free madness spells or possibly a madness land. It’s just really bad to save up 3 cards and spend 4 mana only to face a removal spell and get 4-for-1ed. Free madness costs though…

    • Hedronal

      Low madness costs, as well as anything that lets you profit from it being in your graveyard.

    • Happy The Cat

      dont forget that while throwing three spells you get a 7/7 flyer, if one of your pitched spells is removal with madness you could just win the game by clearing the skies for your fatty. this is going to be another one of these mid/late game creatures that just end games because people tossed their hands for madness “value”

    • TogetherAlone

      This also can pitch card types needed to trigger delirium, don’t forget this!!

  • xxxx

    Maybe it could find its place in modern dredgevine. Though paying 4 to activate might be 1 too much…

  • Happy The Cat

    people talking about this for standard. Do you not see how well this works with Mimeoplasm? It’s a five drop 7/7 that can kill itself when you want mimeo to be big or it can let you toss cards for four mimeo can get more food. add some repeatable draws and maybe some dredge and you’ve got a nice suicide kit to feed mimeo with

    • kmk888

      Not everyone immediately thinks of EDH, particularly not a single commander in the entirety of the EDH format.

    • DJ Pad

      There are MUCH better cards to abuse or enable a Mimeoplasm EDH deck.

      Personally, I think this is a bulk mythic. The Skaab ruinator of the set.

      • TogetherAlone

        This is much better than Skabb Ruinator. This thing can be put in play at instant speed, fueling madness AND delirium. So, recap, minimum 4/4 flying for 4 and either pitching madness cards or the exact card types you need for delirium.

        Do I think this is a build around card.
        However there is a lot of potential in this card if we get some good delirium and madness cards.

  • Deadly Berry

    How good can he (he?) be? As good as you can combo him in a Madness deck/mill deck. Pretty good to discard while reanimating itself to go for the kill. I feel the discard 3 cards is a little more late game oriented as I don’t think there will be many low cmc madness costs (if you intend to pay any madness cost). Very worth to have 1 or max 2 in a deck.

    • TogetherAlone

      Ok, but this thing can pitch the exact card types you need to activate delirium as well, so don’t sell it too short, especially when activating it on your opponents end step and swing for at least 4 on your turn following.

  • Lord_of_Riots

    Without the mana cost I would have given it a serious look, but as is it’s just poor.

  • joe

    fits well into my geralf edh deck

  • Ryan Hoekman

    So… does no one else notice that it can block and still flies? For that matter, it can be brought back at ANY time and is a zombie. Shit’s nuts man.

  • Chromasticore

    Looks like Geralf got his hands on Griselbrand’s corpse

    • Goliathan

      I don’t think so, the masterpiece is clearly made up of multiple Human bodies. Definitely modeled after him though.

      • Chromasticore

        And the masterpiece doesn’t have Griseldaddy’s horns, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t demon bits mixed in. Like the torso maybe and those ginormous wings it flies on

  • Andy Upton

    skaab ruiniator dredgevine just got a new toy and it is bertiful

  • dduuurrrr dddduuuurrrr

    pulling inspiration from the phantasmagorian?

  • ingxhu

    so is geralf gona be in this set

  • Happy The Cat

    that’s not a flavor fail Geralf has many masterpieces