• Aleczander117

    So good

  • Guest

    Even without the melding part… Baneslayer angel 0.8. How good was she the last time in standard?

    • Pretty bad, it did die to Doom Blade.

      • Kevan Kramer

        One, dies to doom blade is a bad argument and two, no doom blade in standard.

        • Joke = missed

          • Mack Tackleton

            I don’t get the joke either?? Could you explain please?

          • The joke is the “dies to X” part, it’s been a running joke amoung players for years.

          • MithosFall

            That’s not a joke, that’s a meme. And just like all memes, they get overdone.

          • You do realize that a lot memes are jokes right?

          • MithosFall

            Well, first off, no. Probably less than 5% of memes are jokes. Not all jokes are memes, and not all memes are jokes, and this is definitely not a joke.

          • “This card is bad because it dies to doom blade” is most certainly a satirical joke. Also, with the number of memes out there, 5% is still a lot considering the number of forms that they can take, and the 5% is still probably too low.

          • MithosFall

            “Dies to doom blade” is a phrase that has no humor behind it. People find it annoying, rather than funny, especially because it seems to be in the comment section of many decent creatures on Gatherer. Well, most people find it annoying except maybe the person who posts it, but even then, it’s probably not the joke itself, and even if it is, technically anything can be humorous in the right conditions to the right people. That sounds far more like a meme than a joke to me. Also, confirmed, less than 5% of a group is still considered “a lot”.

          • Wow, you must be a bore if you can’t see the humor in satire.

          • MithosFall

            Devolving into insults, huh? Can’t have a respectful argument on the internet without getting butthurt? I get it, it’s hard for you to be civilized.

          • Butthurt? I’m no where near that, I’m just sarcastically pointing out the fact that you don’t understand/appreciate satire.

          • Driven

            I’m probably betting more like 60% of memes are satire. Maybe more.

          • dehhh

            oh my god, shut up

  • Daniel

    Inori is that you?!

  • Melissa Juice

    Holy cow, she’s powerful.

  • Red

    I never thought to see the day of an ANGEL HORROR creature combination.

    • Dr. Burn Crow

      You mean Wayward Angel?

      • Jacob Kodicovic

        I think he means without a clause that makes it a horror

        • Dr. Burn Crow

          Yeah, like Wayward Angel.

          • Jacob Kodicovic

            Whoops, my bad. Just read the card again.

  • Khan1104

    She’s is broken alright

  • I wish she was 3/4 to make her Modern playable.

    • Chair-sama

      Same :(

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Dang, girl, you got scary.

  • Lockwert

    >Brisela, Voice of Nightmares
    Mozzarela, Avatar of Cheese
    Pepperoni, Pizza Master

    • Kaiser

      Need more “eldrazi” names (?)

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    This is weird. Why is Gisela mythic but Bruna is rare? Either Wizards thinks Gisela is better, or they’re saving up for an OP white mythic.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      Because Gisela *is* better.
      She’s BSA’s little sister.
      Bruna’s just a cool big EDH card.

      • Kevan Kramer

        She might see some standard play as a 1 or 2 of. Both cards are great in EDH

        • Mr.Mayhem631

          She’s a smaller cheaper BSA.

    • That one guy who Comments

      Gisela costs 4 mana and Bruna costs more plus it makes it easier to obtain both in draft

      • Derek Mullins

        This; guarantee it’s meant to make the meld easier to put together in limited formats.

    • Dave

      Gisela is a LOT better.

  • Julna Buras

    I’d imagine if you play this, you’d want a few copies of Gisela but only one of Bruna, since Bruna is much higher up the curve. And, once you play Bruna, she can just get Gisela back. Nice little synergy they have there.

  • Alice Louise Moore

    So, it is the Big Fat Hairy Monster from the Unsets.

    • Kevan Kramer

      That is the card that inspired the Meld Mechanic yes.

  • Nolly

    Because green white needed more powerful, bound-to-be expensive cards. It was definitely suffering in that department before.

  • ashton

    So Bruna decks will now run pull from eternity on an isochron scepter? Ok

    • Kevan Kramer

      Why? She is not an Elrazi card on her front side which is what matters

      • Samuel

        Ipull from Eternity brings any creature from exile into its owner’s graveyard for (w) eldrazi part doesn’t matter

        • Kevan Kramer

          It only pulls Eldrazi cards from exile

          • Hedronal

            Pull from Eternity gets any face-up exiled card into that card’s owner’s graveyard.

          • Samuel

            your thinking of the new one, pull from the eternity is from time spiral and costs (w) and literally reads “put target face up card that’s removed from the game into it’s owner’s graveyard.”

          • Kore

            Pull from Eternity, not Coax from the Blind Eternities. Pull from Eternity is and old white instant from the time spiral block that puts a creature from exile into its owner’s graveyard, no types taken into account.

    • Bige Boiy

      gisela goes to grave if the fusion dies

      • Kore

        Bruna’s still gone though. Maybe for her?

        • Bige Boiy

          bruna goes to command zone lol

  • Bostorket

    Baneslayer’s little sister, beast blood infection aside.

  • Happy The Cat

    … I’ll miss you Gisela. All the times you doubled a burn spell so I could kill something or every time some token swarm deck tried to kill me but didn’t know you rounded up. I remember the first time you picked up a Loxodon Warhammer, that rug combo deck didn’t stand a chance. people say that the best angel is Akroma or old Avacyn or Iona, but no, it was you. Boros is a much lesser guild without you…
    press F to pay respects.

  • Bacon

    Well, they weren’t wrong when they called her broken…

  • PunTellingPuma

    Gisela reminds me of Slan from Berserk. Must be the hair.

  • larryand corn

    i feel like thy coulda made bruna and gisela black, why cant we get black angels…

    • PunTellingPuma

      We totally do there are three

      • disqus_A12YL8TXnr

        Oh boy a whole three.

    • De’Elgathor

      Because angels are an iconic white tribe, constructed from white mana, who believe in white ideals and use white magic to enforce their white philosophy. You want a black tribe, constructed from black mana, who believe in black ideals and use black magic to enforce their black philosophy? Play demons.

      • Nharzhool

        Racist! lol

  • Jacob Sevenfold Crow

    So question, if one of the two (Bruna or Gisela) is my commander and I meld them together into Brisela would the melded combination still count as my commander?

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      No, because this is an entirely different permanent. It will only be your commander while it isn’t transformed.

      • Happy The Cat

        actually the ruling is that it does count as commander damage as one of the cards is your commander.

        • Daniel Kaine Allen

          Oh really? Weird

          • ramenloverninja

            yes commanderness as it were is tied directly to the physical card. the new legendary werewolf is still your commander regardless of which side is face up, Gisela, Bruna and Brisela share this quality.

          • Vizzerdrix

            Wotc loves screwing with commander, you can have a pw, a flip card pw, a flip werewolf, now you can have a card similair to big furry monster. the more interesting part is depending on your playgroup where the official rule is house rule you might be able to have both as a commander so you can actually use them, actual rules would depend on your playgroup but if your group is ok with it could fun using both

          • Nharzhool

            I know, right? It’s pretty weird…I killed someone with commander damage on my morphed-down Marath. Stupid Ixidron…

  • Deadly Berry

    Quite decent creature. She might see play in standard, as for Modern the
    playability is reduced due to Lightning bolt; usually in Modern when you
    pay +4 mana for a creature it better have good evasion or a very
    good ETB/Die trigger. Currently Baneslayer is the best option for a
    bulky white creature, but if you don’t think Lightning bolt is an issue
    you could replace Baneslayer with this one. One problem is probably the lack of sinergy: If she costed 1 less mana (and be 3/2 for example) she would interact with Sun Titan, or fit in Taxes as a great attacker. The fact she costs 4 mana just makes her easier to play, but not strictly better than Baneslayer.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Now, I don’t normally play monowhite, but this would make me consider it.

    • Vizzerdrix

      its a mini banelsayer nothing wrong with that even without bruna its pretty solid

  • kmk888

    I think this card is overrated. If it had haste, if it had vigilance, something. Right now it’s a 4 point lifelink swing every turn. Good, but not unbeatable by any stretch. It’s just going to die to something (which I guess is why Bruna reanimates her). But then again, I don’t think Bruna is that good either. I think they kinda need each other to be playable.

    She’s also brickwalled by a flashed in Avacyn but kills Avacyn in fair combat, which is interesting.

    For the most part I’d rather play Gideon or Avacyn.

  • Matthew Miller

    My question is this, once Gisela and Bruna meld, can I now cast another Gisela or Bruna? I ask because they are both legendary. I realize that if I were to cast both again it would cancel the current Brisela. I just want to know if I can have a Gisela and a Brisela on the field at the same time.