• Alex

    I wish we’d see Skulk make a return on some of these pirates. He looks like a good skulker.

    • TogetherAlone

      skulk is likely not coming back, R&D found it to be too weak and its design space very limited. It can only go on small creatures to start and at that point you might as well just make it full unblockable. on top of that almost everyone hated it. Including me.

      • Alex

        I think the reason I liked it was because I have a fondness for Doran/Assault Formation EDH deck and tiny evasive guys in Edric and Sygg where it works immensely well. My hope was that it would find its way into being an evergreen keyword characteristic to Dimir colors.

  • CMK

    He’s coming for that booty..

  • Idon’thave Aname

    Very meh. A 2-1 can block trade, this can’t.