• BusinessmanGinger


  • GunCoffee

    Incoming unburials+griselbrand shenanigans? Will we get an Elesh Norn at rare? I sadly doubt that last part but one can hope, Elesh is the girl <3

    • ShadyBiz42

      elesh norn is too good for rare

      • GunCoffee

        I entirely agree with you, even if it saddens me to have to wait quite some time before she is reprinted again and I can get my grubby paws on her

  • Nanya

    Oh hey, a banned EDH card!

    • Gord

      I didn’t know this was banned. Then I read the card and had all kinds of crazy ideas only to be ruined as soon as I read this lol

  • Luminous_leper

    Gifts may be the best reprint of the set. This card would probably be a mythic rare today.